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Grimoire interface

The Grimoire interface

The Grimoire is a minigame added on July 15, 2017, Version 2.0034. It is unlocked by spending one sugar lump to upgrade Wizard Towers to level 1.


Each spell costs magic to use. Your maximum amount of magic varies depending on your amount of wizard towers, as well as their building level. Magic refills over time; the lower your magic meter, the slower it refills. Alternatively, up to 100 can be refilled instantly by using a sugar lump.

Selling wizard towers will reduce the maximum limit of the magic meter, but not the current magic (unless the new maximum limit is below the current magic). This allows casting Force the Hand of Fate once, then selling wizard towers to reduce the cost of a second cast. For instance, at 100 magic / 100 max magic, the first Force spell would cost 70 magic, leaving 30 magic available. Selling towers to reduce the maximum magic to 30 will make the cost of a second Force spell to go down to 28 magic, effectively allowing a double cast without the use of a sugar lump. This exploit can be used for an easier and less expensive way to get the Four-leaf cookie shadow achievement.

Icon Name Magic Cost Spell/Backfire Effects
Conjure Baked Goods Conjure Baked Goods 2 magic +40% of max magic Summon half an hour worth of your CpS, capped at 15% of your cookies owned.
15% chance to backfire:
Trigger a 15-minute clot[note 1] and lose 15 minutes of CpS.
Force the Hand of Fate Force the Hand of Fate 10 magic +60% of max magic Summon a random golden cookie. Each existing golden cookie makes this spell +15% more likely to backfire.
15% chance to backfire:
Summon an unlucky wrath cookie.
Stretch Time Stretch Time 8 magic +20% of max magic All active buffs gain 10% more time (up to 5 more minutes).
15% chance to backfire:
All active buffs are shortened by 20% (up to 10 minutes shorter).
Spontaneous Edifice Spontaneous Edifice 20 magic +75% of max magic The spell picks a random building you could afford if you had twice your current cookies, and gives it to you for free.
The building selected must be under 400, and cannot be your most-built one (unless it is your only one).
15% chance to backfire:
Lose a random building.
Haggler's Charm Haggler's Charm 10 magic +10% of max magic Upgrades are 2% cheaper for 1 minute.
15% chance to backfire:
Upgrades are 2% more expensive for an hour.
Flavor text: "What's that spell? Loadsamoney!"
Summon Crafty Pixies Summon Crafty Pixies 10 magic +20% of max magic Buildings are 2% cheaper for 1 minute.
15% chance to backfire:
Buildings are 2% more expensive for an hour.
Gambler's Fever Dream Gambler's Fever Dream 3 magic +5% of max magic Cast a random spell at half the magic cost, with twice the chance of backfiring.[note 2]
Resurrect Abomination Resurrect Abomination 20 magic +10% of max magic Instantly summon a wrinkler if conditions are fulfilled.
15% chance to backfire:
Pop one of your wrinklers.
Diminish Ineptitude Diminish Ineptitude 5 magic +20% of max magic Spells backfire 10 times less for the next 5 minutes.
15% chance to backfire:
Spells backfire 5 times more for the next 10 minutes.
  1. Should a Wrath Cookie be clicked during the 15-minute clot period and the "Clot" effect be given, the clot period will be refreshed, bringing the current clot effect time to expire 15 minutes.
  2. Bugged at the moment. Currently compares the base fail rate (15% standard; 1.5% with Magic adept; 75% with Magic inept) to a flat fail rate of 50%, and picks the higher of the two.


As of version v2.0042, the seed used to determine the outcome of casting a spell is stored in your save file. More specifically, the result of casting any spell is based on your game seed (this is changed only on ascension) and your total number of spells cast. This means that if you save the game, cast a spell, re-load the game, and cast the same spell, the outcome will be the same. However, because Force the Hand of Fate uses Golden Cookie mechanics, there may be extra randomness checks before determining the specific bonus from the cookie and each additional check may change the outcome of the spell. These checks occur after determining whether the spell backfires so they have no effect on whether or not the spell backfires, they do however affect the outcome of Wrath Cookies spawned by backfires in the same way.

As of v2.029 this is as follows:

Extra randomness checks
Valentine's Day or Easter +1
Any other season 0

This means that depending on your settings the cookie from the spell may have 2 different results. Note however that the result is still deterministic so casting with the same number of spells cast total, same season setting will always yield the same result. This gives the player the opportunity to get different results without having to cast additional spells, provided that the player has unlocked Season switcher Heavenly upgrades.

Since the result is deterministic you can check in advance to see whether a spell will have a favorable outcome, and then use that spell at a later time with predictable results. One application of this is using Force the Hand of Fate to confirm either a Click Frenzy or Elder Frenzy cookie will be generated and use that during a Frenzy, Building Special, and/or Dragonflight buff (note: Click Frenzy cannot be summoned during a Dragonflight).

Also, whether a spell will backfire or not is also deterministic, not tied to each specific spell (note, however, that because Force the Hand of Fate has an additional chance to fail depending on the number of golden cookies on screen, the spell may fail even though other spells would not). This can be manipulated so that the backfire can be "wasted" on a spell that won't have as much of an impact, such as using it on Diminish Ineptitude to make it cause backfires to occur 5 times more likely for 10 minutes, and then not use spells during those 10 minutes, or use it on Stretch Time when a buff is about to expire for a negligible loss of buff time, or even take advantage of it to shorten a debuff like Clot.

Conjure Baked Goods[]

An optimal strategy for using the "Conjure Baked Goods" spell would be to wait until you have a large production multiplier. A good time to cast it is when the golden cookie effect "Frenzy" and the wrath cookie effect "Elder frenzy" are both active, as this will earn you 30 minutes of x4662 your cookie production. It is also possible to gain even larger multipliers, for example with the help of Force the Hand of Fate. (It is limited to 15% of the current bank so plan accordingly.)

Force the Hand of Fate[]

Force the Hand of Fate has no unavoidable risk except losing the magic points. A backfire creates a Wrath Cookie, but you do not have to click that cookie.

One strong strategy is to use Force the Hand of Fate when Frenzy or another CpS buff is in effect. A multiplier effect (such as Click Frenzy over Frenzy) can lead to a massive win in some cases, and there is no (unavoidable) bad result. This does mean one needs to keep the magic recharged, to have it available when a spontaneously-created Golden Cookie results in a Frenzy/Building Special/Both.

Outcome of Force the Hand of Fate[]

The mechanism of this spell follows a random list mechanism.

For golden cookie, the rules are:

  • Add Frenzy and Lucky to a pool.
  • If there is no Dragonflight buff active, add Click Frenzy.
  • 10% chance to add Storm (added twice) and Blab to the pool.
  • 25% chance to add Building Special, if you own more than or equal to 10 total buildings.
    • For all buildings of which you own more than or equal to 10, choose one and buff according to the chosen building's amount. If no building has such quantity, choose Frenzy.
  • 15% chance to replace the pool with Storm Drop.
  • 0.01% chance to add Free Sugar Lump to the pool.
  • Pick a random effect from the pool.

In the following, we assume at least one building's number is more or equal to 10.

The final results are:

No Dragonflight buff
Frenzy=Lucky=C. Frenzy Storm Blab Building StormDrop Sugar
Approx. 25.27172871% 2.732104911% 1.366052455% 5.084722009% 14.99925% 0.002684508929%
FtHoF normal probabilities
With Dragonflight buff
Frenzy=Lucky Storm Blab Building StormDrop Sugar
Approx. 36.69052473% 3.258280714% 1.629140357% 6.729002232% 14.99925% 0.003277232143%
FtHoF dragonflight probabilities

For wrath cookie (backfire), the rules are:

  • Add Clot and Ruin to a pool.
  • 10% chance to add Cursed Finger and Elder Frenzy to the pool.
  • 0.3% chance to add Free Sugar Lump to the pool.
  • 10% chance to replace the pool with Blab.
  • Pick a random effect from the pool.

The final result is:

Clot=Ruin Cursed Finger=Elder Frenzy Sugar Blab
Exact 42.70815% 2.24865% 0.0864% 10%
FtHoF backfire probabilities

Spontaneous Edifice mechanics[]

Building quantity achievements will remain locked when the player reaches a certain threshold using Spontaneous Edifice. Simply save and refresh the game to have them unlocked.

The total number of Wizard towers needed to cast the Spontaneous Edifice spell at each building level (up to 50) is as follows:

Lvl 1: 271 wizard towers
Lvl 2: 267 wizard towers
Lvl 3: 262 wizard towers
Lvl 4: 258 wizard towers
Lvl 5: 254 wizard towers
Lvl 6: 249 wizard towers
Lvl 7: 245 wizard towers
Lvl 8: 241 wizard towers
Lvl 9: 237 wizard towers
Lvl 10: 233 wizard towers
Lvl 11: 229 wizard towers
Lvl 12: 225 wizard towers
Lvl 13: 221 wizard towers
Lvl 14: 218 wizard towers
Lvl 15: 214 wizard towers
Lvl 16: 210 wizard towers
Lvl 17: 207 wizard towers
Lvl 18: 203 wizard towers
Lvl 19: 200 wizard towers
Lvl 20: 196 wizard towers
Lvl 21: 193 wizard towers
Lvl 22: 190 wizard towers
Lvl 23: 186 wizard towers
Lvl 24: 183 wizard towers
Lvl 25: 180 wizard towers
Lvl 26: 177 wizard towers
Lvl 27: 174 wizard towers
Lvl 28: 171 wizard towers
Lvl 29: 168 wizard towers
Lvl 30: 165 wizard towers
Lvl 31: 162 wizard towers
Lvl 32: 159 wizard towers
Lvl 33: 156 wizard towers
Lvl 34: 154 wizard towers
Lvl 35: 151 wizard towers
Lvl 36: 148 wizard towers
Lvl 37: 146 wizard towers
Lvl 38: 143 wizard towers
Lvl 39: 140 wizard towers
Lvl 40: 138 wizard towers
Lvl 41: 135 wizard towers
Lvl 42: 133 wizard towers
Lvl 43: 131 wizard towers
Lvl 44: 128 wizard towers
Lvl 45: 126 wizard towers
Lvl 46: 124 wizard towers
Lvl 47: 121 wizard towers
Lvl 48: 119 wizard towers
Lvl 49: 117 wizard towers
Lvl 50: 115 wizard towers

Gambler's Fever Dream[]

Gambler's Fever Dream works by first incrementing the spell track, then casting a random spell at half price after a 1 second delay, only incrementing spell casted by one. The order of spells it picks is also predetermined by the above-mentioned mechanism, and usage of other spells "count" towards this track. For example, if you cast Gambler's Fever Dream twice and get spell A and spell B, reload without saving, cast spell C and then cast Gambler's Fever Dream, you will get spell B, the reverse is also true.

You can only try to cast Gambler's Fever Dream if you have the magic required for it and the half-priced spell, if you do not have enough, Gambler's Fever Dream and its chosen spell's magic is refunded; Gambler's Fever Dream attempting to cast a spell you do not meet the requirements for (e.g. Resurrect Abomination outside the Grandmapocalypse) will also refund the magic, this will advance the spell counter unlike not having enough magic.

With Gambler's Fever Dream's small delay, you can cast Gambler's Fever Dream to advance the spell casted, then quickly cast Force the Hand of Fate. If you don't get the right cookie, reload, cast Gambler's Fever Dream twice, then quickly cast Force the Hand of Fate again, increase until you get the right cookie, at which point you can keep playing while Gambler's Fever Dream may be refunded if the remaining magic cannot cast the original target.

You can cast Gambler's Fever Dream for it to cast Force the Hand of Fate, since Force the Hand of Fate increments the spell count after the effect take place, casting it will have the same effect as the Gambler's Fever Dream's one. If the Force the Hand of Fate from did not backfire, the next one is also guaranteed to not as well; however, if it backfires, it is not guaranteed as it has a higher than usual chance of backfiring. You can use Resurrect Abomination to check if it is because using it outside of Grandmapocalypse does not consume magic but shows different messages depending on the next spell will backfire or not. More about scrying here.

Magic recharge time[]

The maximum magic, M, one can have is determined by the following formula:

Where T is the amount of wizard towers owned and L is the level of the wizard towers. How the magic, M, increases over time, starting from empty at t=0, can be approximated by the following formula:

Where time, t, is in minutes. Notice that when L=1 and T<=530, M=100. In most cases, we can approximate M with the quadratic equation only. To estimate how long it takes in minutes to reach the target amount of magic, use the following formula:

Where mi is the current amount of magic available and mf is the desired amount of magic. This time may vary from the actual time taken due to the game running at different frame rates (e.g. when running in the background versus in the foreground). By these calculations, it takes roughly 56 minutes to fully recharge a completely empty magic meter when M=100.

This Desmos graph can be used to calculate the time it will take to reach any amount of magic (m(t)), given the number and level of towers.

This Desmos graph can be used to calculate the amount of time it will take to reach a target amount of magic, given the number and level of towers, and the current amount of magic.

Endgame combo usage[]

Level 1: 772+10n → FTHOF → 52 → confirm, DI or HC → 22 → FTHOF → {422 → refill → FTHOF → 22 → FTHOF}

Level 2: 747+10n → FTHOF→ 47 → confirm, DI or HC → 17 → FTHOF → {417 → refill → FTHOF → 17 → FTHOF}

Level 3: (slot SI) → 351+10n→ FTHOF→ 21 → confirm, DI or HC → 1 → FTHOF→ {501 → refill → FTHOF → 1 → FTHOF}

Level 4: (slot SI) → 341+10n→ FTHOF→ 21 → confirm, DI or HC → 1 → FTHOF→ {501 → refill → FTHOF → 1 → FTHOF}

Level 5: (slot SI) → 421+10n→ FTHOF→ 21 → confirm, DI or HC → 1 → FTHOF→ {401 → refill → FTHOF → 1 → FTHOF}

Level 6: (slot SI) → 431+10n→ FTHOF→ 21 → confirm, DI or HC → 1 → FTHOF→ {501 → refill → FTHOF → 1 → FTHOF}

Level 7: (slot SI) → 451+10n→ FTHOF→ 21 → confirm, DI or HC → 1 → FTHOF→ {501 → refill → FTHOF → 1 → FTHOF}

Level 8: (slot SI) → 471+10n→ FTHOF→ 21 → confirm, DI or HC → 1 → FTHOF→ {501 → refill → FTHOF → 1 → FTHOF}

Level 9: (slot SI) → 541+10n→ FTHOF→ 21 → confirm, DI or HC → 1 → FTHOF→ {501 → refill → FTHOF → 1 → FTHOF}

Level 10: (slot SI and RB) → 551+10n → FTHOF→ 21→ confirm, DI or HC→ 1 → FTHOF→ {501 → refill → FTHOF → 1 → FTHOF}

Level 2 goofGFD cancel (SI required, use RB too if using 907)897/907 FTHOF → 97 DI/HC → 47 GFD/ST → options belowFTHOF 7 FTHOFSE ST 17 FTHOFResolve RAGFD again or FTHOFFTHOFIf GFD HC or SCP 17 GFD or FTHOFResolve RAGFD or FTHOFFTHOFFTHOFST→ 547 FTHOF → 47 GFD/STFTHOF 7 FTHOFSE ST 17 FTHOFResolve RAGFD again or FTHOFFTHOFIf GFD HC or SCP 17 GFD or FTHOFResolve RAGFD or FTHOFFTHOFFTHOFST→ 547 FTHOF → 47 GFD/STFTHOF 7 FTHOFSE ST 17 FTHOFResolve RAGFD again or FTHOFFTHOFIf GFD HC or SCP 17 GFD or FTHOFResolve RAGFD or FTHOFFTHOFFTHOFST1 ST (optional)647/747/847/947 FTHOF → 47 DI/HC → 17 FTHOF → 517 ST → 317 FTHOF → 17 FTHOF → 517 ST if carm → 317 FTHOF → 17 FTHOF3 DI 2 ST657/757/857 FTHOF→ 57DI → 27 FTHOF → 627 ST→ 327 ST→ 127 FTHOF →7 FTHOF→ 517 ST if carm→ 317 FTHOF→17 FTHOFHC27 RA Success → DI→ 7 FTHOF27 RA Backfire → GFDRA confirm, DI→ 7 FTHOF→ 517 ST→ 317 FTHOF→17 FTHOFBackfire RA try againIf all else, FTHOF skip→ 607 DI/HC→327 ST→ 127 FTHOF→ 7 FTHOF→ 517 ST if carm→ 317 FTHOF→17 FTHOF

Optimal max limits[]

Spells can be repeatedly cast as long as there is enough magic in the magic meter to cast it. For every spell, there is an optimal value for the max limit of magic, which allows the magic to regenerate in the shortest amount of time. These values and times are recorded in the table below. Some spells have inconveniently low limits, like the 7 of Conjure Baked Goods, so good alternatives have been listed as well.

Name Optimal Max Magic Cost to Cast Time Until Recharged
Conjure Baked Goods 7 4 305 seconds
9 5 333 seconds
12 6 338 seconds
Force the Hand of Fate 33 29 1248 seconds
38 32 1238 seconds
43 35 1243 seconds
Stretch Time 44 16 447 seconds
49 17 448 seconds
54 18 449 seconds
Spontaneous Edifice 93 89 2548 seconds
97 92 2538 seconds
101 95 2546 seconds
Haggler's Charm 79 17 338 seconds
89 18 336 seconds
99 19 335 seconds
Summon Crafty Pixies 54 20 506 seconds
59 21 506 seconds
64 22 506 seconds
Resurrect Abomination 89 28 541 seconds
99 29 528 seconds
109 30 540 seconds
Diminish Ineptitude 24 9 342 seconds
29 10 342 seconds
34 11 345 seconds

Optimal magic levels

With this information, we can see that casting Haggler's Charm with 99 max magic is the fastest way to cast spells, but casting Conjure Baked Goods with low max magic is a good alternative while remaining useful in getting cookies.

Dualcasting with Force the Hand of Fate[]

Dualcasting is the act of casting a spell, usually Force the Hand of Fate, then selling a certain amount of Wizard Towers to cast the spell again with the mana you have remaining. This does use up almost all of your mana at once, and therefor requires a large time to recharge and use again, so minimizing the recharge time of this ability is key to using this strategy effectively. Below is a table detailing the optimal spots to Dualcast for the Wizard Tower Levels 1-5, and whether you have Krumblor's Supreme Intellect ability active. What defines whether a spot is 'Optimal' to Dualcast from is simply whether you can sell Towers quickly in groups of 100 to get from the first cast spot to the second.

Tower Level Without Supreme Intellect With Supreme Intellect With Supreme Intellect & Reality Bending
Level 1 440 -> 30(!)

/ 321 -> 21 (+6:06)

222 -> 23(!)

/ 223 -> 23 (+0:20)

238 -> 27(!)

/ 224 -> 24 (+0:48)

Level 2 435 -> 25(!)

/ 314 -> 14 (+4:36)

217 -> 17 240 -> 20(!)

/ 216 -> 16 (+0:30)

Level 3 427 -> 17(!)

/ 308 -> 8 (+4:36)

210 -> 10 233 -> 13(!)

/ 210 -> 10 (+0:30)

Level 4 422 -> 12(!)

/ 303 -> 3 (+4:18)

204 -> 4 228 -> 8(!)

/ 204 -> 4 (+0:30)

Level 5 417 -> 7(!)

/ 301 -> 1 (+4:36)

201 -> 1 223 -> 3(!)

/ 201 -> 1 (+0:30)

Minimum Recharge Times (approx.) 45:42 36:54 36:24

This table displays the Tower amounts that when used to dualcast, would recharge in the smallest amount of time, as well as a different value if the original didn't have any optimal positions, and how much longer it would take to recharge than to dualcast optimally.

This desmos graph can be used to find all of these values, and although it can look scary at first, instructions are included on how to manipulate it, and how to find the values in this graph and more efficient times for specific situations.


Icon Name Description ID
Conjure Baked Goods Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo Cast 9 spells. 321
Force the Hand of Fate I'm the wiz Cast 99 spells. 322
Diminish Ineptitude A wizard is you Cast 999 spells.
"I'm a what?"


  • Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo is a reference to Disney's Cinderella.
  • "A wizard is you" is a reference to "A winner is you," a meme from Nintendo Pro Wrestling.
    • The description "I'm a what?" is a reference to Harry Potter.
  • The Stretch Time spell can be purposely backfired to shorten Clots or other negative effects by 10 minutes max, which can be very useful.
  • "I'm the wiz" is a reference to a character in the Seinfeld episode "The Junk Mail"
  • The flavor text of Haggler's Charm, "What's that spell? Loadsamoney!", is a reference to the song Loadsamoney (Doing up the house) by Harry Enfield, featuring the lines "What's that spell? Loadsamoney, probably".
  • Conjure Baked Goods gives a base amount of cookies of 7 when used at a CPS of 0. The only way to get this is through the use of it during a Cursed Finger Wrath Cookie effect, due to always having CPS above 0 when using the spell (it is required to own Wizard Towers in order to use spells), but Cursed Finger sets your CPS to 0 for the duration of the effect.
  • Spawning a golden cookie from Force the Hand of Fate during a cookie chain will end that chain
  • When Resurrect Abomination backfires while you have no wrinklers it displays "Backfire! But no wrinkler was harmed." Outside of the Grandmapocalypse, it will say "Unable to spawn a wrinkler!" if the cast is successful. By attempting to cast this before starting the Grandmapocalypse (or during an Elder Pact/Pledge), you can use this information to determine if the next spell will backfire or not, as your magic will not be drained if the spell cannot have an effect.
  • The "Just Wrong" achievement can be unlocked by losing a grandma to Spontaneous Edifice backfiring.
  • When a spell is set to backfire (regardless of reloading), you can instead activate Gambler's Fever Dream which has a high chance of negating the inevitable backfire.
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