CpS is short for cookies per second, and represents the number of cookies earned for every second of game play. CpS is one of the most important values in Cookie Clicker. The more CpS you have, the quicker you can buy upgrades and buildings.

Several factors influence the CpS value:

CpS calculationEdit

Calculating CpS is much simpler since version 2.0, since almost all percentage increases are multiplicative and independent instead of additive, with the exception of Easter eggs.

To calculate the total CpS, first add together the CpS values for all buildings (see the Buildings article for details). If you have the "egg" upgrade, add 9 to this total. This is the base CpS. The base CpS is then multiplied by several multipliers, one after the other:

  1. First is the Prestige bonus. Each Prestige level is worth 1%, once Prestige has been fully unlocked. Also, the Dragon God aura multiplies this bonus by an extra 5%. So if you have 2000 prestige levels, upgrades through Heavenly confectionery, and the Dragon God aura, this adds 2000%*.75*1.05 = 1575%, so the multiplier is 16.75.
  2. Next are the cookie upgrades. Each cookie multiplies independently, so with 5 cookies at 2% each, the multiplier is 1.025. Also the Starlove upgrade increases Valentine's cookies from 2% to 3%. There are 94 cookie upgrades; 5 have a 1% bonus, 42 have a 2% bonus, 18 have a 3% bonus, 18 have a 4% bonus, 1 has a 5% bonus, 4 have a 10% bonus, and 6 are Valentine's cookies. With all cookie upgrades and Starlove, the multiplier is about 15.285.
  3. Next are the Grandmapocalypse upgrades: Specialized chocolate chips (1%), Designer cocoa beans (2%), Underworld ovens (3%), Exotic nuts (4%), and Arcane sugar (5%), multiplied independently.
  4. Next are the Santa upgrades: Increased merriness (15%), Improved jolliness (15%), A lump of coal (1%), An itchy sweater (1%), Santa's dominion (20%), and Santa's legacy, which is worth 3% per Santa level, maxing out at 45%. All of these are multiplied independently.
  5. Next are the kitten upgrades. See Milk for calculation details.
  6. Next is the Easter egg bonus. These are unique in version 2 in that they are additive with each other (but still multiplied separately from other upgrades). The 12 common eggs each carry a 1% bonus, and the Century egg is variable from 0% to 10% (see its page for details). The final multiplier with all eggs is therefore between 1.12 and 1.22.
  7. If the Radiant Appetite Dragon aura is active, production is multiplied by 2.
  8. If you're currently experiencing one of the Frenzy effects, it provides an additional multiplier. Frenzy is 7x, Dragon Harvest is 15x, Elder Frenzy is 666x, and Clot is 0.5x. As of version 2.002, these can now stack with each other.
  9. If your bakery name is Orteil, production is multiplied by 0.99, and if it is Ortiel, 0.98. These are not case sensitive.
  10. The Wrinkler multiplier is equal to -5% times the number of Wrinklers on your Big Cookie, so if you have 5 wrinklers, you have a -25% bonus (multiplier of 0.75). This maxes out at 12 wrinklers, for a -60% multiplier. (However, see the Wrinkler section for why wrinklers are actually quite good.)
  11. If the Elder Covenant is active, production is multiplied by 0.95.
  12. If the Golden switch is active, production is multiplied by at least 1.5. With Residual luck, this can be increased to 2.4, with 10% each for Get lucky, Lucky day, Serendipity, Heavenly luck, Lasting fortune, Decisive fate, Lucky digit, Lucky number and Lucky payout.
  13. If Magic shenanigans is active, production is multiplied by 1000.

Multiplying together all of these bonuses gives you the "multiplier" number seen on the Stats page. Multiplying the base CpS by the multiplier gives you the final "Cookies per second" number seen on the Stats page.

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