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Buttergold cookie

The achievements Golden cookie, Lucky cookie, A stroke of luck, Fortune, Leprechaun, Black cat's paw and Seven horseshoes (shadow achievement) are achievements acquired by clicking 1, 7, 27, 77, 777, 7777 and 27777 Golden Cookies respectively. Seven horseshoes is a shadow achievement and doesn't grant Milk. Golden Cookie clicks remain in all subsequent playthroughs so you can soft reset. Early bird and Fading luck are achievements acquired by clicking a Golden Cookie less than 1 second after it appears and before it fades, respectively. None of these achievements have flavor text, except for Fortune, which says "You should really go to bed.". Another shadow achievement is Four-leaf cookie, requiring the player to have 4 Golden cookies on the screen spawned at the same time.

For the purpose of counting "Golden Cookies", both Golden Cookies and Wrath Cookies are fair game.

Number of Golden Cookies clicked[]

Icon Name Description ID
Buttergold cookie Golden cookie Click a golden cookie. 67
Small buttergold cookies Lucky cookie Click 7 golden cookies. 68
Medium buttergold cookies A stroke of luck Click 27 golden cookies. 69
Fortune Fortune Click 77 golden cookies.
"You should really go to bed."
Leprechaun Leprechaun Click 777 golden cookies. 84
Black cat's paw Black cat's paw Click 7777 golden cookies. 85
Seven horseshoes Seven horseshoes
(shadow achievement)
Click 27,777 golden cookies.
"Enough for one of those funky horses that graze near your factories."

Getting these achievements takes a relatively long amount of time, as Golden Cookies are rare to start with. However, the game saves your total amount of clicks, so it is safe to ascend, and acquire these achievements in several sittings. Purchasing the Ascension upgrade "Golden cookie alert sound" is a big help, as it indicates when a Golden Cookie appears with a chime noise, so you know it's there and you can click it before it goes away. The more Golden Cookies the player gets, the easier the subsequent achievements become, as the unlocked upgrades Lucky day (7 Golden Cookies) and Serendipity (27 Golden Cookies) will each double the appearance rate and staying duration of Golden Cookies.

Even then, Golden Cookies remain a relatively rare occurrence (the right upgrades will allow one to spawn approximately every 2 minutes). A good strategy to get many Golden Cookies quickly is to try to activate Cookie Chains, as each cookie in the chain will be counted. For this, it is preferable to activate the Grandmapocalypse, as Wrath Cookies have roughly 6% chance to trigger a cookie chain, which is 20 times higher than Golden Cookies. Depending on the player's skill, bank, and luck, each chain should give a rough 10 to 15 cookies. Golden cookies from Cookie Chains are counted towards "Golden cookie clicks", while Golden cookies from Cookie storms do not. Golden Cookies and Wrath Cookies spawned with Force the Hand of Fate or Dragon Orbs do not increase the number of Golden Cookies clicked. The golden cookie upgrades will not unlock as well when using it.

Getting the Seven horseshoes achievement requires preparation, a lot of time and determination. For the right setup, the player should be already in the late game (unlocked largest garden, having most of heavenly upgrades, fully trained Krumblor and final stage Santa. Ideally, the best time to attempt this achievement is when the player harvests Golden Sugar Lump, since the buff provides a massive 10% Golden Cookie spawn rate boost for the next 24 hours.) The best way to get to the goal is maximizing the spawn rate of GCs as much as possible. The setup for this is:

  • 3rd stage Grandmapocalypse active (for higher chance of Cookie Chains)
  • Business day season active (best season for GC spawn rate)
  • Selebrak in the diamond slot in the Pantheon (Paired with Business day provides the Best boost to GC spawn rate)
  • Krumblor with Arcane aura and Reality bending
  • Sugar blessing buff from Golden Sugar Lump active (very rare and very hard to get, but provides great bonus for 24 hours)
  • Purchased Golden Goose Egg
  • Purchased Lucky Day, Serendipity, Heavenly luck and Startrade upgrades
  • (Golden cookie sound selector helps with the chime)

With all these in place, the time to spawn a Golden cookie is somewhere between 26 and 78 seconds. Without the rare Sugar blessing buff it is between 29 and 87 seconds, averaging Golden Cookie spawn roughly every minute. If the player clicks one Golden cookie every minute, they will get this achievement after approximately 19.3 days. Considering Cookie chains, this number can be lower (around 12-14 days, which is still very high). Because of this, this is one of the most time-consuming achievements in the game.

An additional strategy which is far more active and also quite a bit more efficient is called DO ASS CLGCF (Dragon Orbs Ascend Spam Skruuia Chain Lengthening GC Click Farming). For this strategy, you must have a decently high prestige level (enough to buy hundreds of everything easily, minimum), every GC frequency upgrade in permaslots, and you can have dragon egg in permaslot for a slight speedup. Assuming a pace of 500 golden cookies clicked per hour and starting at 0 golden cookies clicked, this strategy takes about 15.5 hours of active play to achieve Black cat's paw and 55.5 hours to achieve Seven horseshoes.

Here are the steps for the strategy:

  1. Ascend
  2. Buy heavenly chip secret
  3. Buy 100 of all buildings, and another 100 of temples (may do this either after idleverses or while buying the first 100 temples)
  4. Buy krumblor from the upgrades store if you don't have it permaslotted, then upgrade it up as much as you can and slot dragon orbs.
  5. Open pantheon and slot Skruuia in whatever slot you want.
  6. Sell temples (or other building if you screwed up in 3) until dragon orbs activates.
  7. Unslot Skruuia.
  8. Click the wrath cookie
  9. If the wrath cookie gives you a cookie chain, go forward. If it instead gives a long buff (Clot, negative building special), Go back to step 1. If it does not give either of these things, go back to step 5.
  10. Build up as much bank as you can (You have time until approximately 2 minutes from the start of the run before a natural golden cookie spawns and the chain continues.
  11. If you have worship swaps left, you may want to slot Skruuia in again to maybe get 1 more golden cookie click.
  12. The long cookie chain starts. You may still build up bank, but make sure to actually click the golden cookies.
  13. Once the cookie chain is over, repeat.

Early bird and Fading luck[]

Icon Name Description ID
Buttergold cookie Early bird Click a Golden Cookie less than 1 second after it spawns. 263
Buttergold cookie Fading luck Click a Golden Cookie less than 1 second before it dies. 264

Version v.2.002 introduces both Early bird and Fading luck, while also making Golden Cookies spawn at a very small size with an equally small clickable bounding box, with both cookie and box growing and pulsing as they fade in, making them very difficult to spot within one second. However, both achievements can be acquired by clicking Golden Cookies during a Cookie Chain, where they appear and grow much faster than normal, so this is probably the best time to try for Early bird. Another (luck-based) strategy for getting Early bird is to be clicking the Big Cookie during the time the next Golden Cookie is expected to spawn; if by chance it spawns in where the player is already clicking, it can be clicked before it even becomes visible to the player (this is made more difficult than before by the smaller-to-start bounding box, but is still possible).

An additional strategy for acquiring Early Bird is to make your playing window in-browser as small as possible. This will minimize the randomness in the area the golden cookie can spawn, and thus, drastically improves the chances you will be able to click it (pair this with clicking the big cookie for the optimal effect, as you'll minimize the area of appearance as well as the chance you'll miss an opportunity to click).