Cookie Clicker Beta is a testing version of the game that allows players to try some of the upcoming features, and then give feedback to Orteil about the update. You can access it by clicking Try the beta! at the top right corner of the screen in your cookie clicker tab. To return to the main game, click "Live Version" under "Other Versions" at the top right corner of the screen.

Beta versions implement experimental features which may or may not be implemented later in the live version. A previous beta version of the game added Dungeons and 4 related achievements, which neither the live nor current beta versions have (unless you cheat). Dungeons can be accessed at /betadungeons, or by using a cheat in the live version.

The current beta explores a new minigame; the Stock Market, accessed from level 1+ banks.

Stock Market Beta (current)Edit

Main article: Stock Market

Beta UpgradesEdit

Tiered upgrades
Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
Iridyum cursor Nonillion fingers Own 450 cursors Money 10 septillion The mouse and cursors gain +50 million cookies for each non-cursor object owned.
"Only for the freakiest handshakes."
Iridyum mouse Miraculite mouse 1 octillion handmade cookies Money 50 octillion Clicking gains +1% of your CpS
"A shifting blur in the corner of your eye, this mouse can trigger a flurry of clicks when grazed by even the slightest breeze."[note 1]
Alabascream grandma Generation degeneration Own 450 grandmas Money 5 nonillion Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"Genetic testing shows that most of your grandmas are infected with a strange degenerative disease that only seems to further their powers; the more time passes, the older they get. This should concern you."
Alabascream farm Global seed vault Own 450 farms Money 55 nonillion Farms are twice as efficient.
"An enormous genetic repository that could outlive an apocalypse. Guarantees the survival of your empire, or at the very least its agricultural components, should civilization fall. Which should be any day now."
Alabascream mine Air mining Own 450 mines Money 600 nonillion Mines are twice as efficient.
"You've dug your drills through just about every solid surface you could find. But did you know recent advances have revealed untold riches hiding within non-solid surfaces too?"
Alabascream factory Behavioral reframing Own 450 factories Money 6.5 decillion Factories are twice as efficient.
"Through careful social engineering you've convinced your workers that "union" is a slur that only the most vile and repugnant filth among us would ever dare utter! Sometimes progress isn't in the big machines, it's in the little lies!"
Alabascream bank Altruistic loop Own 450 banks Money 70 decillion Banks are twice as efficient.
"You control so many branches of the global economy and legislative bodies that, through a particularly creative loophole, donating money (to yourself) grants you even more cash in tax deductions than you started with!"
Alabascream temple A novel idea Own 450 temples Money 1 undecillion Temples are twice as efficient.
"You don't get rich starting a religion. If you want to get rich, you write science fiction."
Alabascream wizard tower Spelling bees Own 450 wizard towers Money 16 undecillion Wizard towers are twice as efficient.
"You've unleashed a swarm of magically-enhanced bees upon mankind! Their stinging spells may be the bane of all living things but you're certain you can put their delicious, purple, fizzy honey to good use!"
Alabascream shipment Toroid universe Own 450 shipments Money 255 undecillion Shipments are twice as efficient.
"If you think of the universe as an nth-dimensional torus that wraps back on itself in every direction, you can save a fortune on rocket fuel! Of course the universe isn't actually shaped like that, but you've never let details stand in your way."
Alabascream alchemy lab Hermetic reconciliation Own 450 alchemy labs Money 3.75 duodecillion Alchemy labs are twice as efficient.
"It's time for modern science and the mystical domains of the occult to work together at last. What do gravitons transmute into? What if alkahest is pH-neutral? Should a homunculus have the right to vote? And other exciting questions coming to you soon, whether you like it or not."
Alabascream portal His advent Own 450 portals Money 50 duodecillion Portals are twice as efficient.
""He comes! He comes at last! Just like the prophecies foretold! And as He steps out of the portal, your engineers begin slicing Him into convenient chunks before transporting His writhing cosmic flesh to your factories, where He will be processed and converted into a new and exciting cookie flavor, available tomorrow."
Alabascream time machine Split seconds Own 450 time machines Money 700 duodecillion Time machines are twice as efficient.
"Time is infinite, yes... But what if, nestled within each second, were even more infinities? Every moment an eternity! Think of how many scheduling troubles this solves!"
Alabascream antimatter condenser Flavor itself Own 450 antimatter condensers Money 8.5 tredecillion Antimatter condensers are twice as efficient.
"Deep under the earth, in the most sterile laboratory, in the most vast and expensive particle accelerator ever devised, your scientists have synthesized -for a fraction of a second- the physical manifestation of pure flavor. Highly unstable, and gone in a puff of radioactive energy, it nonetheless left your team shivering with awe... and hunger."
Alabascream prism Light speed limit Own 450 prisms Money 105 tredecillion Prisms are twice as efficient.
"Whoah, slow down. Harvesting light is well and good but it'd be much easier if it weren't so dang fast! This should thankfully take care of that."
Alabascream chancemaker A touch of determinism Own 450 chancemakers Money 1.3 quattuordecillion Chancemakers are twice as efficient.
"By knowing the exact position and movement of every particle in the universe, you're able to predict everything that can ever happen, leaving nothing to chance. This was a doozy to pull off mind you, but it's helped you win 50 bucks at the horse races so you could say it's already paying off."
Alabascream fractal engine This upgrade Own 450 fractal engines Money 15 quattuordecillion Fractal engines are twice as efficient.
"This upgrade's flavor text likes to refer to itself, as well as to the fact that it likes to refer to itself. You should really buy this upgrade before it starts doing anything more obnoxious."
Alabascream javascript console Your biggest fans Own 450 javascript consoles Money 3.55 quindecillion Javascript consoles are twice as efficient.
"Let's face it, baking cookies isn't the most optimized thing there is. So you've purchased your biggest fans yet and stuck them next to your computers to keep things chill and in working order. Cool!"
Cookie upgrades
Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
Granola cookies Granola cookies 1.581 sexdecillion cookies baked Money 31.622 sexdecillion Cookie production multiplier +5%.
"Wait! These are just oatmeal cookies mixed with raisin cookies! What next, half-dark chocolate half-white chocolate cookies?"
Ricotta cookies Ricotta cookies 5 sexdecillion cookies baked Money 100 sexdecillion Cookie production multiplier +5%.
"Light and cake-like. Often flavored with lemon or almond extract. Sprinkles optional. Allegedly Italian. Investigation pending."
Roze koeken Roze koeken 15.811 sexdecillion cookies baked Money 316.227 sexdecillion Cookie production multiplier +5%.
"The icing on these Dutch cookies is traditionally pink, but different colors may be used for special occasions - such as pink to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or for International Flamingo Day, pink."
Peanut butter cup cookies Peanut butter cup cookies 50 sexdecillion cookies baked Money 1 septendecillion Cookie production multiplier +5%.
"What more poignant example of modern societal struggles than the brazen reclaiming of a corporate product by integrating it in the vastly more authentic shell of a homemade undertaking? Anyway this is a peanut butter cup, baked into a cookie. It's pretty good!"
Sesame cookies Sesame cookies 158.113 sexdecillion cookies baked Money 3.162 septendecillion Cookie production multiplier +5%.
"Look at all the little seeds on these! It's like someone dropped them on the street or something! A very welcoming and educational street!"
Taiyaki Taiyaki 500 sexdecillion cookies baked Money 10 septendecillion Cookie production multiplier +5%.
"A pastry fish filled with red bean paste, doomed to live an existence of constant and excruciating pain as its aquatic environment slowly dissolves its soft doughy body.
Also comes in chocolate flavor!"
Vanillekipferl Vanillekipferl 1.581 septendecillion cookies baked Money 31.622 septendecillion Cookie production multiplier +5%.
"Nut-based cookies from Central Europe, coated in powdered vanilla sugar. Regular kipferl, crescent-shaped bread rolls from the same region, are much less exciting."
Prism heart biscuits Prism heart biscuits 50 sextillion cookies baked and "Eternal heart biscuits" purchased during Valentine's Day season Money 1 septillion Cookie production multiplier +2%.
"An every-flavor biscuit that stands for universal love and being true to yourself."
Cosmic chocolate butter biscuit Cosmic chocolate butter biscuit Own 550 of every building Money 1 quindecillion Cookie production multiplier +10%.
"Rewarded for owning 550 of everything.
Through some strange trick of magic or technology, looking at this cookie is like peering into a deep ocean of ancient stars. The origins of this biscuit are unknown; its manufacture, as far as your best investigators can tell, left no paper trail. From a certain angle, if you squint hard enough, you'll notice that a number of stars near the center are arranged to resemble the outline of your own face."
Other upgrades
Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
How to bake your dragon A really good guide book
(debug upgrade)
Debug mode Money 7 ???[note 2]
Kitten wages Kitten wages
(heavenly upgrade)
"Kitten angels" purchased MoneyHC 9 billion Through clever accounting, this actually makes kitten upgrades 10% cheaper.
"Cats can have little a salary.
Cats are expert hagglers and have a keen sense of bargaining, especially in the case of cash."
Pet the dragon Pet the dragon
(heavenly upgrade)
"How to bake your dragon" and "Residual luck" purchased MoneyHC 100 billion Unlocks the ability to pet your dragon by clicking on it once hatched.
"Dragons do not purr. If your dragon starts purring, vacate the area immediately."
Dragon scale Dragon scale Random drop from petting Krumblor Money 180 x CpS
(x 10 if max
level dragon)
Cookie production multiplier +3%.
Cost scales with CpS, but 10 times cheaper with a fully-trained dragon.[note 3]
"Your dragon sheds these regularly, so this one probably won't be missed.
Note: icon not to scale."
Dragon claw Dragon claw Random drop from petting Krumblor Money 180 x CpS
(x 10 if max
level dragon)
Clicks are +3% more powerful.
Cost scales with CpS, but 10 times cheaper with a fully-trained dragon.[note 3]
"Will grow back in a few days' time.
A six-inch retractable claw, like a razor, from the middle toe. So you know, try to show a little respect."
Dragon fang Dragon fang Random drop from petting Krumblor Money 180 x CpS
(x 10 if max
level dragon)
+3% golden cookie gains.
Dragon harvest and Dragonflight are 10% stronger.
Cost scales with CpS, but 10 times cheaper with a fully-trained dragon.[note 3]
"Just a fallen baby tooth your dragon wanted you to have, as a gift.
It might be smaller than an adult tooth, but it's still frighteningly sharp - and displays some awe-inspiring cavities, which you might expect from a creature made out of sweets."
Dragon teddy bear Dragon teddy bear Random drop from petting Krumblor Money 180 x CpS
(x 10 if max
level dragon)
+3% random drops.
Cost scales with CpS, but 10 times cheaper with a fully-trained dragon.[note 3]
"Your dragon used to sleep with this. Now it's time for you to have it.
Crafted in the likelihood of a fearsome beast. Stuffed with magical herbs picked long ago by a wandering wizard. Woven from elven yarn and a polyester blend."
  1. Currently have the same description as Plasmarble mouse upgrade
  2. Commented-out version says: "All dungeon locations behave as if unlocked. You may shift-click a dungeon location to teleport there." Flavor text: "It even tells you which hotels to avoid!"
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 Currently 10 times more expensive, rather than 10 times cheaper


Caramoas, Sagalongs, Shortfoils and Win mints have a new position in the Stats menu. In the live version, they're listed between Sablés and Gingerbread men, while in the beta version, they're grouped together with the rest of the brand biscuits, between Butter swirls and Fig gluttons.

Beta AchievementsEdit

Stock Market achievements
Icon Name Description ID
Credit garage Initial public offering Make your first stock market profit. 457
Tiny bank Rookie numbers Own at least 100 of every stock market stock.
"Gotta pump those numbers up!"
Loaning company No nobility in poverty Own at least 500 of every market stock.
"What kind of individual is out there cramming camels through needle holes anyway?"
Finance headquarters Full warehouses Own at least 1,000 of a stock market stock. 460
International exchange Make my day Make a day of CpS ($86,400) in 1 stock market sale. 461
Stockbrokers Buy buy buy Spend a day of CpS ($86,400) in 1 stock market purchase. 462
Stockbrokers Liquid assets Have your stock market profits surpass a whole year of CpS ($31,536,000). 463
Palace of Greed Pyramid scheme Unlock the highest-tier stock market headquarters. 464
Tiered achievements
Icon Name Description ID
Iridyum mouse Clickety split Make 1 octillion cookies from clicking. 473
SilverCursorNew Gotta hand it to you Have 700 cursors. 474
Iridyum grandma Okay boomer Have 600 grandmas. 475
Alabascream farm Overripe Have 550 farms. 476
Alabascream mine Rock on Have 550 mines. 477
Alabascream factory Self-manmade man Have 550 factories. 478
Alabascream bank Checks out Have 550 banks. 479
Alabascream temple Living on a prayer Have 550 temples. 480
Alabascream wizard tower Higitus figitus migitus mum Have 550 wizard towers. 481
Alabascream shipment The incredible journey Have 550 shipments. 482
Alabascream alchemy lab Just a phase Have 550 alchemy labs. 483
Alabascream portal Don't let me leave, Murph Have 550 portals. 484
Alabascream time machine Caveman to cosmos Have 550 time machines. 485
Alabascream antimatter condenser Particular tastes Have 550 antimatter condensers. 486
Alabascream prism A light snack Have 550 prisms. 487
Alabascream chancemaker Tempting fate Have 550 chancemakers. 488
Alabascream fractal engine Tautological Have 550 fractal engines. 489
Alabascream javascript console Curly braces Have 550 javascript consoles.
"Or as the French call them, mustache boxes.
Go well with quotes."
Other achievements
Icon Name Description ID
Kitten assistants to the regional manager Jellicles Own 10 kitten upgrades
"Jellicles can and jellicles do! Make sure to wash your jellicles every day!"
Quincentennial and a half Quincentennial and a half Have at least 550 of everything.
"This won't fill the churning void inside, you know."
CookieProduction37 What did we even eat before these Bake 10 tredecillion cookies per second. 467
CookieProduction38 Heavy flow Bake 100 tredecillion cookies per second. 468
CookieProduction39 More you say? Bake 1 quattuordecillion cookies per second. 469
CookieProduction37 Large and in charge Bake 100 septendecillion cookies in one ascension. 470
CookieProduction38 Absolutely stuffed Bake 1 octodecillion cookies in one ascension. 471
CookieProduction39 It's only wafer-thin Bake 100 octodecillion cookies in one ascension.
"Just the one!"
Seven horseshoes Seven horseshoes
(shadow achievement)
Click 27,777 golden cookies.
"Enough for one of those funky horses that graze near your factories."

Dungeons Beta (v1.037)Edit

Dungeon achievementsEdit

The following achievements are only obtainable via fair way in 1.037 beta, as they are related to Dungeons. First pair of them are normal achievements and second pair are shadow achievements. In current and new beta versions they can be obtained via cheating, and all of them are shadow achievements.

Dungeon achievements
Icon Name Description ID
Dungeonbasic Getting even with the oven Defeat the Sentient Furnace in the factory dungeons. 96
Dungeonbasic Now this is pod-smashing Defeat the Ascended Baking Pod in the factory dungeons. 97
Chirpedout Chirped out Find and defeat Chirpy, the dysfunctioning alarm bot. 98
Whiterabbit Follow the white rabbit Find and defeat the elusive sugar bunny. 99

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