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This page contains information that will be applicable in future updates, and may not be applicable to the current release of Cookie Clicker.
As of the latest release, Dungeons can only be accessed in the BETADUNGEONS RELEASE of Cookie Clicker. An early version of dungeons can be experimented with in the live game by inputting this code in your browser's console.
The factory dungeon
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Dungeons is a feature that is confirmed to be added in a future update. Orteil, on his Tumblr, has released a beta, in which the player is able to import their current save (From earlier versions, at least) to gain early access to dungeons. Looking through icons.png and dungeons.js, one can assume that weapons could be included. The first dungeons take place in factories.

You can see dungeons beta main source code here.

To unlock dungeons in the v1.037 beta, build 50 factories. For now, your Hero's power will be scaled depending on the number of those buildings you have, but Orteil has hinted that there will be gear to wear eventually.

To enter the dungeons go to the overview page and click "Enter dungeons" on the factories image.

The "heroes" and "enemies" pages will display a list of currently added heroes and enemies.

The dungeons currently (as of beta v1.037) have destructible blocks, bosses, and secret rooms.

Each map takes half a second to generate and we also know that there will be a classic depth system. The deeper you are, the loot will be better and the enemies will be tougher.

A diagram of some dungeon layouts was released on Orteil's Tumblr on the 4th of September, showing that the dungeons will be randomly generated.

A dungeon generator had been released:

This is the soundtrack of the dungeons:

Quick bugfixes

Use these codes in the browser console to fix bugs temporarily

Stop auto exploring = 0

Working keyboard binds

modified from dungeons.js

action key
left left arrow
up up arrow
right right arrow
down down arrow
wait space
toggle auto-explore a
document.addEventListener('keydown',function(event) {
    var dungeon=Game.Objects['Factory'].dungeon;
    var control=0;
    if (event.keyCode==37) {dungeon.hero.Move(-1,0);control=1;}
    else if (event.keyCode==38) {dungeon.hero.Move(0,-1);control=1;}
    else if (event.keyCode==39) {dungeon.hero.Move(1,0);control=1;}
    else if (event.keyCode==40) {dungeon.hero.Move(0,1);control=1;}
    else if (event.keyCode==32) {dungeon.hero.Move(0,0);control=1;}//space
    else if (event.keyCode==65)//A (auto)
        if ( {
        } else  {
    if (control) {

Another Beta Bug Fix is this quick code that you can put in a bookmark, for you people who don't like messing around in the console.


Just copy the above code into the URL for a bookmark, and then there you have it. Like the above key binds, use A to toggle auto-control. I hope this helps.

The original source of the code can be found here.


An explanation of stats :
		-hp: health points
		-speed: determines who attacks first in a fight; bypasses dodging; determines how fast heroes auto-run dungeons
		-might: determines how much damage is done to opponents
		-guard: lowers incoming damage
		-dodge: a chance of avoiding incoming attacks completely (affected by the opponent's speed)
		-luck: heroes only, determine drops and rare encounters
		-rarity: monsters only, determines how often a monster is added to the spawn table
		-level: monsters only, determines which average room depth the monster is more likely to spawn in (also determines the loot amount)

Dungeon Achievements

Main article: Cookie Clicker Beta#Dungeons Beta

Notes for v.1.036

As shown, there are several unused images, including the swords and club which may be linked to dungeons

Dungeon layouts

To experiment with the very early version of dungeons currently implemented, execute


in your browser's Javascript console (see Cheating for help on opening it). An "Enter" button will appear in the factory area of the game screen. To undo this, execute

(function () {
    var obj = Game.Objects["Factory"];
    l('rowSpecialButton' = "";

There is little working content so far. The dungeons are similar to N64 Zelda-type structures, and the hero can either move or stay in place each turn. Combat isn't very detailed or implemented yet and the hero can sometimes move right through enemies and what appear to be walls. However, the layout of this dungeon doesn't resemble the pictures released by Orteil so it is likely that there is a more complete version of the code which isn't accessible yet.

The heroes' stats are (as of v1.034):

HP: 20

HPM: 20

Might: 5

Guard: 5

Speed: 5

Dodge: 5

Luck: 5

In the 1.035 update, three other game images were found in the /img/ directory which could be related to dungeons (files are named mapIcons.png , mapTiles.png , mapBG.jpg , mysteriousOpponent.png , mysteriousHero.png and control.png )

Even with the javascript code to stop auto exploring, the hero sometimes still wanders around.


  • When you export your 1.037 data to the real game, the dungeons get added if the player has 50 factories.
  • Refreshing the page even after saving does not save the dungeon's progress and so it will start over on floor 1.
  • You cannot control Chip (the first hero), as she moves on her own, so you must refresh the page and re-open the dungeons to get the second hero, whom you can control (Chip is the only hero you can't control).


  • In the source code, there are plans of implementing dungeons for mines and portals as well as factories, and a "secret zebra level" was mentioned.