Cookie Clicker Wiki

These cheats are for Cookie Clicker Classic.

Save editing

Here is the save format:

A save from the start of the game

Save data (in order from left to right)
Field Example Description
Version 0.1251 The version number
Cookies 0 Cookies in bank
Cursors 0 Number of cursors
Buyables['Cursor'].price 15 Current price of cursors
Grandmas 0 Number of grandmas
Buyables['Grandma'].price 100 Current price of grandmas
Factories 0 Number of factories
Buyables['Factory'].price 500 Current price of factories
Mines 0 Number of mines
Buyables['Mine'].price 2000 Current price of mines
Shipments 0 Number of shipments
Buyables['Shipment'].price 7000 Current price of shipments
Labs 0 Number of alchemy labs
Buyables['Alchemy lab'].price 50000 Current price of alchemy labs
Portals 0 Number of portals
Buyables['Portal'].price 1000000 Current price of portals
Times 0 Number of time machines
Buyables['Time machine'].price 123456789 Current price of time machines

Browser console cheats

See Cheating#Opening_the_Browser_Console for instructions on opening the browser console.

You will need to open the console to use the rest of these cheats.


setInterval(ClickCookie, 1);

Pledge timer

To see how many seconds are left:

Pledge / 30

To reset the timer

Pledge = (# of seconds) * 30

Hacking object data

Cookie Clicker Classic Buyables
Counter name Buyables["item name"]
Cursors= 1; Cursor
Grandmas= 1; Grandma
Factories= 1; Factory
Mines= 1; Mine
Shipments= 1; Shipment
Labs= 1; Alchemy lab
Portals= 1; Portal
Times= 1; Time machine
Pledge= 1; Elder Pledge

Warning: Prices will be saved in your save file.

Item count

To hack the number of a building you own, check the Counter name column in the table for the exact name you need to use. Then, use it like this:

Cursors = 100;
Grandmas = 30;

Use this line to update the store display and see the new numbers:

StoreToRebuild = 1;

For the rest of these, look up the item name in the Buyables[item name] column of the table, then put the name of the item between the quotes in Buyables[""].

For everything but cursors, you can make the new buildings visible with:


Get 1 object for free while making new buildings visible with:


Item prices

To change the price of an item:

Buyables["Time machine"].price = 1;

To make an item free forever:

Buyables["Cursor"].price = 0;

To make everything free forever:

Object.keys(Buyables).forEach(function (e) {
    Buyables[e].price = 0;
StoreToRebuild = 1;

To reset prices to a realistic level:

(function () {
    var Objs = [];
    function Obj(name, count, basePrice) { = name;
        this.count = count;
        this.basePrice = basePrice;
        Objs[name] = this;
    new Obj("Cursor", Cursors, 15);
    new Obj("Grandma", Grandmas, 100);            
    new Obj("Factory", Factories, 500);            
    new Obj("Mine", Mines, 2000);            
    new Obj("Shipment", Shipments, 7000);
    new Obj("Alchemy lab", Labs, 50000);
    new Obj("Portal", Portals, 1000000);
    new Obj("Time machine", Times, 123456789);
    new Obj("Elder Pledge", 0, (Buyables["Elder Pledge"].price > 666666) ?
        Buyables["Elder Pledge"].price : 666666);
    function PriceReset(what) {
        var newPrice = Objs[what].basePrice, i;
        for (i = 0; i < Objs[what].count; i += 1) {
            newPrice = Math.ceil(newPrice * 1.1);
        Buyables[what].price = newPrice;