Cookie Clicker Wiki
Icon Name Description ID
Transcendent cookie Endless cycle [note 1] Ascend 1,000 times.
"Oh hey, it's you again."
  1. You need to gain at least +1 prestige level to make an ascension count towards achievements.


Because ascensions that grant no prestige do not count towards the "Total ascensions" counter, players cannot simply ascend and then instantly press ascend again; they must have at least +1 prestige. Consequently, this causes ascensions to take a while. This achievement is one of the most labor-intensive achievement in the game, needing several hours of grinding ascensions, over possibly several days. It is recommended that this achievement is only attempted around a few trillion to 9 quadrillion prestige, as at 9,007,199,254,740,992 JavaScript integers start to lose precision, causing prestige to only be able to go up in increments of 2, then 4, etc.

It is recommended that this achievement should be attempted before the player attempts to get massive cookie gain and to greatly exceed the highest "X amount of cookies baked" achievement. This will cause prestige gain to be extremely slow and will make the strategy below not work as well as it should.


For the setup, the permanent upgrade slots should be changed to get the fastest ascension times. There are two strategies:

  • Strategy 1: Slot in the all the most expensive kitten upgrades OR all the most expensive kitten upgrades + the fortune kitten upgrade (if you do not want to go into the pain of getting the fortune upgrade).
  • Strategy 2: Slot in all of the kitten upgrades, including the Fortune#103 kitten if you don't want to grind for it again. If you can quickly afford every kitten upgrade, slot in some You upgrades.

Please note that these strategies can also be used to get the 100-ascension achievement, which is a normal achievement and will grant the player a CpS increase.

Here is a step-by-step guide to get the fastest ascensions:

  1. Click "Buy All" upgrades a few times to buy Heavenly Chip Secret and some kitten upgrades
  2. Use the following:
    • Strategy 1: Buy the max amount of cursors and any cheap buildings you can without scrolling. Turning on screen reader mode in settings and holding Shift+Enter will make the game attempt to buy 100 of the building you click 30 times a second.
    • Strategy 2: Buy the max amount of cursors and grandmas only once to get enough CpS, then scroll down to buy the most expensive building you can. If you have enough CpS, you only need cursors. You can use screen reader as described above to quickly buy buildings.
  3. If following Strategy 1, spam click the "Buy All" button and buy more Cursors for their upgrades. If following Strategy 2, spam click "Buy All" until you get 1 or more prestige levels.

The first strategy needs other cheap buildings to make "Thousand Fingers" effective. It will start falling off at the late trillions of prestige compared to the second strategy, but the second one requires scrolling.

Pressing the Escape key will instantly skip the ascending cutscene, cutting down massively on ascension times. Another tip is that pressing the Enter key after pressing the "Legacy" button or the "Reincarnate" button will instantly cause you to ascend or reincarnate, therefore meaning that the player doesn't need to move their mouse and click, speeding up the process. Turning off all graphical improvements in the settings can also benefit the player, as less lag causes the scroll wheel to work faster.

The first strategy can result in ascensions lasting 7-10 seconds, while the second strategy can result in 4-6 second ascensions.