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There are numerous add-ons each with their own aims and purposes. Some smaller add-ons add things such as seasons or achievements, while others are complete interface overhauls, and there are even a few cheat add-ons.

Installing at least one add-on unlocks the Third-party shadow achievement.

Note: Add-ons which names are in italics using a modding framework known as Cookie Clicker Script Extender (CCSE). These add-ons should be loaded in before Cookie Monster (see "Overhaul Add-ons" section). Failure to do so will cause Cookie Clicker to freeze, rendering the game unplayable.

Methods for Installing Add-ons[]

Manual Installation[]

Add-ons can be added via javascript bookmarks or through your browser console. To open your browser's console, see the instructions here.

Cookie Clicker Mod Manager[]

The unofficial Cookie Clicker Mod Manager is free to use, and can be easily installed with Chrome or Firefox Browsers as an extension.

Source Code and Instructions can be found on its Github Page.

Created by Klattmose

Tampermonkey or Userscript Managers[]

Tampermonkey is a Userscript Database Manager that can be used to install and track all Cookie Clicker Add-ons, as all add-ons are scripts. Tampermonkey can be found here and has browser extensions for all popular web browsers. Alternative Userscript Managers, such as Greasemonkey, will also work for Cookie Clicker add-ons.

After Installing Tampermonkey, click the square-plus to add a new script. The header should follow the format below.

// ==UserScript==
// @name        <script name>
// @description <script description>
// @author      <script author>
// @namespace   <an unique namespace>
// @version     <version>
// @match
// @grant       none
// ==/UserScript==

// With the script pasted below this line

Overhaul Add-ons[]

Cookie Monster[]

Cookie Monster is a useful and complex JavaScript add-on that can be implemented into Cookie Clicker. This add-on is for displaying calculated data to help make purchasing that next Building or Upgrade a bit easier to decide. With many helpful tools, it is an add-on to make Cookie Clicker less stressful.


  1. A timer and alert for golden or wrath cookies
  2. A timer based off of your CpS to count how long until you can buy a building.
  3. Color coded tooltips to recommend what buildings or upgrades you would get the most profit off of
    1. At its core, Cookie Monster computes a payback period index on both buildings and upgrades as well as highlighting its value, and it indicates how much a building is worth by using the formula max(cost - cookies in bank, 0)/cps + cost/Δ cps.
    2. Cookie Monster also indicates the time left before being able to buy an upgrade or building, and takes that into consideration, including the additional income received upon unlocking achievements through purchases.
    3. This index is computed for buildings and upgrades. If the relevant option is enabled, it will color-code each of them based on their value:
      1. Light Blue: (upgrades) This item has a better PP than any building.
      2. Green: This item has the best PP.
      3. Yellow: This item is not the best, but it is closer to best than it is to worst.
      4. Orange: This item is not the worst, but it is closer to worst than it is to best.
      5. Red: This item has the worst PP.
      6. Purple: (upgrades) This item has a worse PP than any building.
      7. Gray: (upgrades) This item has not been calculated and/or cannot be calculated due to no definitive worth.

Note: For this index, lower is better, meaning a building with a PP of 1 is more profitable than one with a PP of 3.

Everything that doesn't earn you a direct bonus to your income will display as gray. This means that upgrades such as the various mouses, Golden Cookie frequency upgrades, or the like, will not be rated; but they will be rated if purchasing grants milk. Such upgrades will require manual evaluation on their worth.


To use this mod, put the following text:


into either a bookmarklet or the browser's console. This mod is also available on Steam Workshop.


If you'd rather use the add-on as a script via per example Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey, you can use the following script, which will automatically load Cookie Monster every time the original game loads. You may need to specify when asked for a namespace or includes. For how to add an userscript to your browser, refer to your browser/plugin's documentation as the method changes for each one.

// ==UserScript==
// @name Cookie Monster
// @namespace Cookie
// @include
// @include
// @version 1
// @grant none
// ==/UserScript==

(function() {
    var checkReady = setInterval(function() {
        if (typeof Game.ready !== 'undefined' && Game.ready) {
    }, 1000);

If you are using the beta, use this instead:

// ==UserScript==
// @name Cookie Monster Beta
// @namespace Cookie
// @include
// @include
// @version 1
// @grant none
// ==/UserScript==
(function() {
    var checkReady = setInterval(function() {
        if (typeof Game.ready !== 'undefined' && Game.ready) {
    }, 1000);

Contributors & Miscellaneous[]

Any bug or suggestion should be opened as an issue in the repository for easier tracking. This allows me to close issues once they're fixed.

Frozen Cookies[]

An automated Cookie Clicker tool featuring many efficiency related calculations, covers a part of Cookie Monster, and automates many parts of gameplay. Will load a bunch of external libraries. [1]


  • Long number shortening. (convert 1,234,567,890 to 1.235 billion)
  • Calculates the most efficient* next purchase.
  • Optionally, will automatically buy that most efficient* next purchase.
  • Calculates all sorts of stuff having to do with Golden Cookies.
  • Optionally, will automatically click Golden Cookies when they appear.
  • Calculates all sorts of stuff having to do with Heavenly Chips.
  • Displays a timer for the following items: Next Golden Cookie, Time left in Frenzy, Time until next Heavenly Chip.
  • Displays a second timer for the time to completion of Golden Cookie Bank, Next Purchase, and the end of a Chain of Purchases.
  • Calculates far more building/upgrade efficiency information that any person ever wants to know, and displays it in a not extremely user friendly manner.
  • Automatically updates to the most recent version upon load. Regardless of if that version is better or not.
  • Allows you to blacklist purchases for Shadow Achievements.
  • Allows you to autoclick the cookie (max 250/sec).
  • Allows you to only autoclick the cookie during frenzy (max 250/sec).
  • Allows you to automatically autopop wrinklers when at most efficient income.

Note: Not guaranteed to be actually the most efficient purchase. Just the most efficient purchases that the algorithm (made by Icehawk78) can calculate.

In addition, Frozen Cookies has built-in shortcut keys (listed in fc_main.js) that do the following:

  • A = Toggle autobuy. (Doesn't work.)
  • B = Pop up a copyable window with building spread.
  • C = Toggle autoclick GC. (Doesn't work.)
  • E = Pop up a copyable window with your export string.
  • R = Pop up the soft reset window. (If you accidentally press this, don't worry, you can press the back button in your browser, then the forward button which should get your game back.)
  • S = Saves the game.
  • W = Shows how much wrinklers are worth when popped.


Go to and copy/paste the text of the website into a bookmark or into the browser console. Frozen Cookies can also be found on the Steam Workshop. If a bookmark was created, load up Cookie Clicker and load the bookmark you created whilst focused on Cookie Clicker.

If you wish to use grease monkey or tamper monkey here you go

  1. If you don't already have it, install the required browser add-on. Tampermonkey (Chrome) or Greasemonkey (Firefox)
  2. Go to
  3. Click the 'install' button in the upper right corner.
  4. Load up Cookie Clicker.

click here if you want to read up on it. In addition, alternate versions:

Information about Frozen Cookies' Data[]

This is an explanation of each piece of data contained in the Frozen Cookie menu screen.

Autobuy Information[]
  • Next Purchase: This is what FC's formulas have determined is the optimal next purchase, and if autobuy is turned on, is *what* FC will buy next.
  • Building Chain to: This is only visible if FC has calculated that the best purchase is an upgrade that has prerequisites that are not yet met. In that case, this is that upgrade (whereas the "Next Purchase" will be the recommended prerequisite to purchase).
  • Time til completion: This is how long, at your current CPS, it will take to purchase the Next Purchase. This includes any calculated needed GC Bank.
  • Time til Chain completion: Only visible if building to a chain, this is how long, at your current CPS, it will take to purchase all prerequisites and the target upgrade.
  • Cost: The cost of the Next Purchase.
  • Golden Cookie Bank: The amount of cookies that FC has calculated you should keep on hand as a bank to maximise the value from Golden Cookies.
  • Base Δ CPS: The total amount of displayed CPS that will increase from the Next Purchase. (This includes all bonuses, regardless of what items they're on - it's just the raw amount that your CPS will increase above the Big Cookie.)
  • Full Δ CPS: The amount of estimated effective CPS that will increase from the Next Purchase. This is the Base Δ CPS + the amount of change in the estimated CPS value of Golden Cookies.
  • Purchase Efficiency: This is the efficiency calculation for the next purchase. If building to a chain, this may temporarily appear much worse than other options. If the recommendation engine formula changes, this number will too.
  • Chain Efficiency: Only visible if building to a chain. This is the efficiency calculation for the entire chain. (This currently does not take into account CPS increases from the purchase of prerequisites, and thus is actually under-estimating how efficient the full chain will be, to simplify calculations. This may be changed at a later date.)
  • Golden Cookie Efficiency: This the efficiency calculation of holding on to a bank of 10x Max Golden Cookie Value (and thus maximize the amount of Cookies earned across all Golden Cookie clicks).
Golden Cookie Information[]
  • Current Average Cookie Value: This is the average value of Golden Cookies with your current CPS, Cookie Bank, and upgrades. This is the idealised equivalent to clicking 1000 Golden Cookies with your current CPS/Bank/Upgrades, and then dividing the total amount of Cookies gained by 1000. If your GC Average is currently maxed out, then this will be marked as *(Max)*.
  • Max Lucky Cookie Value: This is the absolute maximum value that you can get from a Lucky! Golden Cookie, with the upgrades you have purchased. (Specifically, if you have Get Lucky, it's 8400 * Current CPS; Otherwise, it's 1200 * Current CPS).
  • Cookie Bank Required for Max Lucky: This is the amount of cookies needed to maximise a Lucky! Golden Cookie. It's just the previous value * 10.
  • Estimated Cookie CPS: This is a rough estimate of how much CPS you'd effectively add by clicking every Golden Cookie.
  • Golden Cookie Clicks: The number of times you've clicked a Golden Cookie.
  • Missed Golden Cookie Clicks: The number of times you've *not* clicked a Golden Cookie before it faded from view.
  • Last Golden Cookie Effect: The internal name of the last Golden Cookie effect.
  • Total Recorded Frenzy Time: The total amount of time (while FC was loaded) that has been spent in a Frenzy.
  • Total Recorded Non-Frenzy Time: The total amount of time (while FC was loaded) that has been spent not in a Frenzy.
Heavenly Chips Information[]
  • HC Now: The number of HC currently owned.
  • HC After Reset: The number of HC you'll have if you reset right now.
  • Cookies to next HC: The number of cookies needed to gain one more HC after reset.
  • Estimated time to next HC: This is how long, at your current CPS, it will take to make enough cookies to gain one more HC after reset.
  • Time since last HC: This is how long it has been since the last time you gained an HC.
  • Time to get last HC: This is how long it actually took (including lucky bonuses, frenzy time, etc.) to gain the last HC.
  • Average HC Gain/hr: When the last HC was gained, this was the total number of HC that have been gained (ever) since the last reset, divided by the total amount of play time. Used in conjunction with the next value, this provides a (very) rough estimate of when you should begin to think about resetting. (When Average HC/hr is constantly less than Prev HC/hr.)
  • Previous Average HC Gain/hr: This is the same calculation as the previous, but for the HC prior to the last one. (Yes, it's confusing. Sorry.) false
Other Information[]
  • Base CPS: This is how many cookies you create every second, when a Frenzy is not active. (Marked with (*) when this is the current CPS.)
  • Frenzy CPS: This is how many cookies you create every second, when a Frenzy is active. (Marked with (*) when this is the current CPS.)
  • Estimated Effective CPS: This is an estimate (over time) of roughly how many cookies you create every second, when including the effects of clicking Golden Cookies. This will currently be the same as the Base CPS if Autoclick GC is turned off.
  • Game Started: How long it's been since the most recent reset.
Internal Information[]

This is actually a table of literally every purchase that Frozen Cookies is currently considering buying. 

  • Efficiency: The calculated Efficiency value of that purchase. This returns Infinity if the Δ CPS is negative. Smaller numbers are better.
  • Cost: The cost of either the individual purchase, or the entire chain, for chained upgrades.
  • Δ CPS: The full CPS change that buying this purchase would have. Includes estimated Golden Cookie CPS changes, meaning that it may be negative (especially for Elder Covenant.)
Known Issues[]
  • Currently will not ever buy or recommend buying the Sacrificial Rolling Pin. (Due to not modelling the cost of the Elder Pact as lost CPS.)
  • Reports of people buying upgrades and having the cost deducted, but the purchase reverted has been noted. This is difficult to reproduce and may have already been fixed, but that is not currently guaranteed. Recommend saving before making any large upgrade purchases, just in case.
  • When loading the script in version 1.0465, notifications will appear implying the obtaining of some achievements that may have not yet been earned. However, no achievements (aside from Third-party) are actually obtained in doing this.
  • Possibly other things?

Contributors & Miscellaneous[]

Everyone who is contributing to this project can be found at some time or another on the Cookie Clicker IRC.


Channel: #ccdev or #dashnet

From the Cookie Clicker IRC, thanks to the following users:

  • Bryanarby, for continuing development and update compatibility
  • Vandalite, for tons of calculations and other general help with the underlying math
  • Code14715, for excessively helpful amounts of testing
  • Eearslya, for constantly nagging me to add more non-cheat-y features
  • Saeldur, for helping make the timers suck less
  • 22malik, for photobombing the office party picture
  • Other people who I've temporarily forgotten and will add later

Homepage: Link:

Garden Add-ons[]


Latest version is 2.022 - May no longer function

Helps with the statistics of the garden like:

  • Plant requirements for mutations
  • Probability in each tile
  • Probability in the entire garden



A replacer for the outdated Agronomicon. It does everything that Agronomicon does. Also includes a simple autoharvest and a few cheat options that are easily disabled in the "Options" menu if desired.


Cookie Garden Helper[]


Cookie Clicker Garden Helper Menu

Cookie Garden Helper is an add-on to help with and automate gardening in Cookie Clicker.

  • Can save a garden plot and re-plant automatically as plants die.
  • Automatically remove weeds as they grow.
  • Harvest Mature plants when beneficial or when they are new seeds.
  • Leave mature plants that improve CPS.
  • Quickly plant a single seed in every open tile.


Stock Market Add-ons[]

Cookie Stonks[]

Simple script that helps passive players with the stock market minigame by displaying the Resting Value (the price a stock tends to over time) and the Current Stock Value/Resting Value in percentage form (if the price of the stock = resting value of the stock then percentage = 100%, if its undervalued then percentage is <100%, and if it's overvalued then percentage is >100%).

This way players can simply buy stocks when they are valued lower than their Resting Value and sell when they are valued above it.

Includes multiple customization options like changing the color spectrum of the percentages or being able to set up shines for certain percentage values for easier visibility of good deals.


Idle Trading[]

A script used to automate Stock Market trading. It can be used to set an auto buy and sell price for all stocks. It also tracks the historical lows and highs give approximate trading values. A useful Add-On for idling achievement hunters.



This script uses an algorithm based on looking at the changes of each stock's mode, unlike other scripts operating like real trading bots. This makes it more effective than both real bots and other scripts mimicing their algorithms.


Insugar Trading[]

This add-on contains two parts: the dataset, which is a histogram of the stock values in the stock market, collected in a simulation of 1000 years of the market ups and downs; and the statistics display, which shows the histogram and the quantiles of the current stock values.


Cheating Add-ons[]


Crustulum has toggleable features to automate many of the tasks from the cheating page as well as features not listed on there. All features can be toggled independently.

A few features include:

  • Auto clicking the big cookie, golden cookies, etc.
  • Make Grimoire spells never fail.
  • Make it so plants don't wither.
  • Infinite cookies, magic, etc.
  • Many mini-game related cheats.
  • Spawn golden cookies, etc.
  • Unlock all seeds for the garden, etc.
  • Compatible with Cookie Monster.


Fortune Cookie[]

Fortune Cookie is an add-on which shows the outcomes of all of the Grimoire spells. It it most useful for the Force the Hand of Fate spell, making it easy to combo Golden Cookie effects. It is also useful for farming Sugar Lumps with the "Sweet" Golden Cookie, which can be seen with the Force the Hand of Fate planner. In the options menu, there is a slider which lets the player set how many spells they want to predict, going up to 100 spells to be predicted.


Cookie Clicker Helper[]

Lightweight script that runs in the background with no user interface, can be edited at will. Auto clicks the big cookie (boosts cookie production up to 850%!), auto pops non-shiny wrinklers, auto clicks golden (but not wrath) cookies, and auto clicks reindeers. To install, paste it into Tampermonkey.



Spiritual successor to Cookie Clicker Helper, now loads multiple popular plugins at once including Cookie Monster, CookiStocker, and Cookie Garden Helper. Press X on your keyboard to toggle the autoclicker, as with it on it is very hard to click on the Santa or Krumblor. Under the right circumstances, such as a Dragonflight, it can boost your CpS by over 1800%, which combined with the automatization of the stock market will bring insane profits.


Link for Cookie Clicker Mod Manager:

Cookie Hax[]

Open Source mod menu that has basic hacks


Other Add-ons[]

Heavenly Calculator[]

Note: Still functional, but doesn't support Heavenly Cookie amounts larger than 2,147,483,647

Heavenly Calculator is an application to help you with your prestiges. It can calculate the amount of Heavenly Chips you will get when reset, and the amount of Cookies needed to earn a certain number of Heavenly Chips.

Made by Razieltakato

Most recently updated version (

Golden Cookie Clicker[]

Auto click Golden Cookies and reindeers.


Shortcuts add-on[]

This small add-on adds keyboard shortcuts to make it easier to load other add-ons and switch between menus.

  • M = Open/Close Options menu.
  • S = Open/Close Stats menu.
  • U = Open/Close Info menu.
  • F = Load Frozen Cookies add-on or open its menu, if it's loaded.
  • C = Load Cookie Monster add-on, if it's loaded.

Note that this add-on will only allow you to load 1 other add-on because they can conflict with each other.

To enable this add-on, make a bookmark with this code:

javascript:(function () { = 0;
 	window.two = 0;
 	window.three = 0;
 	function Sorry() {
 		Game.Notify("You can't enable another add-on (except of Cookie Crate). Sorry.");
 	function Press(e) {
 		var l = String.fromCharCode(e.which).toLowerCase();
 		if (l == 'm' || l == 'ь')
 		else if (l == 's' || l == 'ы')
 		else if (l == 'u' || l == 'г')
 		else if (l == 'f' || l == 'а') {
 			if ( === 0) {
 				var js = document.createElement('script');
 				js.setAttribute('type', 'text/javascript');
 				js.setAttribute('id', 'frozenCookieScript');
 				js.setAttribute('src', '');
 				document.head.appendChild(js); = 'f';
 			else if ( != 'f')
 		else if (l == 'c' || l == 'с') {
 			if ( === 0) {
 				Game.LoadMod(''); = 'c';
 			else if ( != 'c')
 	document.onkeypress = Press;
 	Game.Notify('Shortcuts enabled');

Multiplayer Add-on[]

This add-on allows you to play with friends and see who gets to a score faster. You just need to make a bookmark with this script.

javascript: (() => {
    var script = document.createElement('script');
    script.src = ""; = "hostname"; document.head.appendChild(script);


Fix bulk-buy (disable partial)[]

This add-on disables partial bulk-buy i.e. if you don't have enough cookies to buy whole stack (10 or 100) then don't buy at all. Useful for people that like round numbers.

javascript: (() => { Game.ClickProduct=function(what){ if ( Game.ObjectsById[what].bulkPrice <= Game.cookies || Game.buyMode === -1) { Game.ObjectsById[what].buy(); } } })();

Boykisser Add-on[]

This add-on allows you to change the lame standard design of the cookie by a cute cat. Grandmas will also be cats. Pointers will be pawbs.