The Chancemaker is a building added in the 4 More Years update. It is currently the second most expensive building in the live version of the game.


Chancemaker achievements
Icon Name Description ID
Des1 Lucked out Have 1 chancemaker. 325
Desr What are the odds Have 50 chancemakers. 326
Des2-0 Grandma needs a new pair of shoes Have 100 chancemakers. 327
Des3 Million to one shot, doc Have 150 chancemakers. 328
Des4 As luck would have it Have 200 chancemakers. 329
ChancemakerUpgrade Ever in your favor Have 250 chancemakers. 330
DesVert Be a lady Have 300 chancemakers. 331
GreyChancemaker Dicey business Have 350 chancemakers. 332
Hazelrald Dice Maybe a chance in hell, actually Have 400 chancemakers. 353
Mooncandy dice Jackpot Have 450 chancemakers. 366
Astrofudge chancemaker You'll never know if you don't go Have 500 chancemakers. 412
ChancemakerArchivment Fingers crossed Make 100 septillion cookies just from chancemakers. 333
JustStatistic Just a statistic Make 1 decillion cookies just from chancemakers. 334
Murphy'sWildGuess Murphy's wild guess Make 10 duodecillion cookies just from chancemakers. 335
Let s leaf it at that Let's leaf it at that Reach level 10 chancemakers. 336


Chancemaker upgrades
Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
Des1 Your lucky cookie Own 1 chancemaker 260 quadrillion Chancemakers are twice as efficient.
"This is the first cookie you've ever baked. It holds a deep sentimental value and, after all this time, an interesting smell. "
Desr "All Bets Are Off" magic coin Own 5 chancemakers 1.3 quintillion Chancemakers are twice as efficient.
"A coin that always lands on the other side when flipped. Not heads, not tails, not the edge. The other side."
Des2-0 Winning lottery ticket Own 25 chancemakers 13 quintillion Chancemakers are twice as efficient.
"What lottery? THE lottery, that's what lottery! Only lottery that matters!"
Des3 Four-leaf clover field Own 50 chancemakers 1.3 sextillion Chancemakers are twice as efficient.
"No giant monsters here, just a whole lot of lucky grass."
Des4 A recipe book about books Own 100 chancemakers 130 sextillion Chancemakers are twice as efficient.
"Tip the scales in your favor with 28 creative new ways to cook the book"
ChancemakerUpgrade Leprechaun village Own 150 chancemakers 13 septillion Chancemakers are twice as efficient.
"You've finally become accepted among the local leprechauns, who lend you their mythical luck as a sign of friendship (as well as some rather foul-tasting tea)."
DesVert Improbability drive Own 200 chancemakers 13 octillion Chancemakers are twice as efficient.
"A strange engine that turns statistics on their head. Recommended by the Grandmother's Guide to the Bakery."
GreyChancemaker Antisuperstistronics Own 250 chancemakers 13 nonillion Chancemakers are twice as efficient.
"An exciting new field of research that makes unlucky things lucky. No mirror unbroken, no ladder unwalked under!"
Hazelrald Dice Bunnypedes Own 300 chancemakers 13 decillion Chancemakers are twice as efficient.
"You've taken to breeding rabbits with hundreds of paws, which makes them intrinsically very lucky and thus a very handy (if very disturbing) pet."
Mooncandy dice Revised probabilistics Own 350 chancemakers 13 undecillion Chancemakers are twice as efficient.
"Either something happens or it doesn't. That's a 50% chance! This suddenly makes a lot of unlikely things very possible."
Astrofudge chancemaker 0-sided dice Own 400 chancemakers 130 duodecillion Chancemakers are twice as efficient.
"The advent of the 0-sided dice has had unexpected and tumultuous effects on the gambling community, and saw experts around the world calling you both a genius and an imbecile."

Grandma FormEdit

Purchasing 15 Chancemakers allows for the purchasing of a Grandma upgrade and a new Grandma type.

Icon Name Quantity Needed Price (cookies) Description ID #
GrandmaAchieveNew Lucky grandmas 15 chancemakers and 1 grandma 1.3 quintillion Grandmas are twice as efficient. Chancemakers gain +1% CpS per 13 grandmas.
"A fortunate grandma that always seems to find more cookies."


  • The "Your lucky cookie" description of first cookie you've ever baked might be reference to Scrooge McDuck's Number One Dime, the first coin that Scrooge McDuck had ever earned.
  • On Discworld, in areas with high background magic, flipped coins may do various weird things instead of landing on heads or tails.
  • The achievement "Million to one shot, doc" references a quote from the TV sitcom Seinfeld.
  • Although the name appears to be generic, the flavor text for the upgrade "Winning lottery ticket" refers to a scene in the game Fallout: New Vegas; in particularly, the delirious ramblings of the Powder Ganger Oliver Swanick.
  • The upgrade "Improbability drive" reference the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books, which themselves are parodied in its description.
  • The flavor text for the "Four-leaf clover field" upgrade refers to the titular monster of the similarly named film Cloverfield.
  • The "Be a lady" achievement references the song "Luck Be A Lady" from the movie Guys and Dolls.
  • The achievement "Ever in Your Favor" is a reference to The Hunger Games, namely the saying "May the odds be ever in your favor".
  • Ironically, most of the prices for Chancemaker upgrades have to do with the number 13, which is a number that is stereotypically unlucky. This, of course, excludes the upgrade "Your Lucky Cookie", at 260 quadrillion (which is divisible by 13, however).
  • This building has a fixed distance between each building on the X axis, similar with Antimatter condensers and Prisms. It's probably supposed to make it look like the Chancemakers are fixed to its background's vertical stone pillars.
  • The die icon used for the Chancemaker and some of its upgrades and achievements features the 1, 4, and 2 sides of the die. 1 + 4 + 2 = 7, a famously lucky number.
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