This page contains information that will be applicable in future updates, and may not be applicable to the current release of Cookie Clicker.

In dungeons, your character encounters various cookie-related enemies.

Regular enemiesEdit

Picture Name Level Description
Doughling Doughling 1 Basically the slime or rat enemy of Cookie Clicker.
ElderDoughling Elder doughling 7 High-HP version of the Doughling.
AngrySentientCookie Angry sentient cookie 5 Nobody wanted him.
BabySentientCookie Baby sentient cookie 1 A pretty common opponent that looks like a pickable cookie.
BurntSentientCookie Burnt sentient cookie 5 They've escaped the oven! Spawns on later floors.
RawSentientCookie Raw sentient cookie 5 Kinda looks like a pizza.
SugarBunny Sugar bunny 5 Runs on sight. Rare.

Factory enemiesEdit

Picture Name Level Description
CrazedKneader Crazed kneader 6 Often spawns around the boss on early floors.
CrazedDoughSpurter Crazed chip-spurter 6 Hides his fire plug nature.
AlarmTurret Alarm bot 2 Watch out for his super silent alarm!
Chirpy Chirpy 3

I'm not recolored! Alarm bot is. Rare, defeating it grants the "Chirped out" shadow achievement.

DisgruntledWorker Disgruntled worker 4 Seems like he don't get paid enough.
DisgruntledOverseer Disgruntled overseer 7

High-hp version of the Disgruntled worker, seems like he doesn't pay enough.

DisgruntledCleaningLady Disgruntled cleaning lady 4 Looks like grandma's doing more chores...


Picture Name Level Description
SentientFurnace Sentient Furnace 0 Found randomly. Defeating it gives the "Getting even with the oven" achievement. Goes "OH... BURN." when it dies.
AscendedBakingPod Ascended Baking Pod 0 Found randomly. Defeating it gives the "Now this is pod-smashing" achievement. Goes "blrglblg" when it dies.
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