Cookie Clicker Beta is a testing version of the game that allows players to try some of the upcoming features, and then give feedback to Orteil about the update. You can access it by clicking Try the beta! at the top right corner of the screen in your cookie clicker tab. To return to the main game, click "Live Version" under "Other Versions" at the top right corner of the screen.

Beta versions implement experimental features which may or may not be implemented later in the live version. A previous beta version of the game added Dungeons and 4 related achievements, which neither the live nor current beta versions have (unless you cheat). Dungeons can be accessed at /betadungeons, or by using a cheat in the live version.

The live version is currently updated with the latest beta features, though features from the dungeons beta remain unimplemented.

Dungeons Beta (v1.037)Edit

Dungeon achievementsEdit

The following achievements are only obtainable via fair way in 1.037 beta, as they are related to Dungeons. First pair of them are normal achievements and second pair are shadow achievements. In current and new beta versions they can be obtained via cheating, and all of them are shadow achievements.

Dungeon achievements
Icon Name Description ID
Dungeonbasic Getting even with the oven Defeat the Sentient Furnace in the factory dungeons. 96
Dungeonbasic Now this is pod-smashing Defeat the Ascended Baking Pod in the factory dungeons. 97
Chirpedout Chirped out Find and defeat Chirpy, the dysfunctioning alarm bot. 98
Whiterabbit Follow the white rabbit Find and defeat the elusive sugar bunny. 99
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