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Christmas Season is a seasonal event in Cookie Clicker that was added on the 1.04 update. The event was active during versions 1.04 - 1.0403 without a way to turn it off. Since version 1.0466, Christmas season starts automatically and lasts from 15th to the 31st of December. Since the introduction of the Season switcher in version 1.041, Christmas Season can also be activated by purchasing the Festive biscuit, which will launch it for 24 hours. Like all season switcher upgrades, it is repeatable, but will get more expensive every time you buy it, like buildings, and will also cancel any other seasonal event that is active at this time.

Christmas season brings two major features, reindeer and Santa. Reindeer will occasionally appear and hop across the screen. Clicking them will give 1 minute's worth of cookies and has a chance to unlock one of the Christmas-themed flavored cookie upgrades (see below). Santa is a widget that appears in the bottom-left corner of the screen after purchasing the first upgrade available during the season, A festive hat. Upgrading Santa will unlock specific upgrades which provide various effects.

Aesthetic changes include snowflakes alongside the falling cookies, wrinklers having red and white stripes on their bodies and Santa hats on their heads, and elf grandmas appearing alongside the other grandmas.


Santa Upgrades

These Upgrades can be unlocked by upgrading Santa.

Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
Santa hat icon v15.png A festive hat 25 cookies earned during Christmas Season Money.png 25 Unlocks... something.
"Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse."
Wreath icon v15.png Increased merriness Purchasing
"A festive hat" or evolving Santa
Money.png 2,525 × 3S Cookie production multiplier +15%.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"It turns out that the key to increased merriness, strangely enough, happens to be a good campfire and some s'mores. You know what they say, after all; the s'more, the merrier."
Wreath icon v15.png Improved jolliness Cookie production multiplier +15%.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"A nice wobbly belly goes a long way.
You jolly?"
Coal icon v15.png A lump of coal Cookie production multiplier +1%.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"Some of the world's worst stocking stuffing.
I guess you could try starting your own little industrial revolution, or something?..."
Sweater icon v15.png An itchy sweater Cookie production multiplier +1%.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"You don't know what's worse : the embarrassingly quaint "elf on reindeer" motif, or the fact that wearing it makes you feel like you're wrapped in a dead sasquatch.
Reindeer icon v15.png Reindeer baking grounds Reindeer appear twice as frequently.
"Male reindeer are from Mars; female reindeer are from venison."
Reindeer icon v15.png Weighted sleighs Reindeer are twice as slow.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"Hope it was worth the weight.
(Something something forced into cervidude)"
Reindeer icon v15.png Ho ho ho-flavored frosting Reindeer give twice as much.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"It's time to up the antler."
Present icon v15.png Season savings All buildings are 1% cheaper.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"By Santa's beard, what savings.
But who will save us?"
Present icon v15.png Toy workshop All upgrades are 5% cheaper. [note 1]
Cost scales with Santa level.
"Watch yours-elf around elvesdroppers who might steal our production secrets.
Or elven worse!"
Scroll icon v15.png Naughty list Grandmas are twice as productive.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"This list contains every unholy deed perpetuated by grandmakind.
He won't be checking this one twice.
Once. Once is enough."
Santa hat icon v15.png Santa's bottomless bag Random drops are 10% more common.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"This is one bottom you can't check out."
Santa hat icon v15.png Santa's helpers Clicking is 10% more powerful.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"Some choose to help hamburger; some choose to help you.
To each their own, I guess."
Santa hat icon v15.png Santa's legacy Cookie production multiplier +3% per Santa's levels.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"In the north pole, you gotta get the elves first. Then when you get the elves, you start making the toys. Then when you get the toys... then you get the cookies."
Santa hat icon v15.png Santa's milk and cookies Milk is 5% more powerful.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"Part of Santa's dreadfully unbalanced diet."
Santas dominion v15.png Santa's dominion Reach the final stage of Santa Money.png 2.525 quadrillion Cookie production multiplier +20%.
All buildings are 1% cheaper.
All upgrades are 2% cheaper. [note 1]
"My name is Claus, king of kings;
Look on my toys, ye Mighty, and despair!"

Owning all of these upgrades provides a total of:

  • + (62*1.03S) overall CpS
  • +100% Reindeer spawns
  • +100% Reindeer drops
  • -50% Reindeer speed
  • +10% random drops
  • +100% Grandma CpS
  • +10% cookies per click
  • +5% Kitten efficiency
  • -2% building cost
  • -7% upgrade cost

Where S is the current level of Santa.

Reindeer Cookies

These 7 flavored cookie upgrades may drop from reindeer during the Christmas season.

Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
ChristmasTreeBiscuitNew.png Christmas tree biscuits Minimum 20% drop chance from finding a reindeer during Christmas Season Money.png 252.525 billion Cookie production multiplier +2%.
"Whose pine is it anyway?"
SnowflakeBiscuitNew.png Snowflake biscuits Cookie production multiplier +2%.
"Mass-produced to be unique in every way."
SnowmanBiscuitNew.png Snowman biscuits Cookie production multiplier +2%.
"It's frosted. Doubly so."
HollyBiscuitNew.png Holly biscuits Cookie production multiplier +2%.
"You don't smooch under these ones. That would be the mistletoe (which, botanically, is a smellier variant of the mistlefinger)."
CandyCaneBiscuitNew.png Candy cane biscuits Cookie production multiplier +2%.
"It's two treats in one!
(Further inspection reveals the frosting does not actually taste like peppermint, but like mundane sugary frosting.)"
BellBiscuitNew.png Bell biscuits Cookie production multiplier +2%.
"What do these even have to do with christmas? Who cares, ring them in!"
PresentBiscuitNew.png Present biscuits Cookie production multiplier +2%.
"The prequel to future biscuits. Watch out!"

The current drop chance is 1-f, where f is the fail rate. The base fail rate is 0.8, or 0.6 if the achievement Let it snow is unlocked. There are several factors which can further reduce the fail rate.

Green yeast digestives 1 / 1.03 = 0.970874
Starsnow 0.95
Selebrak, Spirit of Festivities 0.9/0.95/0.97 (Diamond/Ruby/Jade)
Santa's Bottomless Bag 1 / 1.1 = 0.9091
Mind Over Matter, Reality Bending, Both 0.8, 1/1.025 = 0.9756, 1/1.275 = 0.7843
Cosmic Beginner's Luck 0.2
Garden plants (mature, dirt) 1 / (1+0.01G+0.01S+0.03K)

G = # of Green Rot
S = # of Shimmerlily
K = # of Keenmoss

For example, if you clicked a reindeer with the Let it snow achievement and the Heavenly upgrade Starsnow, then the fail rate will be:

If you clicked a reindeer with the Mind Over Matter aura active, and Selebrak in the diamond slot, the fail rate will be:

After figuring out the fail rate (f), calculate successful rate (s = 1-f) and use following table to find out the probabilities.

Probabilities for Christmas Cookies
Probability of Appearance
Formula Base
With Mind
over matter
With Santa's
bottomless bag
All modifiers,
No plants
0 s*7/7 20% 1/5 36% 1/2.8 27.3% 1/3.7 92.9%
1 s*6/7 17.1% 1/5.8 30.8% 1/3.2 23.3% 1/4.3 79.6%
2 s*5/7 14.3% 1/7 25.7% 1/3.9 19.5% 1/5.1 66.4%
3 s*4/7 11.4% 1/8.8 20.6% 1/4.9 15.6% 1/6.4 53.1%
4 s*3/7 8.57% 1/12 15.4% 1/6.5 11.7% 1/8.6 39.8%
5 s*2/7 5.71% 1/18 10.3% 1/9.7 7.79% 1/13 26.5%
6 s*1/7 2.86% 1/35 5.14% 1/19 3.90% 1/26 13.3%
Expected value for Reindeer clicked to unlock all 363/20s 91 50 67 20


Icon Name Description ID
Santa icon v15.png Coming to town Reach Santa's 7th form. 109
Santas dominion v15.png All hail Santa Reach Santa's final form. 110
Santa hat icon v15.png Let it snow [note 2] Unlock every Christmas-themed cookie.
Owning this achievement makes Christmas-themed cookies drop more frequently in future playthroughs.
Reindeer icon v15.png Oh deer Pop 1 reindeer. 112
Reindeer icon v15.png Sleigh of hand [note 3] Pop 50 reindeer. 113
Reindeer icon v15.png Reindeer sleigher [note 3] Pop 200 reindeer. 114
Reindeer icon v15.png Eldeer Pop a reindeer during an elder frenzy. 265


  1. 1.0 1.1 Upgrades which lower the cost of upgrades stack multiplicatively, not additively. That is, if you have 3 of them which reduce the cost of upgrades by 5%, 2% and 1% then the final cost of an upgrade is (original cost) * 0.95 * 0.98 * 0.99.
  2. Despite the description, the achievement is awarded only when all the cookies are bought, rather than unlocked.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Unlike most "number of actions" achievements, the Wrinkler and Reindeer achievements are counted in a single game, not all time: Ascending will reset the counter.


  • The Christmas Season was first confirmed on Orteil's Tumblr.
  • Christmas is the only season that does not change the appearance of wrath cookies.
  • The description for the "A festive hat" upgrade references the famous Clement Clark Moore poem "A Visit from St Nicholas," aka "'Twas the Night Before Christmas."
  • The description for the Ho-ho-ho flavored frosting upgrade is a pun on the cliche "to up the ante."
  • The description for the Weighted Sleighs upgrade contains a pun on Cervidae, the scientific name for the deer family.
  • The description for the Santa's helpers upgrade is a reference to the convenience food Hamburger Helper.
  • The description for the Santa's Dominion upgrade is a play on Percy Shelley's poem 'Ozymandias.'
  • The description for the Final Claus form of Santa is a pun on Final Clause.
  • The description for the Christmas tree biscuit upgrade is a pun on the TV show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"
  • Shiny wrinklers do not have a striped pattern.


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