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The Factory is the fifth building in the game, costs 130 thousand cookies and produces 260 CpS by mass-producing them.


Icon Name Description ID
Plain factory Production chain Have 1 factory. 46
Berrylium factory Industrial revolution Have 50 factories. 47
Blueberrylium factory Global warming Have 100 factories. 48
Chalcedhoney factory Ultimate automation Have 150 factories. 116
Buttergold factory Technocracy Have 200 factories. 151
Sugarmuck factory Rise of the machines Have 250 factories. 212
Jetmint factory Modern times Have 300 factories. 252
Cherrysilver factory Ex machina Have 350 factories. 283
Hazelrald factory In full gear Have 400 factories. 343
Mooncandy factory In-cog-neato Have 450 factories. 356
Astrofudge factory Break the mold Have 500 factories. 402
Alabascream factory Self-manmade man Have 550 factories. 478
Iridyum factory The wheels of progress Have 600 factories. 496
Glucosmium factory Replaced by robots Have 650 factories. 559
Glimmeringue factory Bots build bots Have 700 factories. 621
The incredible machine The incredible machine Make 10 quadrillion cookies just from factories. 138
Yes I love technology Yes I love technology Make 100 sextillion cookies just from factories. 193
Labor of love Labor of love Make 1 nonillion cookies just from factories. 297
Patently genius Patently genius Reach level 10 factories. 311


Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
Plain factory Sturdier conveyor belts Own 1 factory Money 1.3 million Factories are twice as efficient.
"You're going places."
Berrylium factory Child labor Own 5 factories Money 6.5 million Factories are twice as efficient.
"Cheaper, healthier workforce."
Blueberrylium factory Sweatshop Own 25 factories Money 65 million Factories are twice as efficient.
"Slackers will be terminated."
Chalcedhoney factory Radium reactors Own 50 factories Money 6.5 billion Factories are twice as efficient.
"Gives your cookies a healthy glow."
Buttergold factory Recombobulators Own 100 factories Money 650 billion Factories are twice as efficient.
"A major part of cookie recombobulation."
Sugarmuck factory Deep-bake process Own 150 factories Money 65 trillion Factories are twice as efficient.
"A patented process increasing cookie yield two-fold for the same amount of ingredients. Don't ask how, don't take pictures, and be sure to wear your protective suit."
Jetmint factory Cyborg workforce Own 200 factories Money 65 quadrillion Factories are twice as efficient.
"Semi-synthetic organisms don't slack off, don't unionize, and have 20% shorter lunch breaks, making them ideal labor fodder."
Cherrysilver factory 78-hour days Own 250 factories Money 65 quintillion Factories are twice as efficient.
"Why didn't we think of this earlier?"
Hazelrald factory Machine learning Own 300 factories Money 65 sextillion Factories are twice as efficient.
"You figured you might get better productivity if you actually told your workers to learn how to work the machines. Sometimes, it's the little things..."
Mooncandy factory Brownie point system Own 350 factories Money 65 septillion Factories are twice as efficient.
"Oh, these are lovely! You can now reward your factory employees for good behavior, such as working overtime or snitching on coworkers. 58 brownie points gets you a little picture of a brownie, and 178 of those pictures gets you an actual brownie piece for you to do with as you please! Infantilizing? Maybe. Oodles of fun? You betcha!"
Astrofudge factory "Volunteer" interns Own 400 factories Money 650 octillion Factories are twice as efficient.
"If you're bad at something, always do it for free."
Alabascream factory Behavioral reframing Own 450 factories Money 6.5 decillion Factories are twice as efficient.
"Through careful social engineering you've convinced your workers that "union" is a slur that only the most vile and repugnant filth among us would ever dare utter! Sometimes progress isn't in the big machines, it's in the little lies!"
Iridyum factory The infinity engine Own 500 factories Money 65 undecillion Factories are twice as efficient.
"In this house, I guess we don't care much for the laws of thermodynamics."
Glucosmium factory N-dimensional assembly lines Own 550 factories Money 650 duodecillion Factories are twice as efficient.
"Lines are depressingly 1-dimensional. Beyond assembly lines, we posit the existence of higher-order assembly entities, such as assembly squares, assembly cubes - perhaps even assembly tesseracts. Any deeper than that and we doubt we'll be able to write manuals your workers can read."
Glimmeringue factory Universal automation Own 600 factories Money 6.5 quattuordecillion Factories are twice as efficient.
"It's simple common sense; the more automation, the less work you have to do! Maybe one day you'll even automate yourself out of your own job. Exciting!"

Other Upgrades[]

Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
Grandma icon Worker grandmas 15 factories and 1 grandma owned Money 6.5 million Grandmas are twice as efficient. Factories gain +1% CpS per 3 grandmas.
"A nice worker to manufacture more cookies."
Quantum electronics Quantum electronics 15 factories, 15 antimatter condensers and "Synergies Vol. I" purchased Money 34 quintillion Factories gain +5% CpS per antimatter condenser.
Antimatter condensers gain +0.1% CpS per factory.
"Your machines won't even be sure if they're on or off!"
Temporal overclocking Temporal overclocking 75 factories, 75 time machines and "Synergies Vol. II" purchased Money 2.8 septillion Factories gain +5% CpS per time machine.
Time machines gain +0.1% CpS per factory.
"Introduce more quickitude in your system for increased speedation of fastness."
Printing presses Printing presses 75 banks, 75 factories and "Synergies Vol. II" purchased Money 540 quadrillion Factories gain +5% CpS per bank.
Banks gain +0.1% CpS per factory.
"Fake bills so real, they're almost worth the ink they're printed with."
Shipyards Shipyards 75 factories, 75 shipments and "Synergies Vol. II" purchased Money 1.02 sextillion Factories gain +5% CpS per shipment.
Shipments gain +0.1% CpS per factory.
"Where carpentry, blind luck, and asbestos insulation unite to produce the most dazzling spaceships on the planet."
Fortune factory Fortune #005 Random fortune from news ticker Money 10.111 decillion Factories are 7% more efficient and 7% cheaper.
"True worth is not in what you find, but in what you make."
Unshackled factory Unshackled factories
(heavenly upgrade)
"Unshackled mines" purchased MoneyHC 1.172 trillion Tiered upgrades for Factories provide an extra +160% production.
Only works with unshackled upgrade tiers.
"Nothing to lose but your production chains."

In Cookie Clicker Classic[]

Factory store icon Factory appearance
Two images from the Classic version, left: icon shown in the store, right: appearance in the middle field

The Factory is the third-cheapest item you can purchase. It will give you 20 cookies every 5 seconds. It costs 500 cookies to start and will increase by 10% each consecutive purchase.

Purchasing your first factory increases Grandma output by +1 Cookie per 5 seconds. It will also cause some grandmas to wear blue work suits and yellow hard hats.



  • The flavor text of "Universal automation" could potentially reference the final building.
  • When you have 50 factories on the beta (v.1.037 beta), you unlock Dungeons.
    • Factories will be the first buildings to have their dungeons. There used to be a plan for a few buildings to have their own dungeon as their minigame as well. However, this plan have long since changed and each building will get its unique minigame.
  • In Cookie Clicker Classic, the mines were unlocked after the factories, but in cookie clicker update 1.0 this was changed the other way around.


  • The achievement "The incredible machine" likely refers to the series with the same name.
    • It could also refer to the Incredible Machine, the giant "Gigaremo" unit from Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almnia.
  • The achievement "Rise of the machines" is a reference to movie Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.
  • The achievement "Break the mold" is a reference to the song "All Star" by Smash Mouth.
  • The "Volunteer" Intern's flavor text likely references the following quote from DC character the Joker: "If you're good at something, never do it for free".
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