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The alchemy lab is the tenth building in the game, costs 75 billion cookies and produces 1.6 million CpS by transmuting gold into cookies.


Icon Name Description ID
Plain alchemy lab Transmutation Have 1 alchemy lab. 55
Berrylium alchemy lab Transmogrification Have 50 alchemy labs. 56
Blueberrylium alchemy lab Gold member Have 100 alchemy labs. 57
Chalcedhoney alchemy lab Gild wars Have 150 alchemy labs. 119
Buttergold alchemy lab The secrets of the universe Have 200 alchemy labs. 154
Sugarmuck alchemy lab The work of a lifetime Have 250 alchemy labs. 217
Jetmint alchemy lab Gold, Jerry! Gold! Have 300 alchemy labs. 257
Cherrysilver alchemy lab All that glitters is gold Have 350 alchemy labs. 288
Hazelrald alchemy lab Worth its weight in lead Have 400 alchemy labs. 348
Mooncandy alchemy lab Don't get used to yourself, you're gonna have to change Have 450 alchemy labs. 361
Astrofudge alchemy lab We could all use a little change Have 500 alchemy labs. 407
Alabascream alchemy lab Just a phase Have 550 alchemy labs. 483
Iridyum alchemy lab Bad chemistry Have 600 alchemy labs. 501
Glucosmium alchemy lab Metallic taste Have 650 alchemy labs. 564
Glimmeringue alchemy lab Sugar, spice, and everything nice Have 700 alchemy labs.
"These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect cookies."
Magnum Opus Magnum Opus Make 1 sextillion cookies just from alchemy labs. 140
The Aureate The Aureate Make 10 octillion cookies just from alchemy labs. 198
I've got the Midas touch I've got the Midas touch Make 100 decillion cookies just from alchemy labs. 302
Phlogisticated substances Phlogisticated substances Reach level 10 alchemy labs. 316


Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
Plain alchemy lab Antimony Own 1 alchemy lab Money 750 billion Alchemy labs are twice as efficient.
"Actually worth a lot of mony."
Berrylium alchemy lab Essence of dough Own 5 alchemy labs Money 3.75 trillion Alchemy labs are twice as efficient.
"Extracted through the 5 ancient steps of alchemical baking."
Blueberrylium alchemy lab True chocolate Own 25 alchemy labs Money 37.5 trillion Alchemy labs are twice as efficient.
"The purest form of cacao."
Chalcedhoney alchemy lab Ambrosia Own 50 alchemy labs Money 3.75 quadrillion Alchemy labs are twice as efficient.
"Adding this to the cookie mix is sure to make them even more addictive!
Perhaps dangerously so.
Let's hope you can keep selling these legally."
Buttergold alchemy lab Aqua crustulae Own 100 alchemy labs Money 375 quadrillion Alchemy labs are twice as efficient.
"Careful with the dosing - one drop too much and you get muffins.
And nobody likes muffins."
Sugarmuck alchemy lab Origin crucible Own 150 alchemy labs Money 37.5 quintillion Alchemy labs are twice as efficient.
"Built from the rarest of earths and located at the very deepest of the largest mountain, this legendary crucible is said to retain properties from the big-bang itself."
Jetmint alchemy lab Theory of atomic fluidity Own 200 alchemy labs Money 37.5 sextillion Alchemy labs are twice as efficient.
"Pushing alchemy to its most extreme limits, you find that everything is transmutable into anything else - lead to gold, mercury to water; more importantly, you realize that anything can -and should- be converted to cookies."
Cherrysilver alchemy lab Beige goo Own 250 alchemy labs Money 37.5 septillion Alchemy labs are twice as efficient.
"Well now you've done it. Good job. Very nice. That's 3 galaxies you've just converted into cookies. Good thing you can hop from universe to universe."
Hazelrald alchemy lab The advent of chemistry Own 300 alchemy labs Money 37.5 octillion Alchemy labs are twice as efficient.
"You know what? That whole alchemy nonsense was a load of baseless rubbish. Dear god, what were you thinking?"
Mooncandy alchemy lab On second thought Own 350 alchemy labs Money 37.5 nonillion Alchemy labs are twice as efficient.
"Disregard that last upgrade, alchemy is where it's at! Your eggheads just found a way to transmute children's nightmares into rare metals!"
Astrofudge alchemy lab Public betterment Own 400 alchemy labs Money 375 decillion Alchemy labs are twice as efficient.
"Why do we keep trying to change useless matter into cookies, or cookies into even better cookies? Clearly, the way of the future is to change the people who eat the cookies into people with a greater understanding, appreciation and respect for the cookies they're eating. Into the vat you go!"
Alabascream alchemy lab Hermetic reconciliation Own 450 alchemy labs Money 3.75 duodecillion Alchemy labs are twice as efficient.
"It's time for modern science and the mystical domains of the occult to work together at last. What do gravitons transmute into? What if alkahest is pH-neutral? Should a homunculus have the right to vote? And other exciting questions coming to you soon, whether you like it or not."
Iridyum alchemy lab Chromatic cycling Own 500 alchemy labs Money 37.5 tredecillion Alchemy labs are twice as efficient.
"All states of matter exist in a continuous loop. Having learned how to cycle through them, all you have to do is to freeze matter right on the state you need. For reference, the cookie state of matter is situated at precisely 163.719°, right between lamellar gas and metaplasma."
Glucosmium alchemy lab Arcanized glassware Own 550 alchemy labs Money 375 quattuordecillion Alchemy labs are twice as efficient.
"You think your lab equipment enjoys taking part in these experiments violating all sorts of modern scientific precepts? Of course not. Thankfully, you've finalized the design of specialized beakers and flasks, recycled from the same glass used by the ancients to perform primeval alchemy, and therefore much less picky about the nature of the physical world."
Glimmeringue alchemy lab The dose makes the poison Own 600 alchemy labs Money 3.75 sexdecillion Alchemy labs are twice as efficient.
"Iterative recipe refinement is a noble pursuit but maybe your cookies have come to contain, well, perhaps a bit too much cookie per cookie. Tweaking it down by a couple percents has helped reduce the amount of complaints to your toxicity call centers to almost nil!"

Other Upgrades[]

Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
Grandma icon Transmuted grandmas 15 alchemy labs and 1 grandma owned Money 3.75 trillion Grandmas are twice as efficient. Alchemy labs gain +1% CpS per 8 grandmas.
"A nice golden grandma to convert into more cookies."
Arcane knowledge Arcane knowledge 15 wizard towers, 15 alchemy labs and "Synergies Vol. I" purchased Money 15.66 quadrillion Wizard towers gain +5% CpS per alchemy lab.
Alchemy labs gain +0.1% CpS per wizard tower.
"Some things were never meant to be known - only mildly speculated."
Primordial ores Primordial ores 15 mines, 15 alchemy labs and "Synergies Vol. I" purchased Money 15 quadrillion Mines gain +5% CpS per alchemy lab.
Alchemy labs gain +0.1% CpS per mine.
"Only when refining the purest metals will you extract the sweetest sap of the earth."
Gold fund Gold fund 75 banks, 75 alchemy labs and "Synergies Vol. II" purchased Money 15.003 sextillion Banks gain +5% CpS per alchemy lab.
Alchemy labs gain +0.1% CpS per bank.
"If gold is the backbone of the economy, cookies, surely, are its hip joints."
Chemical proficiency Chemical proficiency 75 alchemy labs, 75 antimatter condensers and "Synergies Vol. II" purchased Money 34.15 septillion Alchemy labs gain +5% CpS per antimatter condenser.
Antimatter condensers gain +0.1% CpS per alchemy lab.
"Discover exciting new elements, such as Fleshmeltium, Inert Shampoo Byproduct #17 and Carbon++!"
Fortune alchemy lab Fortune #010 Random fortune from news ticker Money 5.833 duodecillion Alchemy labs are 7% more efficient and 7% cheaper.
"Change what you cannot accept. Furthermore: accept nothing."
Unshackled alchemy lab Unshackled alchemy labs
(heavenly upgrade)
"Unshackled shipments" purchased MoneyHC 150 trillion Tiered upgrades for Alchemy labs provide an extra +110% production.
Only works with unshackled upgrade tiers.
"Anything you see, you can make."

In Cookie Clicker Classic[]

Alchemy lab store icon Alchemy lab appearance
Two images from the Classic version, left: icon shown in the store, right: appearance in the middle field

The Alchemy lab is the fifth most expensive item you can purchase. It will give you 500 cookies every 5 seconds by transforming gold.

It initially costs 50,000 cookies, increasing in price by 10% with each consecutive purchase. Some grandmas will change to that of a golden grandma.

Buying your first Alchemy Lab will increase Grandma output by +4 cookies per 5 seconds.



  • The Alchemy Lab of Cookie Clicker parodies one of the most well-known goals of Alchemy, to devise a way to transform lesser metals, such as lead, into higher metals, usually gold.
  • The economic consequences of transforming the rare element of gold into cookie material have not been fully explored by the game, but it would likely cause inflation in many of the world's currencies. However, given that the player is likely to create cookies at a fast enough rate to end world hunger.
  • However, one News Ticker Text says "defective alchemy lab shut down, found to convert cookies to useless gold." might suggest gold has lost all of its value by the time you unlock alchemy labs. Another theory is that one piece of gold becomes 1.6 billion cookies because of the alchemy lab. It is not that alchemy labs use 1.6 billion gold as that would siphon the entire world's gold supply entirely, but a post-scarcity economy may have emerged in its place, potentially limiting the need of currency to begin with.
  • A news tick suggests that gold is not the only precious metal that can be used in Alchemy Labs. Silver can also be transmuted into white chocolate, according to the titles, but there are no other upgrades or achievements that support this. Additionally, the process of converting gold into cookies appears to be reversible.


  • The "Aqua crustulae" upgrade name means "Water of cookie" in Latin. It's probably is a reference to Latin expression "Aqua vitae" that means "Water of life".
  • The "All that glitters is gold" achievement is a reference to "Stairway To Heaven" by Led Zeppelin, or the chorus of "All-Star" by Smash Mouth.
  • The "We could all use a little change" achievement is a reference to "All-Star" by Smash Mouth.
  • The "Gold member" achievement is a reference to Austin Powers in Goldmember.
  • The "Sugar, spice, and everything nice" achievement and its flavor text reference the opening of the 1998 animated series, The Powerpuff Girls.
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