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Heralds are 1% CpS boosts per Herald given based on the number of people who have donated to the highest DashNet Patreon tier of $30 per month, or in the Steam version the number of players currently in game divided by 100.

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The boost is only active if the player has ascended and purchased the Heralds heavenly upgrade for 100 heavenly chips. The Herald tier is limited to a maximum of 100 patrons. Being a herald gives you the privileges of all the other tiers and a special discord reward.

Browser version[]


The number of heralds is accessed by the game from the external .php file located at /patreon/grab.php. The game determines if the variable—Game.heralds—is between the integers 0 and 100. If it is above 100, it is set to 100; if it is below zero (i.e. negative), it is set to 0, though these would not be possible without modifying the game. The number displayed at the top of the page is set to always be equal to Game.heralds.


If the player has both ascended at least once and owns the heavenly upgrade Heralds (note: the game actually requires both, despite heavenly upgrades normally being impossible to unlock without ascending or otherwise modifying the game), the game will multiply CpS by the following formula:

Thus, with the current number of heralds, the CpS is multiplied by 1.41, or +41%.


  • The herald count is currently hard-coded to be at 41 in the browser version: /patreon/grab.php. It is therefore incongruent with the number of patrons with the herald tier at the Dashnet Patreon page.
    • However, in the Steam version of the game, the maximum number of heralds is increased to 100. As stated above, the amount of heralds is calculated by dividing the number of players currently playing the game by 100. It is currently unknown as to the reason for this difference,
  • If the number of heralds is equal to zero, the heralds tool tip will display the following: "There are no heralds at the moment. Please consider donating to our Patreon!'"
    • This is currently not possible in the game, as the number of heralds does not change.
  • If the game cannot access external game data, like the herald count, it will display the text "Heralds couldn't be loaded. There may be an issue with our servers, or you are playing the game locally."