Cookie Clicker Wiki
Icon Name Description ID
Lucky golden clover Four-leaf cookie Have 4 golden cookies simultaneously.
"Fairly rare, considering cookies don't even have leaves."


A common misconception is that this achievement requires you to have 4 different golden cookie effects at once; this is incorrect, and instead requires 4 to be on screen at once. This is a fairly easy shadow achievement and can be attempted fairly early on in the game, but is recommended at around the end of mid-game, especially after enough Sugar Lumps have been harvested to be able to attempt this, as sugar lumps are very valuable. Another misconception is that you need to have only Golden Cookies on screen for the achievement, but both Wrath Cookies and Golden Cookies work. Also, the cookies from Cookie Storm will not work.


There are a few strategies for this achievement, but this is the easiest strategy:

The strategy is to use Dragon Orbs (Idleverses dragon aura) before the next natural Golden cookie spawns (up to 70 seconds before, as Golden cookies only last approximately 70 seconds). Then, cast Force the Hand of Fate spell from the Grimoire twice; this can be done via casting, selling Wizard Towers so that the cost of the spell lowers enough, then cast again (this is called Dualcasting). Check Spawning mechanism to see how you can time using the Dragon Orbs aura.

Alternatively, you can Dualcast, re-buy Wizard Towers, then Dualcast again after refilling magic with a sugar lump (this is called Quadcasting). This is the easiest way to get this achievement, but requires a sugar lump.

If Dualcasting is not desired or not possible due to low tower count, you can simply use a Sugar lump to refill magic instead of Dualcasting.

Lastly, one may utilize the "Today is your Lucky Day!" Fortune to spawn a Golden cookie and pair it with a naturally spawning Golden cookie, a Dragon Orbs Golden cookie as well as 1 Golden cookie from Force the Hand of Fate. This method is somewhat difficult to time but requires no complications with the Grimoire. (Note that the Lucky Day fortune message will not appear again once it's been clicked in the ascension)