Cookie Clicker Wiki
Icon Name Description ID
Hardcore Hardcore [note 1] Get to 1 billion cookies baked with no upgrades purchased. 92
  1. These achievements can only be obtained before ascending for the first time (or after ascending without gaining anything) or in Challenge Mode.

It may take several hours to obtain this achievement due to cookie production being very slow and clicking being woefully weak due to a lack of upgrades that would normally boost clicking. Golden cookies will be the only real way to significantly speed up production. Therefore, one would have to optimize the gain from Golden cookies as much as possible: which means that later into an attempt, one should start stockpiling 1 hour and 40 minutes worth of cps in bank to make the "Lucky!" outcome give the full amount of cookies (which would make it almost twice as good as Frenzy).

It is absolutely paramount that one have good building distribution. Due to a lack of upgrades, one should get around 4 to 7 of the last building before starting the next building. For optimal purchasing choices, you can input your save here, turn off "Recommend upgrades", and have the computer figure it out for you.

Due to Click Frenzy being extremely underwhelming in Hardcore attempts, Cookie Storms are the most powerful effect available. To maximize the gain from them, resize the window to be as small as possible while still leaving some room to click the storm drops, which will be all clumped in one place.

It is also recommended to do Neverclick/True Neverclick while attempting to obtain Hardcore in order to save time.