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The Fractal Engine is a building added in the feedback loop update. It is the sixteenth building in the game, costs 310 quadrillion cookies and produces 150 billion CpS by making cookies into even more cookies.


Icon Name Description ID
Plain fractal engine Self-contained Have 1 fractal engine. 413
Berrylium fractal engine Threw you for a loop Have 50 fractal engines. 414
Blueberrylium fractal engine The sum of its parts Have 100 fractal engines. 415
Chalcedhoney fractal engine Bears repeating Have 150 fractal engines. 416
Buttergold fractal engine More of the same Have 200 fractal engines. 417
Sugarmuck fractal engine Last recurse Have 250 fractal engines. 418
Jetmint fractal engine Out of one, many Have 300 fractal engines. 419
Cherrysilver fractal engine An example of recursion Have 350 fractal engines. 420
Hazelrald fractal engine For more information on this achievement, please refer to its title Have 400 fractal engines. 421
Mooncandy fractal engine I'm so meta, even this achievement Have 450 fractal engines. 422
Astrofudge fractal engine Never get bored Have 500 fractal engines. 423
Alabascream fractal engine Tautological Have 550 fractal engines. 489
Iridyum fractal engine In and of itself Have 600 fractal engines. 507
Glucosmium fractal engine Blowing an Apollonian gasket Have 650 fractal engines. 570
Glimmeringue fractal engine Divide and conquer Have 700 fractal engines. 632
The needs of the many The needs of the many Make 1 octillion cookies just from fractal engines. 424
Eating its own Eating its own Make 10 decillion cookies just from fractal engines. 425
We must go deeper We must go deeper Make 100 duodecillion cookies just from fractal engines. 426
Sierpinski rhomboids Sierpinski rhomboids Reach level 10 fractal engines. 427


Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
Plain fractal engine Metabakeries Own 1 fractal engine Money 3.1 quintillion Fractal engines are twice as efficient.
"They practically bake themselves!"
Berrylium fractal engine Mandelbrown sugar Own 5 fractal engines Money 15.5 quintillion Fractal engines are twice as efficient.
"A substance that displays useful properties such as fractal sweetness and instant contact lethality."
Blueberrylium fractal engine Fractoids Own 25 fractal engines Money 155 quintillion Fractal engines are twice as efficient.
"Here's a frun fract : all in all, these were a terrible idea."
Chalcedhoney fractal engine Nested universe theory Own 50 fractal engines Money 15.5 sextillion Fractal engines are twice as efficient.
"Asserts that each subatomic particle is host to a whole new universe, and therefore, another limitless quantity of cookies.
This somehow stacks with the theory of nanocosmics, because physics."
Buttergold fractal engine Menger sponge cake Own 100 fractal engines Money 1.55 septillion Fractal engines are twice as efficient.
"Frighteningly absorbent thanks to its virtually infinite surface area. Keep it isolated in a dry chamber, never handle it with an open wound, and do not ever let it touch a body of water."
Sugarmuck fractal engine One particularly good-humored cow Own 150 fractal engines Money 155 septillion Fractal engines are twice as efficient.
"This unassuming bovine was excruciatingly expensive and it may seem at first like you were ripped off. On closer inspection however, you notice that its earrings (it's wearing earrings) are actually fully functional copies of itself, each of which also wearing their own cow earrings, and so on, infinitely. It appears your dairy concerns will be taken care of for a while, although you'll have to put up with the cow's annoying snickering."
Jetmint fractal engine Chocolate ouroboros Own 200 fractal engines Money 155 octillion Fractal engines are twice as efficient.
"Forever eating its own tail and digesting itself, in a metabolically dubious tale of delicious tragedy."
Cherrysilver fractal engine Nested Own 250 fractal engines Money 155 nonillion Fractal engines are twice as efficient.
"Clever self-reference or shameful cross-promotion? This upgrade apparently has the gall to advertise a link to, in a tooltip you can't even click."
Hazelrald fractal engine Space-filling fibers Own 300 fractal engines Money 155 decillion Fractal engines are twice as efficient.
"This special ingredient has the incredible ability to fill the local space perfectly, effectively eradicating hunger in those who consume it!
Knowing that no hunger means no need for cookies, your marketers urge you to repurpose this product into next-level packing peanuts."
Mooncandy fractal engine Endless book of prose Own 350 fractal engines Money 155 undecillion Fractal engines are twice as efficient.
" "There once was a baker named [bakeryName]. One day, there was a knock at the door; [bakeryName] opened it and was suddenly face-to-face with a strange and menacing old grandma. The grandma opened her mouth and, in a strange little voice, started reciting this strange little tale :" [note 1]
Astrofudge fractal engine The set of all sets Own 400 fractal engines Money 1.55 tredecillion Fractal engines are twice as efficient.
"The answer, of course, is a definite maybe."
Alabascream fractal engine This upgrade Own 450 fractal engines Money 15 quattuordecillion Fractal engines are twice as efficient.
"This upgrade's flavor text likes to refer to itself, as well as to the fact that it likes to refer to itself. You should really buy this upgrade before it starts doing anything more obnoxious."
Iridyum fractal engine A box Own 500 fractal engines Money 155 quindecillion Fractal engines are twice as efficient.
"What's in that box? Why, it's a tiny replica of your office! And there's even a little you in there! And what's on the little desk... say - that's an even tinier box! And the little you is opening it, revealing an even tinier office! And in the tinier office there's- Hmm. You can think of a couple uses or this."
Glucosmium fractal engine Multiscale profiling Own 550 fractal engines Money 1.55 septendecillion Fractal engines are twice as efficient.
"Did you know that eating a cookie means the intestinal flora inside you is eating it too? Trillions of tiny bacterial mouths to feed, each with their own preferences. Surely this is room for flavor optimization. And then, of course, there's also the much bigger things that, in turn, eat you."
Glimmeringue fractal engine The more they stay the same Own 600 fractal engines Money 15.5 octodecillion "Fractal engines are twice as efficient.
"Exhausted by your fractals department and its obsession with self-similarity, you've decided to take a break and seek things in life entirely disconnected from any other; alas! You find the task impossible, for all things in this world relate to all others - in each cookie, the structure of the universe; in each person, their fellow man. Cor blimey, you can't even look at broccoli in peace.""

Other Upgrades[]

Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
Grandma icon Metagrandmas 15 fractal engines and 1 grandma owned Money 15.5 quintillion Grandmas are twice as efficient. Fractal engines gain +1% CpS per 14 grandmas.
"A fractal grandma to make more grandmas to make more cookies."
Recursive mirrors Recursive mirrors 15 prisms, 15 fractal engines and "Synergies Vol. I" purchased Money 66.2 sextillion Prisms gain +5% CpS per fractal engine.
Fractal engines gain +0.1% CpS per prism.
"Do you have any idea what happens when you point two of these at each other? Apparently, the universe doesn't either."
Mice clicking mice Mice clicking mice 75 cursors, 75 fractal engines and "Synergies Vol. II" purchased Money 62 octillion Cursors gain +5% CpS per fractal engine.
Fractal engines gain +0.1% CpS per cursor.
"Absolutely blasphemous(e)!"
Infraverses and superverses Infraverses and superverses 75 fractal engines, 75 idleverses and "Synergies Vol. II" purchased Money 2.4 decillion Fractal engines gain +5% CpS per idleverse.
Idleverses gain +0.1% CpS per fractal engine.
"Universes within universes? How subversive!"
Fortune fractal engine Fortune #016 Random fortune from news ticker Money 24.111 quattuordecillion Fractal engines are 7% more efficient and 7% cheaper.
"It's good to see yourself in others. Remember to see yourself in yourself, too."
Unshackled fractal engine Unshackled fractal engine
(heavenly upgrade)
"Unshackled chancemakers" purchased MoneyHC 4.027 quadrillion Tiered upgrades for Fractal engines provide an extra +50% production.
Only works with unshackled upgrade tiers.



  • Most of the prices for fractal engine upgrades have to do with the number 155, which is also associated with the Catalan crisis. However, this is almost certainly a coincidence due to the scaling of tiered building upgrades.
    • This excludes the upgrade "Metabakeries", at 3.1 quintillion.
  • This is the last building you can get for the Android version of Cookie Clicker.


  • The achievement "One particularly good-humored cow" is a reference to The Laughing Cow, a brand of soft cheese popular in Europe.
  • The achievement "I'm so meta, even this achievement" achievement is reference to xkcd comic no. 917.
  • The achievement "Divide and Conquer" is a reference to the sorting algorithm by the same name.
  • The upgrade "Mice clicking mice" is a reference to "Mouse Chasing Mouse", a song by Swedish alternative rock band Undergaurd.


  1. Shown as infinitely scrolling text displaying 35 characters at a time that wraps around to the beginning once it reaches the end (" strange little tale : "There once "). [bakeryName] is the name of your bakery.
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