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Duketater bud
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Condition Dialogue
Intro H-hey. Name's Doe. I'm pretty fast. I uh, I promise I'll do my best.
greeting H-hey.
Oh, uh, h-hi there.
C-can I join?
Win Th-that looks like it hurt... awesome...
D-did I do that?
N-neat... there's pieces everywhere.
Entrance Alright, let's do this!
I-if I really have to.
I-in there? By myself?
...won't you come with me this time?
H-here I go!
Completion Oh... oh my.
That's... I uh, I'm glad.
Y-yeah that was real easy. Piece of pie!
T-too easy, right?
S-so many cookies...
Ooh? F-fascinating.
Defeat I-if you can't beat them... join them.
I-it's because I stutter, isn't it?
W-well that's just no good at all.
I, uh, I meant for that to happen.
H-how embarrassing.
Meet Ascended Baking Pod W-whoah... it's... magnificent...
Win against Ascended Baking Pod I'm sorry, buddy.
I... I think I hurt it...
Oh no... I-I think I broke it...

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