Cookie Clicker Wiki

These cheats are for Cookie Clicker Classic.

Save editing[]

Here is the save format:

A save from the start of the game

Save data (in order from left to right)
Field Example Description
Version 0.1251 The version number
Cookies 10000000000000000000000 Cookies in bank
Cursors 1000000000 Number of cursors
Buyables['Cursor'].price 0 Current price of cursors
Grandmas 1000 Number of grandmas
Buyables['Grandma'].price 0 Current price of grandmas
Factories 1000 Number of factories
Buyables['Factory'].price 0 Current price of factories
Mines 1000 Number of mines
Buyables['Mine'].price 0 Current price of mines
Shipments 1000 Number of shipments
Buyables['Shipment'].price 0 Current price of shipments
Labs 1000 Number of alchemy labs
Buyables['Alchemy lab'].price 0 Current price of alchemy labs
Portals 1000 Number of portals
Buyables['Portal'].price 0 Current price of portals
Times 1000 Number of time machines
Buyables['Time machine'].price 0 Current price of time machines

Browser console cheats[]

See Cheating#Opening_the_Browser_Console for instructions on opening the browser console.

You will need to open the console to use the rest of these cheats.


setInterval(ClickCookie, 1);

Pledge timer[]

To see how many seconds are left:

Pledge / 30

To reset the timer

Pledge = (# of seconds) * 30

Hacking object data[]

Cookie Clicker Classic Buyables
Counter name Buyables["item name"]
Cursors= 1; Cursor
Grandmas= 1; Grandma
Factories= 1; Factory
Mines= 1; Mine
Shipments= 1; Shipment
Labs= 1; Alchemy lab
Portals= 1; Portal
Times= 1; Time machine
Pledge= 1; Elder Pledge

Warning: Prices will be saved in your save file.

Item count[]

To hack the number of a building you own, check the Counter name column in the table for the exact name you need to use. Then, use it like this:

Cursors = 100;
Grandmas = 30;

Use this line to update the store display and see the new numbers:

StoreToRebuild = 1;

For the rest of these, look up the item name in the Buyables[item name] column of the table, then put the name of the item between the quotes in Buyables[""].

For everything but cursors, you can make the new buildings visible with:


Get 1 object for free while making new buildings visible with:


Item prices[]

To change the price of an item:

Buyables["Time machine"].price = 1;

To make an item free forever:

Buyables["Cursor"].price = 0;

To make everything free forever:

Object.keys(Buyables).forEach(function (e) {
    Buyables[e].price = 0;
StoreToRebuild = 1;

To reset prices to a realistic level:

(function () {
    var Objs = [];
    function Obj(name, count, basePrice) { = name;
        this.count = count;
        this.basePrice = basePrice;
        Objs[name] = this;
    new Obj("Cursor", Cursors, 15);
    new Obj("Grandma", Grandmas, 100);            
    new Obj("Factory", Factories, 500);            
    new Obj("Mine", Mines, 2000);            
    new Obj("Shipment", Shipments, 7000);
    new Obj("Alchemy lab", Labs, 50000);
    new Obj("Portal", Portals, 1000000);
    new Obj("Time machine", Times, 123456789);
    new Obj("Elder Pledge", 0, (Buyables["Elder Pledge"].price > 666666) ?
        Buyables["Elder Pledge"].price : 666666);
    function PriceReset(what) {
        var newPrice = Objs[what].basePrice, i;
        for (i = 0; i < Objs[what].count; i += 1) {
            newPrice = Math.ceil(newPrice * 1.1);
        Buyables[what].price = newPrice;