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2.021: Add following achievements

  • 15 Javascript Console achievements:
    • 11 tiered achievements: F12, Variable success, No comments, Up to code, Works on my machine, Technical debt, Mind your language, Inconsolable, Closure, Dude what if we're all living in a simulation like what if we're all just code on a computer somewhere and Taking the back streets.
    • 3 production achievements: Inherited Prototype, A model of document object and First-class citizen.
    • 1 level 10 achievement: Alexandria.
  • 3 cookies baked in one ascension achievements: A sometimes food, Not enough of a good thing, and Horn of Plenty
  • 3 CpS achievements: Bake him away, toys, You're #1 so why try harder, and Haven't even begun to peak
  • 2 Ascension achievements: Smurf account, and If at first you don't succeed
  • 1 Milestone achievement: O fortuna

2.018: Add the achievement: Thick-skinned.

2.016: Add following achievements

  • 15 fractal engine achievements:
    • 11 tiered achievements: Self-contained, Threw you for a loop, The sum of its parts, Bears repeating, More of the same, Last recurse, Out of one, many, An example of recursion, For more information on this achievement, please refer to its title, I'm so meta, even this achievement and Never get bored.
    • 3 production achievements: The needs of the many, Eating its own and We must go deeper.
    • 1 level 10 achievement: Sierpinski rhomboids.
  • 1 CpS achievement: Gotta go fast.
  • 1 bank achievement: I think it's safe to say you've got it made.
  • 1 total building number achievement: Renaissance baker
  • 1 grandma type achievement: Veteran.

2.01: Add following achievements

  • 6 cookies baked achievements: Panic! at Nabisco, Bursting at the seams, Just about full, Hungry for more, Feed me, Orteil, And then what?.
  • 6 CpS achievements: Running with scissors, Rarefied air, Push it to the limit, Green cookies sleep furiously, Leisurely pace, Hypersonic. The CpS achievements also became steeper; the achievement When this baby hits 360 trillion cookies per hour was changed to When this baby hits 36 quadrillion cookies per hour.
  • 2 clicking achievements: All the other kids with the pumped up clicks,
  • 29 tiered achievements: Aged well, Harvest moon, Mine?, In full gear, Treacle tart economics, Holy cookies, grandma!, The Prestige, That's just peanuts to space, Worth its weight in lead, What happens in the vortex stays in the vortex, Invited to yesterday's party, Downsizing, My eyes, Maybe a chance in hell, actually, 101st birthday, Make like a tree, Cave story, In-cog-neato, Save your breath because that's all you've got left, Vengeful and almighty, Spell it out for you, Space space space space space, Don't get used to yourself, you're gonna have to change, Objects in the mirror dimension are closer than they appear, Groundhog day, A matter of perspective, Optical illusion, Jackpot, Defense of the ancients.
  • 3 total building achievements: Tricentennial and a half, Quadricentennial, Quadricentennial and a half.
  • 5 ascension achievements: You get nothing, Humble rebeginnings, The end of the world, Oh, you're back, Lazarus.
  • 5 garden achievements: Botany enthusiast, Green, aching thumb, In the garden of Eden (baby), Keeper of the conservatory, Seedless to nay.
  • 1 shadow achievement: So much to do so much to see.

2.0042: Add 12 Chancemaker achievements (Lucked Out, What are the odds, Grandma needs a new pair of shoes, Million to one shot, doc, As luck would have it, Ever in your favor, Be a lady, Dicey business, Fingers crossed, Just a statistic, Let's leaf it at that) and 1 clicking achievement (The ultimate clickdown). Make All-natural cane sugar a shadow achievement.


  • 7 sugar lump achievements: Dude, sweet, Sugar rush, Year's worth of cavities, Hand-picked, Sugar sugar, All-natural cane sugar, Sweetmeats.
  • 1 total buildings achievement: Tricentennial.
  • 5 CpS achievements: Knead for speed, Well the cookies start coming and they don\'t stop coming, I don't know if you've noticed but all of these icons are very slightly off-center, The proof of the cookie is in the baking, If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing.
  • 2 cookies baked achievements: The dreams in which I'm baking are the best I've ever had, Set for life.
  • 12 tiered achievements: You and the beanstalk, Romancing the stone, Ex machina, And I need it now, Pray on the weak, It's a kind of magic, Make it so, All that glitters is gold, H̸̷͓̳̳̯̟͕̟͍͍̣͡ḛ̢̦̰̺̮̝͖͖̘̪͉͘͡ ̠̦͕̤̪̝̥̰̠̫̖̣͙̬͘ͅC̨̦̺̩̲̥͉̭͚̜̻̝̣̼͙̮̯̪o̴̡͇̘͎̞̲͇̦̲͞͡m̸̩̺̝̣̹̱͚̬̥̫̳̼̞̘̯͘ͅẹ͇̺̜́̕͢s̶̙̟̱̥̮̯̰̦͓͇͖͖̝͘͘͞, Way back then, Exotic matter, At the end of the tunnel.
  • 14 building production achievements: Click (starring Adam Sandler), Frantiquities, Overgrowth, Sedimentalism, Labor of love, Reverse funnel system, Thus spoke you, Manafest destiny, Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night, I've got the Midas touch, Which eternal lie, Déjà vu, Powers of Ten, Now the dark days are gone.
  • 14 building level achievements: Freaky jazz hands, Methuselah, Huge tracts of land, D-d-d-d-deeper, Patently genius, A capital idea, It belongs in a bakery, Motormouth, Been there done that, Phlogisticated substances, Bizarro world, The long now, Chubby hadrons, Palettable.
  • 3 spell achievements: Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, I'm the wiz, A wizard is you.
  • 8 shadow achievements: Four-leaf cookie.

2.0: The land of milk and cookies, He who controls the cookies controls the universe, Tonight on Hoarders, Are you gonna eat all that?, We're gonna need a bigger bakery, In the mouth of madness, Brought to you by the letter Money.png, When this baby hits 360 trillion cookies per hour, Fast and delicious, Cookiehertz: A really, really tasty hertz, Woops, you just solved world hunger, Turbopuns, Faster menner, And yet you're still hungry, The Abakening, There's really no hard limit ... Anyway, how's your day been?, Fast, Clickastrophe, Clickataclysm, Thumbs, Phalanges, Metacarpals, Finger clickin' good, Gardener Extraordinaire, Seedy business, (...) To crumbs, you say?, Endless cycle added.

1.0464: What's in a name, The hunt is on, Egging on, Mass Easteria, Hide & seek champion, Dematerialize, Nil zero zilch, Transcendence, Obliterate and Negative void were added. Some icons of prior achievements were changed.

1.0420: Clickageddon, Clicknarok, Extreme polydactyly, Dr. T, The old never bothered me anyway, Homegrown, Technocracy, The center of the Earth, We come in peace, The secrets of the universe, Realm of the Mad God, Forever and ever, Walk the planck, Rise and shine all added. Some icons of prior achievements were changed.

1.0414: Click delegator, Gushing grannies, I hate manure, The incredible machine, Never dig down, And beyond, Magnum Opus, With strange eons, Spacetime jigamaroo, Supermassive, Praise the sun, Tiny cookie, You win a cookie all added. Black cat's paw becomes a normal achievement.

1.041: Perfected agriculture, Ultimate automation, Can you dig it, Type II civilization, Gild wars, Brain-split, Time duke, Molecular maestro, Lone photon, Dazzling glimmer, Blinding flash, Unending glow, Lord of Constructs, Lord of Progress, Bicentennial, Lovely Cookies all added. Mathematician and Base 10 adjusted for prism tier.

1.040: Coming to town, All hail Santa, Let it snow, Oh deer, Sleigh of hand, Reindeer sleigher added.

1.039: Itchscratcher, Wrinklesquisher, Moistburster, Spooky cookies added. Shadow achievement Just plain lucky added.

1.038: Wholesome added, Hardcore and Speed Baking series now requires no heavenly chip potential unlocked. Values for Baking (total and per second) changed.

1.037: Dungeon achievements added, Hardcore added, Speed Baking series added, Neverclick no longer shadow.

1.036: Leprechaun is a normal achievement again. Sacrifice, Oblivion, From scratch, and Nihilism are no longer Shadow Achievements. Antimatter achievements added. Upgrader and Centennial added. Mathematician and Base 10 adjusted for Antimatter tier (although the descriptions aren't).

1.035: Engineer achievement added. Leprechaun, Black cat's paw, and Nihilism added as Shadow achievements. Leprechaun is once again a shadow but now requires 777 golden cookies. Fortune takes the place of Leprechaun as the 77 gold cookies achievement.

1.034: Uncanny clicker no longer requires you to beat the clicking world record, instead simply having you click very quickly. It is also no longer a Shadow Achievement.

1.033: Leprechaun no longer a shadow achievement and Elder calm achievement added. The total number of achievements is 83.

1.031: Achievements Elder nap, Elder slumber, and Elder were added. Neverclick has been moved to the Shadow achievements. The total number of achievements is 82.

1.03: Achievements Builder, Architect, Enhancer, Augmenter, and Cookie-dunker were added. Mathematician was hidden for short time when a bug associated with it and Base 10 was being fixed. The total number of achievements is 72.

1.029: The achievements Sacrifice, Oblivion, From scratch, Cheated cookies taste awful, and Uncanny clicker were hidden because they were "a bad idea".

1.026: Achievements added, 72 total.