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The Garden as of v2.01

The Garden is a minigame initially added on March 31, 2018, in beta version 2.0053. Its implementation into live version 2.01 occurred on April 18, 2018. In the Garden, plants and fungi can be grown and crossbred, obtaining new species as a result. Crops provide various benefits depending on the species, some granting passive buffs as they sit planted in the Garden, while others give rewards when harvested. The Garden can be unlocked by upgrading Farms to level 1 using a Sugar Lump.

Ascending will not reset the unlocked seed types, but it will clear the garden of any crops. The Garden has its own equivalent of ascension, which removes all planted crops and seeds except the starter seed of Baker's Wheat, in exchange for 10 sugar lumps.

Garden SizeEdit

The Garden's size starts out as a 2×2 field, and can be expanded by further upgrading Farms with sugar lumps. The maximum size of 6×6 is unlocked at level 9.

Level Size Plots New Plots
per Sugar Lump
Mutation Plots
(With Optimal Setup)

Growing CropsEdit

Plants and fungi can be planted in the garden by clicking on the seed you would like to plant on the left-hand side and then clicking on an empty tile in the Garden. A seed can be easily planted more than once by shift-clicking to plant. At each tick, the game will check three things in order for each tile: age, contamination, and mutation. The length of one tick is determined by the type of soil which is currently in use, though a tick can be triggered instantly by spending a sugar lump.

Age, Maturation and DecayEdit

While growing, the crop ages every tick by its aging value, which in most cases is a randomized number. As the age increases, the crops will grow as bud, sprout, bloom and finally mature after reaching their mature age. The premature stages of growth increase as the crop reaches 1/3 and 2/3 of its mature age. The power of passive effects increases with each growth stage, reaching full strength once the crop matures. The effectiveness of premature growth stages is as follows: 10% for buds, 25% for sprouts, and 50% for blooms. A crop will decay once its age reaches 100 unless it is immortal.


At the beginning the Garden only has one seed available: Baker's Wheat. By leaving the Garden plots empty, Meddleweed may also start appearing. These two plants are the most fundamental species of the Garden; Baker's Wheat is the basis for all other plants, while Meddleweed is the basis of fungi. Most new species appear as a mutation of two or more parent crops adjacent to an empty plot, but the two fundamental species of fungi first appear randomly as a result of manually harvesting Meddleweed. Using the Harvest-All tool will cause any resulting Crumbspore and Brown Mold buds to be harvested along with everything else, but harvesting crops before they mature just kills them without adding their seeds to your collection. However, using Ctrl+Shift+Click on a plant does work, since it only harvests mature instances of plants, rather than the entire garden.

If there is an empty plot, it has a chance to start growing a plant based on the adjacent (orthogonal and diagonal) plots. For example, if there are two adjacent Baker's Wheat, the empty plot may produce another Baker's Wheat or its mutations: a Thumbcorn or a Bakeberry, in the order of greatest chance to lowest chance. The exact probability can be calculated from random list mechanism. In general, the actual number is close, but not equal, to the base chance and can be approximately tripled. Most mutations require mature crops to trigger, but there are some exceptions. Certain mutations may also be prevented by having too many of a certain species adjacent to a slot. See the species section for a complete list of all mutation conditions.

Mutation SetupsEdit

The above picture to the left shows examples of optimal plant alignments for each Garden level when trying to mutate a new crop from 2 parents of the same species (example: Thumbcorn from 2 Baker's Wheats). Green squares (labeled with a "G") indicate planted crops. Empty squares indicate locations for potential mutations.

The second picture shows examples of optimal alignments for each Garden level for mutations from 2 different parents (example: Cronerice from Baker's Wheat and Thumbcorn). The green and yellow squares (labeled with a "G" and "Y" respectively) indicate the 2 types of planted tiles. The light red squares (labelled with an "R") indicate plots that could grow unwanted crops resulting from the mutation of 2 plants of the same type. For example, growing Baker's Wheat and Gildmillet may spawn unwanted Thumbcorns in the R plots.

For the second chart, level 6 can be altered to remove its unwanted plots by using the setup for level 7 without the empty top row. However, this uses up one more space in the grid, meaning there is one less space for a new plant to grow. This is optimal if you are not actively managing your Garden to remove unneeded or unwanted plants.

Mutation TreeEdit



Meddleweed, Crumbspore, and Doughshroom are able to contaminate other crops in an orthogonal direction when they are mature. The chance of this happening is very low. When it does occur, the contaminated plant is replaced by the attacking weed or fungus. Immortal plants are immune to contamination, as are certain other species. See the growth charts for an overview of contamination values and immunity information.


There are 34 different crops in the game. Each one has various properties which affect its aging rate, lifespan, passive effects, contributions to crossbreeding, and more. All positive effects (shown in green in the game) such as +x% stack additively, while all negative effects (shown in red in the game) such as -x% stack multiplicatively. The "cheaper" effect of Cheapcaps stacks multiplicatively.


Seed Name Effect(s) Description
Mutation recipes
(Base Chance)
Baker's wheat seed
Baker's Wheat

+1% CpS

"A plentiful crop whose hardy grain is used to make flour for pastries."

2x Baker’s wheat (20%)

2x Thumbcorn (5%)

Thumbcorn seed
+2% cookies per click "A strangely-shaped variant of corn. The amount of strands that can sprout from one seed is usually in the single digits."

2x Baker’s wheat (5%)

2x Thumbcorn (10%)

2x Cronerice (2%)

Cronerice seed
+3% grandma CpS "Not only does this wrinkly bulb look nothing like rice, it's not even related to it either; its closest extant relative is the weeping willow." 1x Baker’s Wheat, 1x Thumbcorn (1%)
Gildmillet seed

+1% golden cookie gains

+0.1% golden cookie effect duration

"An ancient staple crop, famed for its golden sheen. Was once used to bake birthday cakes for kings and queens of old." 1x Cronerice, 1x Thumbcorn (3%)
Ordinary Clover seed
Ordinary Clover
+1% golden cookie frequency "Trifolium repens, a fairly mundane variety of clover with a tendency to produce four leaves. Such instances are considered lucky by some."

1x Baker’s Wheat, 1x Gildmillet (3%)

2x mature Ordinary Clover, less than 5x total Ordinary Clover (0.7%)

Golden clover seed
Golden Clover
+3% golden cookie frequency "A variant of the ordinary clover that traded its chlorophyll for pure organic gold. Tragically short-lived, this herb is an evolutionary dead-end - but at least it looks pretty."

1x Baker’s Wheat, 1x Gildmillet (0.07%)

2x mature Ordinary Clover, less than 5x total Ordinary Clover (0.01%)

4x or more Ordinary Clover (0.07%)[note 1]

Shimmerlily seed

+1% golden cookie gains

+1% golden cookie frequency

+1% random drops

"These little flowers are easiest to find at dawn, as the sunlight refracting in dew drops draws attention to their pure-white petals." 1x Ordinary Clover, 1x Gildmillet (2%)
Elderwort seed

+1% wrath cookie gains

+1% wrath cookie frequency

+1% grandma CpS

Surrounding plants (3x3) age 3% faster


"A very old, long-forgotten subspecies of edelweiss that emits a strange, heady scent. There is some anecdotal evidence that these do not undergo molecular aging."

1x Shimmerlily, 1x Cronerice (1%)

1x Wrinklegill, 1x Cronerice (0.2%)

Bakeberry seed

+1% CpS

Harvest when mature for +30 minutes of CpS (max. 3% of bank)

"A favorite among cooks, this large berry has a crunchy brown exterior and a creamy red center. Excellent in pies or chicken stews." 2x Baker’s Wheat (0.1%)
Chocoroot seed

+1% CpS

Harvest when mature for +3 minutes of CpS (max. 3% of bank)

Predictable growth

"A tangly bramble coated in a sticky, sweet substance. Unknown genetic ancestry. Children often pick these from fields as-is as a snack." 1x Baker’s Wheat, 1x Brown Mold (10%)
White Chocoroot seed
White Chocoroot

+1% golden cookie gains

Harvest when mature for +3 minutes of CpS (max. 3% of bank)

Predictable growth

"A pale, even sweeter variant of the chocoroot. Often impedes travelers with its twisty branches." 1x Chocoroot, 1x White Mildew (10%)
Meddleweed seed

No effects

May overtake nearby plants

May drop spores when uprooted

"The sign of a neglected farmland, this annoying weed spawns from unused dirt and may sometimes spread to other plants, killing them in the process."

1x mature Meddleweed, no more than 3x total Meddleweed (15%)

0x any plants (0.2%)

Whiskerbloom seed
+0.2% effects from milk "Squeezing the translucent pods makes them excrete a milky liquid, while producing a faint squeak akin to a cat's meow." 1x Shimmerlily, 1x White Chocoroot (1%)
Chimerose seed

+1% reindeer gains

+1% reindeer frequency

"Originating in the greener flanks of polar mountains, this beautiful flower with golden accents is fragrant enough to make any room feel a little bit more festive."

1x Shimmerlily, 1x Whiskerbloom (5%)

2x Chimerose (0.5%)

Nursetulip seed

Surrounding plants (3x3) are 20% more efficient[note 2]

-2% CpS

"This flower grows an intricate root network that distributes nutrients throughout the surrounding soil. The reason for this seemingly altruistic behavior is still unknown." 2x Whiskerbloom (5%)
Drowsyfern seed

+3% CpS

-5% cookies per click

-10% golden cookie frequency

"Traditionally used to brew a tea that guarantees a good night of sleep." 1x Chocoroot, 1x Keenmoss (0.5%)
Wardlichen seed

2% less wrath cookies

Wrinklers spawn 15% slower

"The metallic stench that emanates from this organism has been known to keep insects and slugs away."

1x Cronerice, 1x Keenmoss (0.5%)

1x Cronerice, 1x White Mildew (0.5%)

Exactly 1x mature Wardlichen, 0x other Wardlichen (5%)

Keenmoss seed
+3% random drops "Fuzzy to the touch and of a vibrant green. In plant symbolism, keenmoss is associated with good luck for finding lost objects."

1x Green Rot, 1x Brown Mold (10%)

Exactly 1x mature Keenmoss, 0x other Keenmoss (5%)

Queenbeet seed

+0.3% golden cookie effect duration

-2% CpS

Harvest when mature for +1 hour of CpS (max. 4% of bank)

"A delicious taproot used to prepare high-grade white sugar. Entire countries once went to war over these." 1x Bakeberry, 1x Chocoroot (1%)
Juicy queenbeet seed
Juicy Queenbeet

-10% CpS

Surrounding plants (3x3) are 20% less efficient[note 3]

+1 sugar lump if harvested while mature

"A delicious taproot used to prepare high-grade white sugar. Entire countries once went to war over these.
It looks like this one has grown especially sweeter and juicier from growing in close proximity to other queenbeets."
8x Queenbeet (0.1%)
Duketater seed
Harvest when mature for +2 hours of CpS (max. 8% of bank) "A rare, rich-tasting tuber fit for a whole meal, as long as its strict harvesting schedule is respected. Its starch has fascinating baking properties." 2x Queenbeet (0.1%)
Shriekbulb seed

-2% CpS

Surrounding plants (3x3) are 5% less efficient

"A nasty vegetable with a dreadful quirk : its flesh resonates with a high-pitched howl whenever it is hit at the right angle by sunlight, moonlight, or even a slight breeze."

1x Wrinklegill, 1x Elderwort (0.1%)

5x Elderwort (0.1%)

3x Duketater (0.5%)

4x Doughshroom (0.2%)

5x Queenbeet (0.1%)

Exactly 1x Shriekbulb, 0x other Shriekbulb (0.5%)

Tidygrass seed
Surrounding tiles (5x5) develop no weeds or fungus "The molecules this grass emits are a natural weedkiller. Its stems grow following a predictable pattern, making it an interesting -if expensive- choice for a lawn grass." 1x Baker’s Wheat, 1x White Chocoroot (0.2%)
Everdaisy seed

Surrounding tiles (3x3) develop no weeds or fungus


"While promoted by some as a superfood owing to its association with longevity and intriguing geometry, this elusive flower is actually mildly toxic." 3x Tidygrass, 3x Elderwort (0.2%)


Seed Name Effect(s) Description
Mutation recipes
(Base Chance)
White mildew seed
White Mildew

+1% CpS

May spread as brown mold

"A common rot that infests shady plots of earth. Grows in little creamy capsules. Smells sweet, but sadly wilts quickly." 1x Brown Mold, 1x or less White Mildew (50%)
Brown mold seed
Brown Mold

-1% CpS

May spread as white mildew

"A common rot that infests shady plots of earth. Grows in odd reddish clumps. Smells bitter, but thankfully wilts quickly."

1x White Mildew, 1x or less Brown Mold (50%)

Harvest Meddleweed manually (age-based (age*0.1%); max 9.9% at age 99; ignores Wood Chips)

Crumbspore seed

Explodes into up to 1 minute of CpS at the end of its lifecycle (max. 1% of bank)

May overtake nearby plants

"An archaic mold that spreads its spores to the surrounding dirt through simple pod explosion."

Exactly 1x mature Crumbspore, 0x other Crumbspore (7%)

2x Doughshroom (0.5%)

Harvest Meddleweed manually (age-based (age*0.1%); max 9.9% at age 99; ignores Wood Chips)

Doughshroom seed

Explodes into up to 5 minutes of CpS at the end of its lifecycle (max. 3% of bank)

May overtake nearby plants

"Jammed full of warm spores; some forest walkers often describe the smell as similar to passing by a bakery."

2x Crumbspore (0.5%)

Exactly 1x mature Doughshroom, 0x other Doughshroom (7%)

Glovemorel seed

+4% cookies per click

+1% cursor CpS

-1% CpS

"Touching its waxy skin reveals that the interior is hollow and uncomfortably squishy." 1x Crumbspore, 1x Thumbcorn (2%)
Cheapcap seed

Buildings and upgrades are 0.2% cheaper

Cannot handle cold climates;15% chance to die when frozen

"Small, tough, and good in omelettes. Some historians propose that the heads of dried cheapcaps were once used as currency in some bronze age societies." 1x Crumbspore, 1x Shimmerlily (4%)
Fool's bolete seed
Fool's Bolete

+2% golden cookie frequency

-5% golden cookie gains

-2% golden cookie duration

-2% golden cookie effect duration

"Named for its ability to fool mushroom pickers. The fool's bolete is not actually poisonous, it's just extremely bland." 1x Doughshroom, 1x Green Rot (4%)
Wrinklegill seed

Wrinklers spawn 2% faster

Wrinklers digest 1% more

"This mushroom's odor resembles that of a well-done steak, and is said to whet the appetite - making one's stomach start gurgling within seconds." 1x Crumbspore, 1x Brown Mold (6%)
Green rot seed
Green Rot

+0.5% golden cookie duration

+1% golden cookie frequency

+1% random drops

"This short-lived mold is also known as "emerald pebbles", and is considered by some as a pseudo-gem that symbolizes good fortune." 1x White Mildew, 1x Ordinary Clover (5%)
Ichorpuff seed

Surrounding plants (3x3) age half as fast

Surrounding plants (3x3) are half as efficient

"This puffball mushroom contains sugary spores, but it never seems to mature to bursting on its own. Surrounding plants under its influence have a very slow metabolism, reducing their effects but lengthening their lifespan." 1x Elderwort, 1x Crumbspore (0.2%)

Growth ChartsEdit

Plant Growth ChartEdit

Growth Stages
CPS Cost
Minimum Cost
Age/Tick Mature
Age[note 4]
(avg. ticks)
Baker's Wheat
Baker's wheat budBaker's wheat sproutBaker's wheat bloomBaker's wheat mature
130 7-9 355, 13 None; Yes
Thumbcorn budThumbcorn sproutThumbcorn bloomThumbcorn mature
5100 6-8 203, 15 None; Yes
Cronerice budCronerice sproutCronerice bloomCronerice mature
15250 0.4-1.1 5574, 134 None; Yes
Gildmillet budGildmillet sproutGildmillet bloomGildmillet mature
151,500 2-3.5 4015, 37 None; Yes
Ordinary Clover
Ordinary Clover budOrdinary Clover sproutOrdinary Clover bloomOrdinary Clover mature
2577,777 1-2.5 3520, 58 None; Yes
Golden Clover
Golden clover budGolden clover sproutGolden clover bloomGolden clover mature
125778 million 4-16 505, 10 None; Yes
Shimmerlily budShimmerlily sproutShimmerlily bloomShimmerlily mature
60777,777 5-11 709, 13 None; Yes
Elderwort budElderwort sproutElderwort bloomElderwort mature
180100 million 0.3-0.8 90164, None; No
Bakeberry budBakeberry sproutBakeberry bloomBakeberry mature
45100 million 1-2 5034, 67 None; Yes
Chocoroot budChocoroot sproutChocoroot bloomChocoroot mature
15100,000 4 257, 25 None; Yes
White Chocoroot
White Chocoroot budWhite Chocoroot sproutWhite Chocoroot bloomWhite Chocoroot mature
15100,000 4 257, 25 None; Yes
Meddleweed budMeddleweed sproutMeddleweed bloomMeddleweed mature
110 10-16 504, 8 0.05; Yes
Whiskerbloom budWhiskerbloom sproutWhiskerbloom bloomWhiskerbloom mature
201 million 2-4 6020, 34 None; Yes
Chimerose budChimerose sproutChimerose bloomChimerose mature
15242,424 1-2.5 3018, 58 None; Yes
Nursetulip budNursetulip sproutNursetulip bloomNursetulip mature
401 billion 0.5-2.5 6040, 67 None; Yes
Drowsyfern budDrowsyfern sproutDrowsyfern bloomDrowsyfern mature
90100,000 0.05-0.15 30300, 1,000 None; Yes
Wardlichen budWardlichen sproutWardlichen bloomWardlichen mature
1010,000 5-9 6510, 15 None; Yes
Keenmoss budKeenmoss sproutKeenmoss bloomKeenmoss mature
501 million 4-9 6510, 16 None; Yes
Queenbeet budsQueenbeet sproutsQueenbeet bloomQueenbeet mature
901 billion 1-1.4 8067, 84 None; No
Juicy Queenbeet
Queenbeet budsQueenbeet sproutsJuicy queenbeet bloomJuicy queenbeet mature
1201 trillion 0.04-0.12 851,063, 1,250 None; No
Duketater budDuketater sproutDuketater bloomDuketater mature
4801 trillion 0.4-0.5 95212, 223 None; No
Shriekbulb budShriekbulb sproutShriekbulb bloomShriekbulb mature
604.444 trillion 3-4 6018, 29 None; No
Tidygrass budTidygrass sproutTidygrass bloomTidygrass mature
90100 trillion 0.5 4080, 200 None; Yes
Everdaisy budEverdaisy sproutEverdaisy bloomEverdaisy mature
180100 quintillion 0.3 75250, None; No

Fungus Growth ChartEdit

Growth Stages
CPS Cost
Minimum Cost
Age/Tick Mature
Age[note 4]
(avg. ticks)
White Mildew
Browhite Moldew budsWhite mildew sproutWhite mildew bloomWhite mildew mature
209,999 8-20 705, 8 None; Yes
Brown Mold
Browhite Moldew budsBrown mold sproutBrown mold bloomBrown mold mature
209,999 8-20 705, 8 None; Yes
Crumbspore budCrumbspore sproutCrumbspore bloomCrumbspore mature
10999 3-6 6515, 23 0.03; No
Doughshroom budDoughshroom sproutDoughshroom bloomDoughshroom mature
100100 million 1-3 8543, 50 0.03; No
Glovemorel budGlovemorel sproutGlovemorel bloomGlovemorel mature
3010,000 3-21 807, 9 None; Yes
Cheapcap budCheapcap sproutCheapcap bloomCheapcap mature
40100,000 6-22 403, 8 None; Yes
Fool's Bolete
Fool's bolete budFool's bolete sproutFool's bolete bloomFool's bolete mature
1510,000 5-30 503, 6 None; Yes
Wrinklegill budWrinklegill sproutWrinklegill bloomWrinklegill mature
201 million 1-4 6526, 40 None; Yes
Green Rot
Green rot budGreen rot sproutGreen rot bloomGreen rot mature
601 million 12-25 654, 6 None; Yes
Ichorpuff budIchorpuff sproutIchorpuff bloomIchorpuff mature
120987.654 million 1-2.5 3520, 58 None; Yes

Soil TypesEdit

As of version 2.029, there are 5 soil types in the game, available depending on the number of farms purchased. These can be activated without cost and are active for all plants in the garden, though only one can be active at a time. Immediately after changing the soil type, it cannot be changed for the next 10 minutes, unless a sugar lump is spent to reset the timer. Each soil type influences the tick speed, and most have secondary effects on weed growth, passive plant effectiveness, plant spread and mutation, and auto-harvesting.

Icon Name Farms Needed to Buy Tick Speed (minutes) Weed Growth Passive Plant
Other Effect(s)
DirtSoil Dirt 1 5 N/A N/A N/A
"Simple, regular old dirt that you'd find in nature."
FertilizerSoil Fertilizer 50 3 +20% -25% N/A
"Soil with a healthy helping of fresh manure. Plants grow faster but are less efficient."
ClaySoil Clay 100 15 N/A +25% N/A
"Rich soil with very good water retention. Plants grow slower but are more efficient."
PebbleSoil Pebbles 200 5 10 times less -75% 35% chance of harvesting seeds automatically when plants expire
"Dry soil made of small rocks tightly packed together. Not very conductive to plant health, but whatever falls off your crops will be easy to retrieve. Useful if you're one of those farmers who just want to find new seeds without having to tend to their garden too much."
WoodchipSoil Wood Chips 300 5 10 times less -75% Plants spread and mutate 3 times more
"Soil made of bits and pieces of bark and sawdust. Helpful for young sprouts to develop, not so much for mature plants."


Currently, there are four tools in the minigame. Sacrifice Garden is only unlocked when all seeds have been discovered.

Icon Name Description Notes
Garden Information
  • "You can cross-breed plants by planting them close to each other; new plants will grow in the empty tiles next to them."
  • "Unlock new seeds by harvesting mature plants."
  • "When you ascend, your garden plants are reset, but you keep all the seeds you've unlocked."
  • "Your garden has no effect and does not grow while the game is closed."
Also displays the combined effects of all of the plants in your garden above the instructions.
Harvest all
Harvest All
"Instantly harvest all plants in your garden." Seeds are also collected from mature plants.
"Cryogenically preserve your garden.
Plants no longer grow, spread or die; they provide no benefits.
Soil cannot be changed.
Using this will effectively pause your garden."
Tick countdown continues until it reaches zero, where it is paused until unfreezing. Planting and harvesting is still available.

Useful when there is no time to stay on the screen while the end of growth periods will need attention.

Sacrifice garden
"A swarm of sugar hornets comes down on your garden, destroying every plant as well as every seed you've unlocked - leaving only a Baker's wheat seed.
In exchange, they will grant you 10 sugar lumps.
This action is only available with a complete seed log."
This also awards the "Seedless to nay" achievement, which makes seeds 5% cheaper, plants mature 5% sooner, and plant upgrades drop 5% more.


Icon Name Description ID
Botany enthusiast Botany enthusiast Harvest 100 mature garden plants. 378
Green aching thumb Green, aching thumb Harvest 1000 mature garden plants. 379
In the garden of eden In the garden of Eden (baby) Fill every tile of the biggest garden plot with plants.
"Isn't tending to those precious little plants just so rock and/or roll?"
Keeper of the conservatory Keeper of the conservatory Unlock every garden seed. 381
Seedless to nay Seedless to nay Convert a complete seed log into sugar lumps by sacrificing your garden to the sugar hornets.
Owning this achievement makes seeds 5% cheaper, plants mature 5% sooner, and plant upgrades drop 5% more.


Various plants and fungi have a chance to drop an upgrade, usually a flavored cookie. Two of the flavored cookies have additional effects, one of which, unlike all other flavored cookies, does not feature an increase to CpS.

Garden upgrades
Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
Elderwort biscuits Elderwort biscuits 1% chance of dropping after harvesting a mature elderwort [note 5] Money 7,200 x CpS Cookie production multiplier +2%.
Grandma production multiplier +2%.
Dropped by elderwort plants.
Cost scales with CpS.
"They taste incredibly stale, even when baked fresh."
Bakeberry cookies Bakeberry cookies 1.5% chance of dropping after harvesting a mature bakeberry [note 5] Money 3,600 x CpS Cookie production multiplier +2%.
Dropped by bakeberry plants.
Cost scales with CpS.
"Really good dipped in hot chocolate."
Duketater cookies Duketater cookies 0.5% chance of dropping after harvesting a mature duketater [note 5] Money 10,800 x CpS Cookie production multiplier +10%.
Dropped by duketater plants.
Cost scales with CpS.
"Fragrant and mealy, with a slight yellow aftertaste."
Green yeast digestives Green yeast digestives 0.5% chance of dropping after harvesting a mature green rot [note 5] +1% golden cookie gains and effect duration.
+1% golden cookie frequency.
+3% random drops.
Dropped by green rot plants.
Cost scales with CpS.
"These are tastier than you'd expect, but not by much."
Wheat slims Wheat slims 0.1% chance of dropping after harvesting a mature baker's wheat [note 5] Money 1,800 x CpS Cookie production multiplier +1%.
Dropped by baker's wheat plants.
Cost scales with CpS.
"The only reason you'd consider these cookies is because you feel slightly sorry for them."
Fern tea Fern tea 1% chance of dropping after harvesting a mature drowsyfern [note 5] Money 3,600 x CpS You gain +3% of your regular CpS while the game is closed
(provided you have the Twin Gates of Transcendence heavenly upgrade).
Dropped by drowsyfern plants.
Cost scales with CpS.
"A chemically complex natural beverage, this soothing concoction has been used by mathematicians to solve equations in their sleep."
Ichor syrup Ichor syrup 0.5% chance of dropping after harvesting a mature ichorpuff [note 5] Money 7,200 x CpS You gain +7% of your regular CpS while the game is closed
(provided you have the Twin Gates of Transcendence heavenly upgrade).
Sugar lumps mature 7 minutes sooner.
Dropped by ichorpuff plants.
Cost scales with CpS.
"Tastes like candy. The smell is another story."


  1. Golden Clover is slightly more likely to mutate with exactly 4 Ordinary Clovers surrounding it (~0.08%) Compared to 2 or 3 Ordinary Clovers (~0.01%) and 5+ Ordinary Clovers (~0.07%). This is because Golden Clover is included twice in the Random list mechanism.
  2. This does not include some aura effects like Elderwort's and Ichorpuff's age multiplier, but does include the CpS effect of other Nursetulips.
  3. This does not include some aura effects like Elderwort's age multiplier.
  4. 4.0 4.1 The "Seedless to nay" achievement will decrease mature age by 5%.
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 5.6 Once this upgrade is unlocked, all future ascensions will have it immediately available for purchase from the store.


  • Since all random results of garden ticks are determined at the time of the tick, you can save before the tick and then reload the game as many times as you like to get the desired result.
  • Aging process for plants is as follows: at each tick, a plant may grow older, or may not.
    A quick way to maximize (or reduce/prevent) plant aging is then to open the game in a few tabs (3-10), let them get one tick (or more), and then export a save where the plant got older (or where it didnt) and import it (ctrl-O) to all tabs with a different result. A few elderwort around the plant will do wonders to quicken aging!
    This works for plants without the "predictable growth" attribute, meaning most of them.
  • The results of all plant harvests are also randomized, so you can reload after harvesting and harvest again if you did not get a drop.
  • Using the Harvest all tool does not update the passive plant effects after each plant, so the harvest of multiple bakeberries will be higher if harvested at once than if harvested separately. This does not apply to the number of cookies in a bank: if the 3% maximum is lower than 30 minutes of cookies, each bakeberry will give more cookies than the previous one, even when harvested at once.
  • Selecting a seed before sacrificing your garden allows you to plant it after losing all seeds. This can be used to skip parts of the cross-breeding process.
  • The "In the garden of Eden (baby)" achievement is a reference to the song "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" by Iron Butterfly. Its description, "Isn't tending to those precious little plants just so rock and/or roll?" is a reference to the Simpsons episode "Bart Sells His Soul", featuring the song.
  • The achievement "Seedless to nay" refers to a line from McMaNGOS' remix of Tenacious D, called "Denacious T "
    • It is also a spoonerism based on the common English phrase "needless to say", referring to the fact that the player has gone from having virtually no seeds to having all of them, and finally back to having none again.
  • Saving up a large number of cookies and then selling every building except farms will drastically lower the price of each seed since they are related to Cps. However, this means you won't be able to work toward upgrades or buying buildings since your Cps is so low and building a building would deplete your stores and also push the price of seeds up. It is recommended to work on achievements for golden cookies, the easter egg hunt, or Halloween during this time.
  • Effects of wrath cookies can also dramatically lower the prices for seeds. "Clot" will reduce the prices by 50% while "Cursed Finger" will even decrease all prices to the minimum, as it sets your Cps to 0. This makes the Cursed Finger an interesting option to replant your garden with otherwise expensive seeds without the long term detriments of selling your buildings.
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