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The Cookieverse (not to be confused with the Cookie Planets) is one of the locations you harvest cookies from in Cookie Clicker.

A portal to the Cookieverse in Cookie Clicker Classic.

What We Know

It is unknown where the Cookieverse is located, or what lives inside it, but what we do know is this:

  1. The Cookieverse is a universe that has to do with cookies.
  2. The Cookieverse can be accessed by a Portal.
  3. The portal to the Cookieverse is opened with 1,000,000,000,000 Cookies.
  4. Strange creatures live there and emerge into our world. "News : "Nation worried as more and more unsettling creatures emerge from dimensional portals!"
  5. It is a tourist site. "News: "Tourism to cookieverse popular with bored teenagers! Casualty rate as high as 73%!""
  6. They can corrupt and mutate human beings. "News: "do not settle near portals," says specialist; "your children will become strange and corrupted inside.""
  7. The Cookieverse has to do with turning old and becoming obsessed with baking. A possible reference to Grandmas. "News: "Cookieverse portals suspected to cause fast aging and obsession with baking, says study.""
  8. The Portal to the Cookieverse can cause a city-engulfing disaster. "News : Dimensional portals involved in city-engulfing disaster!""
  9. The Portal to the Cookieverse probably has something to do with Hell, considering its frequent use of the number 666.


The way the Grandmatriarchs appear in Stage 3 of the Grandmapocalypse looks similar to how the Grandmas look when you upgrade them to "Altered grandmas," which is an upgrade when you get 15 Portals. It is unknown if we will ever be able to travel or see inside the Cookieverse via a minigame or another way.

In the current version of Cookie Clicker, the background that portals are on is what seems to be solid chocolate. This may mean that the Cookieverse is made out of chocolate.


  • The Cookieverse portal was originally a reference to the Oblivion Gates (From The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion) in Cookie Clicker Classic. It is possible that the Cookieverse could be another name for the Daedric Realms from The Elder Scrolls Games.
  • Along with the Cookieverse, there are Cookie Planets as well.
  • The Cookieverse exists in Nested, another of Orteil's games.