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Voidedgalaxies Voidedgalaxies 6 days ago

I do blogs now apparently


If any of you were ever on the ROBLOX Bee Swarm Simulator Wiki last year during lockdown then you may know the White Kiche account. That's me and strike me with lightning if I tell a lie here, I was quite active. Problem: had to reset laptop and now I don't know the password so here I am. WIKI CHANGE!

I used to write stories about nonsense on the BSS Wiki so I guess I could do that on here maybe? Maybe if you want one I could but I doubt anyone will see this.


Basically here I'll talk about my current run or sometimes I'll be in the discussions asking nonsense questions and maybe at some point rating posted saves! So I'm going to give this wiki a shot and see how it goes.

-- NOTES --

I'm non-binary, just ca…

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XxIsSooCool XxIsSooCool 22 July

My Cookie in Cookie Clicker

Here it is guys

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XxIsSooCool XxIsSooCool 21 July

Why was my image called Gru Meme deleted

Anyone know why, it was a funny meme picture.

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Spud06x Spud06x 17 March

WATCH MEMECEPTION the 1st one the 2nd one the 3rd one the 4th one the 5th one the 6th one the 7th one the 8th one (i swear to god, pay attention 20secs in, i love the Johnknee part)

and thats all the ones by angeloplays, but i also recommend watching the Height, speed etc. comparison between the monsters, also by AngeloPlays: have fun to lyao! I'll post more vid links about da…

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MrWadsWyth MrWadsWyth 14 March

Cookie Clicker Ultimate Save File


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Yeeterboibyron Yeeterboibyron 26 January

wrinkler question

do you loose your wrinkler if you ascend? (if i broke any rules im sorry idk this wiki that well yet plus i started cookie clicker yesterday)

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Akicool Akicool 1 July 2020


In the Way, you could do anything about Cookie Clicker!

But, Here is 2.026.

(but anyway, let's start.)

  • Large and in charge
  • Absolutely Stuffed
  • It's only wafer-thin
  • What did we even eat before these
  • Heavy flow
  • More you Say?
  • Clickety split
  • Okay boomer
  • Overripe
  • Self-manmade man
  • Checks out
  • Living on a prayer
  • Higitus figitus migitus mum
  • The incredible journey
  • Just a phace
  • Don't let me leave, Murph
  • Caveman to cosmos
  • Particular tastes
  • A light snack
  • Tempting fate
  • Tautological
  • Curly braces
  • Quincentennial and a half
  • Jellicles

Anyways, that's all of my list.

Now chat something good. if the admin sees your coments in my User Blog, Rate my levels!!!

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Akicool Akicool 28 June 2020


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RapsterZeber RapsterZeber 17 June 2020

No clicking the cokie

I am doing a no clicking the cookie chalenge in cookie clicker.  Right now my best building is a time machen, I have 44 SL, and my only shadow achevment is Just Plain Lucky.  I also got my thrid hevenly chip today.  I have not accended yet.


you can only click the cookie while a click frenzy is happening

you have to click the cookie 15 times when you start to get 1 Cursur, but no more clicking to cookie aftet that.

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Longtime4321 Longtime4321 5 February 2020

This is a test

I'm editing a page that only lets me edit in source. I'm using this so I can see what sub headings look like in source

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Oofandfoo Oofandfoo 14 December 2019


  • 1 Buildings
  • 2 Upgrades
    • 2.1 Regular
    • 2.2 Heavenly
  • 3 Acheivements
  • 4 Gameplay Mechanichs
    • 4.1 Transcendence:

Cookie Cookie: Icon: The cookie you click in-game. Description: "The grand cookie you've always been clicking. It clicks itself to make unimaginable amounts of cookies. Fusing your cookies together makes these" Base CPS: 50 trillion. Base cost: 6 septillion. Background of model: White Milk. Model: same as sprite.

Decillion Fingers: Effect: Multiplies the gain from Thousand Fingers by 20. Description: "When you look at them they're actually poking the cookie.", Requirements: 500 Cursors purchased. Cost: 10 Octtillion Cookies. Icon: Black cursor with a rainbow outline, like in the final kitten upgrade (as of 2.022) Unobtanium-Enforced Fingers: Requiremen…

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SLYP1E394 SLYP1E394 6 December 2019

Danick Martineau


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Trsiegler Trsiegler 24 November 2019

i love choclate millk on cookie clicer

I love coco milk it gives me a boost

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Errroooorrr404 Errroooorrr404 6 July 2019

Cookie Clicker Achievements (Portuguese and English)

Oie sou K1rim e vou fazer um post dos achievements de cookie clicker. =) / / 

Hi, I'm K1rim and I'm going to post cookie clicker achievements.

Post em português / / Post in Portuguese - (em construção - in construction)

Post em inglês / / Post in English - (em construção - in construction)

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TheMasterofBaking TheMasterofBaking 28 April 2019

Cookie Clicker

Today I played some cookie clicker to where im not that far at getting the research center/bingo place for 990 trillion.

Pretty great blog JK

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Xpt14 Xpt14 10 June 2017



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FourSevensRueful FourSevensRueful 2 June 2017

The "Cookie Clicker Cheats" Page (In Need Of Patrol)

This page, called Cookie Clicker Cheats, has much to be edited, deleted, and patrolled. I've noticed many anonymous users on this page, which have been commenting with harsh language; and this page is completely dumb, for it has no use in cheating. Below are many reasons, I nominate this page for "Candidates for Deletion":

  • Harsh Language/Swear/Curse words on comments of anonymous users / Fandom User.
  • Useless information in article / wiki vandalism
  • Lack of length (page is short, needs information)

Therefore, I ask all users reading this to take action and stop the vandal (ism) ASAP.

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FourSevensRueful FourSevensRueful 2 June 2017

My Debut

   Hello! I'm a new and hardcore contributor (as you can tell from other wikis i follow), because I'm usually seen after school "wasting" my time on my favorite Fandom/Gamepedia wikis! I can't wait for becoming a great contributer for every wiki, eventually part - controlling it!

   However, that's weird.

   Anyway, I still beg for the trust of other users to help grow wikis. I can't wait to see you around!

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KINGDOY KINGDOY 18 February 2017


oh goodness. This place needs TONS of new admins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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TechnoSpaceKitty TechnoSpaceKitty 13 May 2016

Cookie Clicker Code (Cheated Cookies, All ascension items)


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Cookiez4dayz Cookiez4dayz 28 April 2016

I'm FINALLY here!

YEEEESSSS! Finally. May the cookies be with you.

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DougieBomber12-fduser DougieBomber12-fduser 29 July 2015

I found some backgrounds for buildings

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How To Click The Cookie

For a couple years now, There is a trend called Cookie Clicker. Now, there are a few simple things you must know before played.

1 - How to Click A Cookie.

You have to have a Mouse/Trackpad. If you do not have these, How did you get here? If you have a mouse, you set your Right hand on the mouse, Unless it is a mouse for a left handed person, then you use the special mouse. But lets go with a regular mouse. If you have a regular mouse, You set you hand up on it, and simply muse you right hand pointer finger on the left mouse button until you hear a *Click* And then you've clicked.

If you use a Trackpad, then you simply tap the empty space, or you can click the left button on it. That is a very simple way to clik.

2 - How to use Mouse Keys.

If you a…

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ThatPrettySim ThatPrettySim 18 February 2015


So, I've decided that for me, think of this as a journal, okay? I'll tell you the stats of my Cookie Clicker game, and I'll update every day. I'll tell you these things: -How much of my item things I have. (Cursors, grandmas, etc.) -My cookies, and cookies per second. -If I have a new one, the name of my bakery. -Any new achievements. So, I'm starting from scratch.

I have 0 cookies, 0 cookies per second. I have no items from the store. My bakery is originally called "Happy Sprocket's Bakery", changed to "Orteil" to get achievement. New Achivement: What's in a name.

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Judbud Judbud 10 February 2015

What I'm Using To Move My CC Save

No one steal this plz...

I'm moving my save from PC to PC with this blog.


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The FIRE CAT The FIRE CAT 7 December 2014

My Status

My status for the game (Cookie Clicker) is this: 11,652,900 CpS, 52/159 achievements (2 shadow), 200% milk (Rasberry milk), 54/216 upgrades, 22- wait, 23 golden cookies, Game started 709 hours ago, 124 cursors, 116 grandmas, 96 farms, 84 factories, 76 mines, 65 shipments, 54 alchemy labs, 39 portals, 19 time machines, and 4 antimatter condensers. In all I have 678 buildings. So basically that's my status. Comment with yours. You can ask me any questions.

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Thecoolguy12345678 Thecoolguy12345678 8 November 2014


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Skarmory1128 Skarmory1128 6 November 2014

MyCookieClicker Blog

I have a save for cookie clicker that is quite far in right now

If you want it, here it is


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Alemagno12 Alemagno12 3 November 2014

Ideas for new buildings

Cookie Generator

Description: Makes cookies from nothingness.

Cookie Cheater

Description: Cheats the game so you can make more cookies.

Cookie God

Description: Invokes the Cookie God to make more cookies

Cookie Infinity

Description: The ultimate cookie producer.

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Alemagno12 Alemagno12 3 November 2014

Quooooooooooooooote pyramid!

Closed because i just realised you can't make quotes on blog posts :(

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Superultracookie7777 Superultracookie7777 9 October 2014

It's finally out!

I just made Cookie Clicker 2048 today! Cookie2048, if you will.

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Superultracookie7777 Superultracookie7777 28 September 2014


Ok, now down to serious business. Cookie Clicker v1.0501 beta is coming soon! So, I did a little experiment. Take the original building prices (excl. new ones) and calculated the payoff time using the new CpS. Here it is!

Building name
Orig. Price
New CpS
Payoff Time
150 sec
100 sec
50 sec
7.143 sec
144.928 sec
0.074 sec
Alchemy Lab
0.059 sec
0.076 sec
Time Machine
0.823 sec
Antimatter Condenser
4 sec
10.417 sec

The most op? Alchemy labs. Original base price of 200,000 cookies divided by the new CpS of 3,400,000 makes a payoff time of 0.0588235 seconds. In second plac…

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Superultracookie7777 Superultracookie7777 19 September 2014

The Cookie Archives

Hello everyone, and welcome to the cookie archives! I'm your host, superultracookie7777, who is here to teach you (yes, you) about all things cookie! There's not much here yet, but there are biweekly updates so check back soon!

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Port1967 Port1967 13 August 2014

Port's Fav Wikis Collide!

Hey Cookie Clicker Wikians! Its been a long time...

I am announcing something today!

Yesterday I participated in a challenge by a Miiverse user named Marco Polo where there was a bunch of video game icons and we had to guess the games they were from.

I have decided to do my own version of this over here on Wikia! This will take place on Clicker Games Wiki and will (hopefully) have contestants from Nitrome Wiki, Tasty Planet Wiki, Sling Fanon Wiki, multiple clicker games wikis(this wiki, Candy Box), Le Miiverse Resource Wiki and some Rayman Legends players! Each group will have its own team:

Team Nitrome
Team Tasty Planet
Team Sling
Team Clicker
Team LMR(Le Miiverse Resource)
Team RL(Rayman Legends)

Sign up here[1]

This will(hopefully)start sometime t…

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NutikTehWolf NutikTehWolf 30 June 2014

I just hit my first Sextillion!

Finally! After 6 months, I've hit a sextillion all time! (Can't wait for 50k chips...)

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How do you get such high Cps?!!

I get 3.905 Billion Cps, how do people get trillions a second !?!?! I need to know!!!

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Port1967 Port1967 15 April 2014

Other clicker games wikis?

Hi fellow clickers! I'm Port1967, the founder of the Clicker Games wiki!

I have a question:What other clicker games wikis are there?

I know about this wiki, the Clicker Games Wiki(,the Candy Box Wiki( and the Civ Clicker Wiki(

Please answer in the comments if you know any more!
Port1967(Ditto) 06:03, April 15, 2014 (UTC)

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Judbud Judbud 13 April 2014

About wrinklers/My 3-5 paragraph essay i need to do

Now, this is a little thing i thought of, and my essay.

Wrinklers are nasty little things that spawn in the Grandmapocalypse that decrease CpS by 5% until popped.

However, this does not mean they are bad.  10 wrinklers feeding off of the big cookie gives an effective 6x CpS boost, but this is unnoticeable until they are popped.

They usualy spawn with a 0.1% each frame, or  a 3% each second. Each wrinkler already eating the big cookie decreases the spawn rate by 1/10, allowing a maximum of 10 wrinklers or 50% CpS decrase.

This leads to the conclusion that, the somach acid of the wrinklers acctualy INCREASE the size of the food they are eating, and not split it into tiny peices. This leads to another conclusion that wrinklers have no teeth.

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Tyty227TheGamer Tyty227TheGamer 10 April 2014

New references!

Some new references in cookie clicker! The achievment "The old never bothered me anyway" is a reference to the movie Frozen and "Praise the sun" upgrade is a reference to Dark souls 2.

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NutikTehWolf NutikTehWolf 24 March 2014

Just got Leprachaun!

Yay! But darn it's after St. Patty's day. *sigh* maybe I can get Bicentennial on the 200th day of the year :D

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Kingboofan64 Kingboofan64 1 March 2014

eveything is awesome!

i have something to say to three wikia admins... i am sorry i greifed your pages and i am sorry for being a bitch to you here have a cookie in gratitude i am sorry for spamming i am sorry i sayed shit bitch and fuck i am sorry i did not care about you i am sorry i said i am going to fuck you up i front of so many people i am sorry i tried to ban you listen to this whilst reading

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Kingboofan64 Kingboofan64 19 February 2014


oh man it took 12 days but finally i got the how? acheivement

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Dragonvaledaily123 Dragonvaledaily123 31 December 2013

Cookie Clicker ideas

There are basically no blog posts on this wiki, and I think a blog is the best way to make suggestions! Post them in the comments :3

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Jondanger23 Jondanger23 13 October 2013

What music do you listen to while playing Cookie Clicker?

Just want to know.

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Schiffy Schiffy 7 October 2013

In the event that we enable a chat at some point.....

Okay, so as the title of this blog post says, I'm simply putting out some ideas in case we ever do enable the chat here (We get alot of non-signed in users, so it's unlikely, but hey, no harm in starting this now). By "ideas" I am referring to the customization of the chat. Anyone with sysop powers (and with that, access to mediawiki files), can change the text that appears when someone enters the chat, leaves the chat, gets kicked or banned, etc. Some ideas for these came to me if we ever do decide to switch on the feature, and I just wanted to get some opinions. Anyway, here's what I have so far.

Chat name (on the entry point on pages around the wiki): The Bakery (The Oven would probably offend some people)

When someone enters: (user) has tu…

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The Fizzbuzzler The Fizzbuzzler 22 September 2013

Next steps for this wiki

Hi everyone, I hope some people read this. To put things simply, Cookie Clicker Wiki has all of the sudden become one of the most popular wikis on all of Wikia (we're ranked #15 on WAM, Wikia's metric for determining the popularity of a wiki. This is the go-to place for information on the wildly successful game -- thanks to the site getting set up very quickly, we have nearly all the top Google results for the various keywords associated with Cookie Clicker. We even have the #2 and #3 results for the phrase "Cookie Clicker". Not bad, right?

The issue, though, is that we have no real moderation and no editing community. The quality of the articles is fairly low and we have no editorial standards or policies. Vandalism and inappropriate artic…

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Yipyapper Yipyapper 8 September 2013


Guess I'm finally getting into editing wikis. Who'd have thought that Cookie Clicker of all things would do that?

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Betaclay Betaclay 11 August 2013

Complete wiki overhaul

Hey guys, Clay here.

I just wanted to real quick tell you guys that I've done a major overhaul to the wiki. I've added a logo to the top corner, and I've added a background.

I didn't know if the background was too much, but I saw it fitting considering that the game does the exact same thing. I have another idea I might add as well if it doesn't look too bad.

Let me know what you guys think.

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