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Condition Dialogue
Intro I'm Chip! I just really like exploring stuff. Let's go have an adventure!
greeting Hello there!
I'm ready!
Where are we going today?
Win Take that!
That's right.
Entrance Chipping in!
Welp, here goes nothing!
I wonder what I'll find!
Hey, this place is new!
This place seems familiar.
Let's make it happen.
Completion I'm one smart cookie.
Oh yeah!
Let's explore some more!
That was easy!
That sure was fun!
I'm not lost, am I?
More exploring? Sure, why not!
Defeat B-better luck next time.
That really hurt!
I yield! I yield!
That went badly.
No half-baked excuses next time.
I think I scraped my knee!
Win against Sentient Furnace The irony, it burns! ('s funny because it was burning. And made of iron. ...Moving on.)
Win against Ascended Baking Pod Where is your pod now?
That was disturbing.
Duketater bud
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