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Condition Dialogue
Intro I'm Crumb. I look like this because of a baking accident when I was little. Big deal. At least now I don't get hurt as easily as others, I guess.
Greeting Hi there.
Ready for adventure, I guess.
Reporting for duty.
Win Oh sorry, did that hurt?
Should have moved out of the way.
Oops. My bad.
entrance Let's do this, I guess.
Well, let's go...
I gotta go in there?
Are we really doing this?
I hope I won't get lost like last time.
Let's get this over with.
Completion I... I did it...
I'm glad that's over.
What, there's more?
In I go, I guess.
It doesn't end, does it?
But it's dark in there.
Defeat I, uh, ouch.
Why does that always happen to me?
I'm just no good, am I?
Oh no.
I'm... I'm not crying.
Well that wasn't fun at all.
I'm sorry I failed you.
Please... make them go away...
Meet Ascended Baking Pod That thing shouldn't even be alive.
Is that where they all came from?
Win Iron Furnace Hm. Fascinating.

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