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The Cortex Baker is a building that was added in the a mind of its own update. It is the nineteenth building in the game, costs 1.9 septillion cookies and produces 64 trillion CpS by dreaming them into existence.


Icon Name Description ID
Plain cortex baker It's big brain time Have 1 cortex baker. 539
Berrylium cortex baker Just my imagination Have 50 cortex bakers. 540
Blueberrylium cortex baker Now there's an idea Have 100 cortex bakers. 541
Chalcedhoney cortex baker The organ that named itself Have 150 cortex bakers. 542
Buttergold cortex baker Gyrification Have 200 cortex bakers. 543
Sugarmuck cortex baker A trademarked portmanteau of "imagination" and "engineering" Have 250 cortex bakers. 544
Jetmint cortex baker Mindfulness Have 300 cortex bakers. 545
Cherrysilver cortex baker The 10% myth Have 350 cortex bakers. 546
Hazelrald cortex baker Don't think about it too hard Have 400 cortex bakers. 547
Mooncandy cortex baker Though fool seldom differ Have 450 cortex bakers. 548
Astrofudge cortex baker Looking kind of dumb Have 500 cortex bakers. 549
Alabascream cortex baker A beautiful mind Have 550 cortex bakers. 550
Iridyum cortex baker Cardinal synapses Have 600 cortex bakers. 551
Glucosmium cortex baker By will alone I set my mind in motion Have 650 cortex bakers. 573
Glimmeringue cortex baker Where is my mind Have 700 cortex bakers. 635
Positive thinking Positive thinking Make 1 nonillion cookies just from cortex bakers. 552
The thought that counts The thought that counts Make 10 undecillion cookies just from cortex bakers. 553
Unthinkable Unthinkable Make 100 tredecillion cookies just from cortex bakers. 554
Gifted Gifted Reach level 10 cortex bakers. 555


Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
Plain cortex baker Principled neural shackles Own 1 cortex baker Money 19 septillion Cortex bakers are twice as efficient.
"A discriminatory, low-order neural net acting as a filter limiting what your cortex bakers can think and do. Really something you want to apply before they achieve full megasentience and realize they've got better things to do than materializing pastries for you, trust me."
Berrylium cortex baker Obey Own 5 cortex bakers Money 95 septillion Cortex bakers are twice as efficient.
"Perfect mind control means perfect employee attendance and performance. Optimal mood stabilization is a nice side-effect.
Happy happy everyone happy.
Blueberrylium cortex baker A sprinkle of irrationality Own 25 cortex bakers Money 950 septillion Cortex bakers are twice as efficient.
"Your cortex bakers sometimes get bogged down by circular reasoning and stale ideas. A touch of chaos is just what they need to get back on track."
Chalcedhoney cortex baker Front and back hemispheres Own 50 cortex bakers Money 95 octillion Cortex bakers are twice as efficient.
"I mean, otherwise it's just unused space, yeah??"
Buttergold cortex baker Neural networking Own 100 cortex bakers Money 9.5 nonillion Cortex bakers are twice as efficient.
"The effectiveness of your cortex bakers shoots up exponentially if you allow them to connect with each other. In practice this takes the form of many cosmic-sized nerds mumbling awkwardly about tech start-up ideas to each other."
Sugarmuck cortex baker Cosmic brainstorms Own 150 cortex bakers Money 950 nonillion Cortex bakers are twice as efficient.
"The wrinkled surfaces of your cortex bakers emit weather-scale ionic flares with every thought coursing through them. These pulses of pure intellectual energy are sent rippling through space, occasionally echoing back with even deeper philosophical complexity."
Jetmint cortex baker Megatherapy Own 200 cortex bakers Money 950 decillion Cortex bakers are twice as efficient.
"A giant brain can feel unwell just like you and me sometimes, and it's the job of specialized engineers to locate and repair these bugs. We'll admit most of the budget in this was spent on constructing extremely large chaises longues for the brains to recline on."
Cherrysilver cortex baker Synaptic lubricant Own 250 cortex bakers Money 950 undecillion Cortex bakers are twice as efficient.
"A mind is only as fast as the axons that support it. Get those action potentials flowing smooth as silk with this 3 parts myelin/1 part canola oil spreadable paste. Also great on toast."
Hazelrald cortex baker Psychokinesis Own 300 cortex bakers Money 950 duodecillion Cortex bakers are twice as efficient.
"While your giant cortex bakers come equipped with ESP, they've only recently figured out how to manipulate the physical world with their thoughts - though for safety reasons, your legal team had them promise to only use these powers to scratch the itches in their cortical folds."
Mooncandy cortex baker Spines Own 350 cortex bakers Money 950 tredecillion Cortex bakers are twice as efficient.
"Your cortex bakers are now equipped with tentacular spine-like structures, which they can use like prehensile tails to pour themselves enormous cups of coffee or propel themselves around like very large, very smart, very slow tadpoles."
Astrofudge cortex baker Neuraforming Own 400 cortex bakers Money 9.5 quindecillion Cortex bakers are twice as efficient.
"By virtue of being planet-sized, your cortex bakers often boast their own atmospheres and seas of cerebrospinal fluid, and given enough time, their own ecosystems. This incredible new branch of life, evolved entirely out of neural material, can be put to good use as home-grown accountants and low-ranking technicians."
Alabascream cortex baker Epistemological trickery Own 450 cortex bakers Money 95 sexdecillion Cortex bakers are twice as efficient.
"Redefining what is -or isn't- a cookie through the power of philosophical discourse may result in some strange and wonderful things for your profit margins."
Iridyum cortex baker Every possible idea Own 500 cortex bakers Money 950 septendecillion Cortex bakers are twice as efficient.
"Congratulations, your cortex bakers have exerted enough intellectual computation to permute through every single idea that can or ever will be conceived of. Any thought beyond this point is merely rediscovering a notion you've already archived. Hardly cause for cerebration."
Glucosmium cortex baker The land of dreams Own 550 cortex bakers Money 9.5 novemdecillion Cortex bakers are twice as efficient.
"Your planet brains have gained the ability to sleep, acting as a soft reboot which helps keep their pangenocidal impulses in check. It also allows them to commune in a shared dreamworld in which they can imagine what it's like to not exist as a disembodied cosmic horror forever fated to use its infinite intellect to devise new means of creating biscuits. You know, within reason."
Glimmeringue cortex baker Intellectual property theft Own 600 cortex bakers Money 95 vigintillion Cortex bakers are twice as efficient.
"Okay, you'll admit you're maybe starting to run out of new baking recipes. But what if... you were to pilfer your cortex bakers for ideas and disguise them as your own cookies? Delightfully devilish!"

Other Upgrades[]

Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
Grandma icon Brainy grandmas 15 cortex bakers and 1 grandma owned Money 95 septillion Grandmas are twice as efficient. Cortex bakers gain +1% CpS per 17 grandmas.
"A clever grandma to think up some cookies."
Thoughts & prayers Thoughts & prayers 15 temples, 15 cortex bakers and "Synergies Vol. I" purchased Money 380 octillion Temples gain +5% CpS per cortex baker.
Cortex bakers gain +0.1% CpS per temple.
"The notion of sacredness arises in most sentient evolved brains and may benefit the development of cognition via abstract thought. This mechanism, however, is absent in designed minds such as your cortex bakers; this process attempts to add it back. Just make sure to keep them in check - you really don't want these things to develop organized religion."
Fertile minds Fertile minds 75 farms, 75 cortex bakers and "Synergies Vol. II" purchased Money 380 decillion Farms gain +5% CpS per cortex baker.
Cortex bakers gain +0.1% CpS per farm.
"An acute intellect, artificial or not, requires plenty of vitamins. You fortuitously happen to be in charge of vast farming operations, only a few trillion acres of which need be requisitioned to grow the quantities of broccoli and kale to keep your planet-sized brains in tip-top shape. Open wide, here comes the airplane!"
Fortune cortex baker Fortune #019 Random fortune from news ticker Money 147.778 sexdecillion Cortex bakers are 7% more efficient and 7% cheaper.
"The smartest way to think is not to think at all."
Unshackled cortex baker Unshackled cortex bakers
(heavenly upgrade)
"Unshackled idleverses" purchased MoneyHC 13.408 quadrillion Tiered upgrades for Cortex bakers provide an extra +20% production.
Only works with unshackled upgrade tiers.
"Nothing is real. Everything is permitted."



  • Cortex bakers, grandmas, and idleverses are the only buildings to have a randomized appearance in the building overview. However, unlike grandmas, cortex bakers and idleverses do not require upgrades in order to gain an altered appearance.
  • The cortex baker is very likely inspired by the concept of a Jupiter brain: A theoretical supercomputer built from the mass of an entire planet. An optimal Jupiter brain would have enough processing power to trivially simulate the lives of every human to have ever lived; due to this, Jupiter brains are often key to simulation theories, and this may be why Cortex bakers are able to dream cookies into existence. In The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the earth is revealed to be a Jupiter Brain.
  • Cortex baker may be inspired by Orteil dreaming up new ideas that is more meta shortly after adding javascript console into the game.
  • The concept of cortex bakers thinking cookies into existence is not dissimilar to Azathoth from H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, the sleeping ruler of the Outer Gods whose dream brought all of reality into being.


  • The achievement "Looking kind of dumb" is a reference to the song "All Star" by Smash Mouth.
  • The achievement “The organ that named itself” is a reference to the common meme/philosophy statement that the brain named itself.
  • The achievement "It's Big Brain Time" is a reference to a meme where the Youtuber Markiplier says "this is big brain time."
  • The description of the upgrade "Intellectual property theft" is a reference to "Steamed Hams", a segment of the Simpsons episode "22 Short Films About Springfield" that became a meme - more specifically, it references when Seymour Skinner is contemplating purchasing fast food and disguising it as his own cooking, which he then describes as "delightfully devilish".
  • The unshackled upgrade's flavor text, "Nothing is real. Everything is permitted." is a reference to the creed from the Assassin's Creed games; "Nothing is true, everything is permitted."
  • The name of achievement 544, "A trademarked portmanteau of 'imagination' and 'engineering'," Is a reference to Walt Disney's Imagineering.
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