FANDOM wrote:
With 1m CPS, each wrinkler is consuming 50k cookies per second (5% of 1m). Two wrinklers are eating a total of 100k cookies per second. Your CPS will display 900k. Popping a wrinkler gives you back the cookies they consume PLUS a 10% boost of what they ate (essentially each wrinkler is giving 55k per second). Thus, every second with 2 wrinklers, you are making, theoretically:

900k + (55k * 2) = 900k + 110k = 1.01m cookies

I think the page was trying to say that EACH wrinkler takes the full bonus of the withering, and thus in your scenario,both wrinklers would get 10% instead of both getting 5%

900k + (110k * 2) = 900k + 220k = 1.12m cps

this is according to what the page says, and may not be actually true

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