For the same building in Cookie Clicker Classic, see Grandma (Cookie Clicker Classic).

The grandma is the main antagonist of Cookie Clicker Classic and the 1.0 Update, and the second building you can purchase with an initial cost of 100 cookies. She produces cookies at a base rate of 1 CpS.

Unlike the Cursor and Farm, grandmas progress with later buildings very well with the grandma type upgrades, most of which double its efficiency but require 15 or more of a superior building to purchase, and sometimes can be quite expensive, up to 3.55 sextillion cookies for Binary grandmas. After all upgrades, each grandma has a CpS of 1.172 billion cookies per second herself, not counting the bonuses from One mind, Communal Brainsweep, and Elder Pact.

Once you have unlocked 7 grandmas, you unlock the Bingo Center/Research Facility, which (as of 1.036) is currently the only upgrade to make a building four times as efficient, although its price of 1 quadrillion cookies means it'll be a while until it's worth the cost. This will unlock a new upgrade after 30 minutes (research only starting once the last item researched is purchased), including five multiplier upgrades, one upgrade to double grandma efficiency, and three upgrades to greatly increase grandma output but start the Grandmapocalypse.

In theory, fully upgraded grandmas are the most efficient building a player can buy because they have a CpS based on the number of grandmas purchased. That is grandma's CpS rate increases as a square where other CpS rates increase linearly. However, the crossover point where grandmas outperform the best other building, the Javascript Console, requires purchasing so many grandmas (64630) that it is impossible to even via cheating since the price would be much higher than JavaScript (which Cookie Clicker is written in) can store. (The price has 3925 digits!)


Building AchievementsEdit

Grandma achievements
Icon Name Description ID
GrandmaAchieveNew Just wrong Sell a grandma.
"I thought you loved me."
RollingPinNew Grandma's cookies Have 1 grandma. 40
PinkRollingPinNew Sloppy kisses Have 50 grandmas. 41
CyanRollingPinNew Retirement home Have 100 grandmas. 42
OrangeRollingPinNew Friend of the ancients Have 150 grandmas. 101
GoldRollingPinNew Ruler of the ancients Have 200 grandmas. 102
RustedRollingPinNew The old never bothered me anyway Have 250 grandmas. 149
BlackRollingPinNew The agemaster Have 300 grandmas. 208
SilverRollingPinNew To oldly go Have 350 grandmas. 209
GreenRollingPin Aged well Have 400 grandmas. 338
Mooncandy rolling pin 101st birthday Have 450 grandmas. 339
Astrofudge rolling pin Defense of the ancients Have 500 grandmas. 340
Alabascream grandma But wait 'til you get older Have 550 grandmas. 399
Iridyum grandma Okay boomer Have 600 grandmas. 475
RollingPin Monument1 v15 Gushing grannies Make 10 quintillion cookies just from grandmas. 135
RollingPin Monument2 v15 Panic at the bingo Make 100 septillion cookies just from grandmas. 190
PinkRoller Frantiquities Make 1 decillion cookies just from grandmas. 294
10Roller Methuselah Reach level 10 grandmas. 308
GrandmaAchieveNew Elder Own at least 7 grandma types. 81
GrandmaAchieveNew Veteran Own at least 14 grandma types.
"14's a crowd!"
GrandmaAchieveNew The elder scrolls Own a combined 777 grandmas and cursors.
"Let me guess. Someone stole your cookie."

Grandmapocalypse AchievementsEdit

Grandmapocalypse achievements
Icon Name Description ID
ElderBrainNew Elder nap Appease the grandmatriarchs at least once.
ElderBrainNew Elder slumber Appease the grandmatriarchs at least 5 times.
"our mind
the universe"
ElderBrainNew Elder calm Declare a covenant with the grandmatriarchs.


Basic UpgradesEdit

Grandma upgrades
Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
RollingPinNew Forwards from grandma Own 1 grandma Money 1,000 Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"RE:RE:thought you'd get a kick out of this ;))"
PinkRollingPinNew Steel-plated rolling pins Own 5 grandmas Money 5,000 Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"Just what you kneaded."
CyanRollingPinNew Lubricated dentures Own 25 grandmas Money 50,000 Grandmas are twice as efficient.
OrangeRollingPinNew Prune juice Own 50 grandmas Money 5 million Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"Gets me going."
GoldRollingPinNew Double-thick glasses Own 100 grandmas Money 500 million Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"Oh... so THAT's what I've been baking."
RustedRollingPinNew Aging agents Own 150 grandmas Money 50 billion Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"Counter-intuitively, grandmas have the uncanny ability to become more powerful the older they get."
BlackRollingPinNew Xtreme walkers Own 200 grandmas Money 50 trillion Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"Complete with flame decals and a little horn that goes "toot"."
SilverRollingPinNew The Unbridling Own 250 grandmas Money 50 quadrillion Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"It might be a classic tale of bad parenting, but let's see where grandma is going with this."
GreenRollingPin Reverse dementia Own 300 grandmas Money 50 quintillion Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"Extremely unsettling, and somehow even worse than the regular kind."
Mooncandy rolling pin Timeproof hair dyes Own 350 grandmas Money 50 sextillion Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"Why do they always have those strange wispy pink dos? What do they know about candy floss that we don't?"
Astrofudge rolling pin Good manners Own 400 grandmas Money 500 septillion Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"Apparently these ladies are much more amiable if you take the time to learn their strange, ancient customs, which seem to involve saying "please" and "thank you" and staring at the sun with bulging eyes while muttering eldritch curses under your breath."
Alabascream grandma Generation degeneration Own 450 grandmas Money 5 nonillion Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"Genetic testing shows that most of your grandmas are infected with a strange degenerative disease that only seems to further their powers; the more time passes, the older they get. This should concern you."

Grandma TypesEdit

Grandma types
Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
GrandmaAchieveNew Farmer grandmas 15 farms and 1 grandma owned Money 55,000 Grandmas are twice as efficient. Farms gain +1% CpS per grandma.
"A nice farmer to grow more cookies."
GrandmaAchieveNew Miner grandmas 15 mines and 1 grandma owned Money 600,000 Grandmas are twice as efficient. Mines gain +1% CpS per 2 grandmas.
"A nice miner to dig more cookies."
GrandmaAchieveNew Worker grandmas 15 factories and 1 grandma owned Money 6.5 million Grandmas are twice as efficient. Factories gain +1% CpS per 3 grandmas.
"A nice worker to manufacture more cookies."
GrandmaAchieveNew Banker grandmas 15 banks and 1 grandma owned Money 70 million Grandmas are twice as efficient. Banks gain +1% CpS per 4 grandmas
"A nice banker to cash in more cookies"
GrandmaAchieveNew Priestess grandmas 15 temples and 1 grandma owned Money 1 billion Grandmas are twice as efficient. Temples gain +1% CpS per 5 grandmas.
"A nice priestess to praise the great Baker in the sky."
GrandmaAchieveNew Witch grandmas 15 wizard towers and 1 grandma owned Money 16.5 billion Grandmas are twice as efficient. Wizard towers gain +1% CpS per 6 grandmas.
"A nice witch to cast a zip, and a zoop, and poof! Cookies."
GrandmaAchieveNew Cosmic grandmas 15 shipments and 1 grandma owned Money 255 billion Grandmas are twice as efficient. Shipments gain +1% CpS per 7 grandmas.
"A nice thing to... uh... cookies."
GrandmaAchieveNew Transmuted grandmas 15 alchemy labs and 1 grandma owned Money 3.75 trillion Grandmas are twice as efficient. Alchemy labs gain +1% CpS per 8 grandmas.
"A nice golden grandma to convert into more cookies."
GrandmaAchieveNew Altered grandmas 15 portals and 1 grandma owned Money 50 trillion Grandmas are twice as efficient. Portals gain +1% CpS per 9 grandmas.
"a NiCe GrAnDmA tO bA##########"
GrandmaAchieveNew Grandmas' grandmas 15 time machines and 1 grandma owned Money 700 trillion Grandmas are twice as efficient. Time machines gain +1% CpS per 10 grandmas.
"A nice grandma's nice grandma to bake double the cookies."
GrandmaAchieveNew Antigrandmas 15 antimatter condensers and 1 grandma owned Money 8.5 quadrillion Grandmas are twice as efficient. Antimatter condensers gain +1% CpS per 11 grandmas.
"A mean antigrandma to vomit more cookies.
(Do not put in contact with normal grandmas; loss of matter may occur.)"
GrandmaAchieveNew Rainbow grandmas 15 prisms and 1 grandma owned Money 105 quadrillion Grandmas are twice as efficient. Prisms gain +1% CpS per 12 grandmas.
"A luminous grandma to sparkle into cookies."
GrandmaAchieveNew Lucky grandmas 15 chancemakers and 1 grandma owned Money 1.3 quintillion Grandmas are twice as efficient. Chancemakers gain +1% CpS per 13 grandmas.
"A fortunate grandma that always seems to find more cookies."
GrandmaAchieveNew Metagrandmas 15 fractal engines and 1 grandma owned Money 15.5 quintillion Grandmas are twice as efficient. Fractal engines gain +1% CpS per 14 grandmas.
"A fractal grandma to make more grandmas to make more cookies."
GrandmaAchieveNew Binary grandmas 15 javascript consoles and 1 grandma owned Money 3.55 sextillion Grandmas are twice as efficient. Javascript consoles gain +1% CpS per 15 grandmas.
"A digital grandma to transfer more cookies.
(See also : boolean grandmas, string grandmas, and not-a-number grandmas, also known as "NaNs".)"

Since the 1.032 update, grandmas now have varying appearances based off the above type upgrades, as well as two seasonal grandma types for Easter and Christmas. However, there is one exception; the grandma related to the Javascript Console appears after buying the Script grannies synergy upgrade, rather then the Binary grandmas type upgrade.

Other UpgradesEdit

Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
Scroll icon v15 Naughty list Purchasing
"A festive hat" or evolving Santa
Money 2,525 × 3S Grandmas are twice as productive.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"This list contains every unholy deed perpetuated by grandmakind.
He won't be checking this one twice.
Once. Once is enough."
Elderwort biscuits Elderwort biscuits 1% chance of dropping after harvesting a mature elderwort [note 1] Money 7,200 x CpS Cookie production multiplier +2%.
Grandma production multiplier +2%.
Dropped by elderwort plants.
Cost scales with CpS.
"They taste incredibly stale, even when baked fresh."
Script grannies Script grannies 15 Grandmas, 15 Javascript consoles and "Synergies Vol. I" purchased Money 14.2 septillion Grandmas gain +5% CpS per javascript console.
Javascript consoles gain +0.1% CpS per grandma.
"Armies of energy drink-fueled grandmas ready to hack into the cyberspace for renegade e-cookies."
Fortune grandma Fortune #002 Random fortune from news ticker Money 7.778 nonillion Grandmas are 7% more efficient and 7% cheaper.
"A wrinkle is a crack in a mundane facade."

The Bingo Center/Research Facility can also unlock new upgrades for grandmas. Although these upgrades can make grandmas more powerful, they would unlock the Grandmapocalypse as well. The following is a list of all upgrades for Grandma, unlocked in the Bingo Center/Research Facility. Once the Bingo Center is purchased, the first research project will be completed 30 minutes later. Once a research project is completed, research is halted until the resulting upgrade is purchased, which starts the 30-minute timer for the next project.

Research upgrades
Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
BingoNew Bingo center/Research facility "Elder" achievement earned

At least 7 grandmas owned

Money 1 quadrillion Grandma-operated science lab and leisure club.
Grandmas are 4 times as efficient.
Regularly unlocks new upgrades.
"What could possibly keep those
grandmothers in check?...
ElderRollingPinNew Ritual rolling pins 3rd research project completed Money 4 quadrillion Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"The result of years of scientific research!"
ElderMindNew One mind [note 2] 5th research project completed Money 16 quadrillion Each grandma gains +0.02 base Cps per grandma.
Note: the grandmothers are growing restless. Do not encourage them.
"We are one. We are many."
ElderCauldronNew Communal brainsweep 7th research project completed Money 64 quadrillion Each grandma gains another +0.02 base Cps per grandma.
Note: proceeding any further in scientific research may have unexpected results. You have been warned.
"We fuse. We merge. We grow."
ElderBrainNew Elder Pact 9th research project completed Money 256 quadrillion Each grandma gains +0.05 base CpS per portal.
Note: this is a bad idea.
"squirm crawl slither writhe
today we rise"
  1. Once this upgrade is unlocked, all future ascensions will have it immediately available for purchase from the store.
  2. Purchasing the One mind upgrade triggers the beginning of the Grandmapocalypse.

Changes During GrandmapocalypseEdit

Main article: Grandmapocalypse

Background ChangesEdit

Changes from one stage to another can be obtained by the One Mind, Communal Brainsweep and Elder Pact upgrade. Once the Grandmatriarchs are appeased, the background will change back to normal, as well as the store icon changing back to the regular grandma, until the Elder Pledge runs out or if you revoke the Elder Covenant.

Store Icon ChangesEdit

Since version 1.0393, the store icon for grandmas will change from the regular version to different ones, depending on the state of the Grandmapocalypse.


  • The outfit worn by bunny grandmas during Easter may be a reference to the 2001 film Donnie Darko.
  • The achievement "The old never bothered me anyway" is a reference to a line from "Let it go", the Disney movie "Frozen" theme song.
  • The appearance of an Altered Grandma resembles that of an angered Grandmatriarch during the Grandmapocalypse.
    • To further support this, the research/bingo center upgrade would be available at around the time the player buys the Altered Grandma.
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