FANDOM wrote:
Six times boost sounds ridiculous...

Alright, 10% boost for whatever the wrinkler consumes, right?

So, one wrinkler with an easy number (I'll use 100) of cps would be:

95+(5 X 1.1)=100.5 cps

That is a .5% increase in cps for one wrinkler.  Now with all ten wrinklers:

50+(50 X 1.1)=105 cps

That's a true 5% increase in cps.  Not the alleged six times.  The reason why my increase is so much lower is because I recoognized that ONLY the wrinkler-stolen cps is increased.  So, 50% of the cps getting a 10% increase results in a total increase of 5%.

that would be true if the game worked as logic would say it should, but it IS cookie clicker. EACH wrinkler takes the FULL amount of the withered cps, so with all 10 wrinklers each would take 50% for a total of 500%, and interest making it 550% and the nonwithered cps, 600% instead of each taking 5% for a total of 50% with interest making it 55% + the nonwithered cps for 105%

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