This page contains information that will be applicable in future updates, and may not be applicable to the current release of Cookie Clicker.

In dungeons, your character encounters various cookie related enemies.

Regular enemiesEdit

Picture Name Level Description
Doughling Doughling 1 Basically the slime or rat enemy of Cookie Clicker.
ElderDoughling Elder doughling 7 High-HP version of the Doughling.
AngrySentientCookie Angry sentient cookie 5 Nobody wanted him.
BabySentientCookie Baby sentient cookie 1 A pretty common opponent that looks like a pickable cookie.
BurntSentientCookie Burnt sentient cookie 5 They've escaped the oven! Spawns on later floors.
RawSentientCookie Raw sentient cookie 5 Kinda looks like a pizza.
SugarBunny Sugar bunny 5 Runs on sight. Rare.

Factory enemiesEdit

Picture Name Level Description
CrazedKneader Crazed kneader 6 Often spawns around the boss on early floors.
CrazedDoughSpurter Crazed chip-spurter 6 Hides his fire plug nature.
AlarmTurret Alarm bot 2 Watch out for his super silent alarm!
Chirpy Chirpy 3

I'm not recolored! Alarm bot is. Rare, defeating it grants the "Chirped out" shadow achievement.

DisgruntledWorker Disgruntled worker 4 Seems like he don't get paid enough.
DisgruntledOverseer Disgruntled overseer 7

High-hp version of the Disgruntled worker, seems like he doesn't pay enough.

DisgruntledCleaningLady Disgruntled cleaning lady 4 Looks like grandma's doing more chores...


Picture Name Level Description
SentientFurnace Sentient Furnace 0 Found randomly. Defeating it gives the "Getting even with the oven" achievement. Goes "OH... BURN." when it dies.
AscendedBakingPod Ascended Baking Pod 0 Found randomly. Defeating it gives the "Now this is pod-smashing" achievement. Goes "blrglblg" when it dies.