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Elder Pledge
Contains the wrath of the elders, at least for a while.
"This is a simple ritual involving anti-aging cream, cookie batter mixed in the moonlight, and a live chicken."

The Elder Pledge stops the Grandmapocalypse for 30 minutes. This can be increased to an hour by purchasing the Sacrificial Rolling Pins Upgrade. The Grandmatriarchs in the page background slowly fade back to normal, then back to the striped blue background. Golden Cookies also start appearing again. The first one costs 64 cookies, and this cost is multiplied by 8 every time it's purchased.

If Elder Covenant is purchased, the timer on Elder Pledge is removed, and is not saved nor reinstated if it is revoked. Thus, the pledge, if unwanted, can be disabled by buying the Elder Covenant and then buying Revoke Elder Covenant. This can be used to shorten the time needed to obtain the Elder slumber achievement.

As of 1.037, the Elder Pledge has a price cap of 4,398,046,511,104 or 814.

Elder Covenant[]

Purchasing the Elder Pledge in the upgrades shop for the first time will unlock an upgrade called Elder Covenant, which you can buy for 66.6 trillion. Rather than stopping the Grandmapocalypse for 30 minutes (1 hour with Sacrificial Rolling Pins), it will be permanently stopped. However, purchasing it will reduce your CPS by 5%, causing it to be inoptimal for active play. The Grandmapocalypse can be brought back by purchasing Revoke Elder Covenant. Getting Elder Covenant will grant you the Elder Calm achievement. In version 1.031, Elder Covenant costs 666 trillion, and reduces your CPS by 20% instead of 5%.

Cookie Clicker Classic[]


The in-game icon for the Elder Pledge (Cookie Clicker Classic)

The Elder Pledge is the end-game item of Cookie Clicker Classic. Its purpose is to remove the grandma background from haunting you, although this can be done for free by turning Flashing off as well, until the game is opened again (as Options are not saved).

Since the most recent update, the Elder Pledge increases in cost by a multiplier of 1.1, no longer remaining fixed at 666,666 Cookies. For example, the first use costs 666,666 Cookies, the second costs 733,333 Cookies and so on. When the page is refreshed, the cost also resets to 666,666 Cookies.

The Elder Pledge buffs Cursors to give 1.5x the number of cookies as you have Cursors per 5 seconds. Grandmas are also buffed by +0.5 Cookies/5 seconds for each Portal owned. This stacks with other upgrades to Grandmas. However, both of these effects wear off after about 13 minutes and 30 seconds.

Using The Elder Pledge has no direct cookie payout. 


  • Before an update, it (initially) costs 666,666, demonstrating that the Cookie gods and their grandmas come from hell and wish to haunt you.
  • The name implies that you may be making some sort of dark, satanic pact to temporarily rid yourself of "the ancients' wrath", which may suggest that your cookies are more than just cookies, but are also spawned through much darker means.
  • If you purchase the Elder Pledge without first purchasing a cursor, you will not be able to make cookies using the standard clicking method.
  • If you have the same amount of cursors, grandmas and portals, it would take about 90 of them for the buff you get from them by purchasing the Elder Pledge to pay off the first time.
  • The Elder Pledge's logo might resemble the Kaideoscope Grandmas during the Grandmapocalypse.