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The Idleverse is a building added in the alternate reality update. It is the eighteenth building in the game, costs 12 sextillion cookies and produces 8.3 trillion CpS by hijacking production from other idle universes.


Icon Name Description ID
Plain idleverse They'll never know what hit 'em Have 1 idleverse. 509
Berrylium idleverse Well-versed Have 50 idleverses. 510
Blueberrylium idleverse Ripe for the picking Have 100 idleverses. 511
Chalcedhoney idleverse Unreal Have 150 idleverses. 512
Buttergold idleverse Once you've seen one Have 200 idleverses. 513
Sugarmuck idleverse Spoils and plunder Have 250 idleverses. 514
Jetmint idleverse Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere Have 300 idleverses.
"Come watch TV?"
Cherrysilver idleverse Hyperspace expressway Have 350 idleverses. 516
Hazelrald idleverse Versatile Have 400 idleverses. 517
Mooncandy idleverse You are inevitable Have 450 idleverses. 518
Astrofudge idleverse Away from this place Have 500 idleverses. 519
Alabascream idleverse Everywhere at once Have 550 idleverses. 520
Iridyum idleverse Reject reality, substitute your own Have 600 idleverses. 521
Glucosmium idleverse Lost your cosmic marbles Have 650 idleverses. 572
Glimmeringue idleverse Greener on the other sides Have 700 idleverses. 634
Fringe Fringe Make 100 octillion cookies just from idleverses. 522
Coherence Coherence Make 1 undecillion cookies just from idleverses. 523
Earth-616 Earth-616 Make 10 tredecillion cookies just from idleverses. 524
Strange topologies Strange topologies Reach level 10 idleverses. 525


Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
Plain idleverse Manifest destiny Own 1 idleverse Money 120 sextillion Idleverses are twice as efficient.
"While the ethics of ransacking parallel universes for their riches may seem questionable to some, you've reasoned that bringing the good word of your cookie empire to the unwashed confines of other realities is your moral duty, nay, your righteous imperative, and must be undertaken as soon as possible, lest they do it to you first!"
Berrylium idleverse The multiverse in a nutshell Own 5 idleverses Money 600 sextillion Idleverses are twice as efficient.
"The structure of the metacosmos may seem confusing and at times even contradictory, but here's what you've gathered so far:
  • each reality, or "idleverse", exists in parallel to all others
  • most realities seem to converge towards the production of a sole type of item (ours evidently being, thanks to you, cookies)
  • each reality is riddled with chaotic tunnels to a number of subordinate dimensions (such as the so-called "cookieverse"), much like swiss cheese
  • all realities bathe in an infinite liquid of peculiar properties, colloquially known as "milk"

Finally, each reality may have its own interpretation of the concept of "reality", for added fun."

Blueberrylium idleverse All-conversion Own 25 idleverses Money 6 septillion Idleverses are twice as efficient.
"It's quite nice that you can rewire the logic of each universe to generate cookies instead, but you still end up with parsec-loads of whatever they were producing before - baubles you've long made obsolete: cash money, gems, cheeseburgers, puppies... That's why you've designed the universal converter, compatible with any substance and capable of turning those useless spoils of conquest into the reassuring crumbly rustle of even more cookies."
Chalcedhoney idleverse Multiverse agents Own 50 idleverses Money 600 septillion Idleverses are twice as efficient.
"You can send undercover spies to infiltrate each universe and have them signal you whether it's worth overtaking. Once the assimilation process started, they will also help pacify the local populations, having established trust through the use of wacky, but seamless, disguises."
Buttergold idleverse Escape plan Own 100 idleverses Money 60 octillion Idleverses are twice as efficient.
"You've set an idleverse aside and terraformed it to closely resemble this one in case something goes horribly wrong in here. Of course, the denizens of that idleverse also have their own escape idleverse to abscond to in the eventuality of your arrival, itself likely having its own contingency idleverse, and so on."
Sugarmuck idleverse Game design Own 150 idleverses Money 6 nonillion Idleverses are twice as efficient.
"Each idleverse functions according to some form of transcendental programming, that much is a given. But they also seem to be governed by much more subtle rules, the logic of which, when harnessed, may give you unparalleled dominion over the multiverse. Rewrite the rules! A game designer is you!"
Jetmint idleverse Sandbox universes Own 200 idleverses Money 6 decillion Idleverses are twice as efficient.
"It doesn't seem like you'll run out of extra universes anytime soon so why not repurpose some of them as consequence-free testing grounds for all your more existentially threatening market research? (...consequence-free for you, anyway.)"
Cherrysilver idleverse Multiverse wars Own 250 idleverses Money 6 undecillion Idleverses are twice as efficient.
"Hmm, looks like some other universes wised up to your plundering. Thankfully, that's nothing your extra beefed-up metacosmic military budget can't handle!"
Hazelrald idleverse Mobile ports Own 300 idleverses Money 6 duodecillion Idleverses are twice as efficient.
"Accessing each outer universe is a bit of a hassle, requiring the once-in-a-blue-moon alignment of natural cosmic ports to transit from universe to universe. You've finally perfected the method of travel near-instantaneously along universal perimeters to permit headache-free multiverse connections. Took you long enough."
Mooncandy idleverse Encapsulated realities Own 350 idleverses Money 6 tredecillion Idleverses are twice as efficient.
"Untold feats of science went into the reduction of infinite universes into these small, glimmering, easy-to-store little spheres. Exercise infinite caution when handling these, for each of them, containing endless galaxies and supporting endless life, is more precious than you can ever fathom. They've also proven to be quite a smash hit in your warehouses on bowling nights."
Astrofudge idleverse Extrinsic clicking Own 400 idleverses Money 60 quattuordecillion Idleverses are twice as efficient.
"If you poke an idleverse, it seems like it gets work done faster. It's also quite fun hearing a trillion terrified voices screaming in unison."
Alabascream idleverse Universal idling Own 450 idleverses Money 600 quindecillion Idleverses are twice as efficient.
"The nature of idleverses is found in waiting. The more you wait on an idleverse, the more exponentially potent it becomes - which saves you a whole lot of hard work. In a true act of zen, you've taken to biding your time when collecting new universes, let them ripen like a fine wine."
Iridyum idleverse Break the fifth wall Own 500 idleverses Money 6 septendecillion Idleverses are twice as efficient.
"Huh, was that always there? Whatever it was, it's gone now. And what was behind is yours for the taking."
Glucosmium idleverse Opposite universe Own 550 Idleverses Money 60 octodecillion Idleverses are twice as efficient.
"You've located a universe where everything is reversed: up is down, light is darkness, clowns are vegetarians - but worst of all, some lunatic there is manufacturing abominable amounts of anti-cookies. If these came into contact with yours, everything would be lost! Thanks to this discovery, you've been able to place the offending universe in permanent quarantine, and pray that there aren't more like it hiding around somewhere."
Glimmeringue idleverse The other routes to Rome Own 600 idleverses Money 600 novemdecillion Idleverses are twice as efficient.
"Did you know every idleverse follows its own path of sequential buildings, sometimes quite dissimilar to our own? Grandpas, wind turbines, through the power of music, friendship, or legislation; those folks in there discovered ways to make cookies out of any random venue. Some of them don't even have idleverses, can you imagine?"

Other Upgrades[]

Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
Grandma icon Alternate grandmas 15 idleverses and 1 grandma owned Money 600 sextillion Grandmas are twice as efficient. Idleverses gain +1% CpS per 16 grandmas.
"A different grandma to bake something else."
Perforated mille-feuille cosmos Perforated mille-feuille cosmos 15 portals, 15 idleverses and "Synergies Vol. I" purchased Money 2.4 octillion Portals gain +5% CpS per idleverse.
Idleverses gain +0.1% CpS per portal.
"Imagine, if you will, layers upon layers . Now picture billions of worms chewing their way through it all. This roughly, but not quite, approximates the geometry of the most basal stratum of our natural world."
Infraverses and superverses Infraverses and superverses 75 fractal engines, 75 idleverses and "Synergies Vol. II" purchased Money 2.4 decillion Fractal engines gain +5% CpS per idleverse.
Idleverses gain +0.1% CpS per fractal engine.
"Universes within universes? How subversive!"
Fortune idleverse Fortune #018 Random fortune from news ticker Money 933.333 quindecillion Idleverses are 7% more efficient and 7% cheaper.
"There's plenty of everyone, but only one of you."
Unshackled idleverse Unshackled idleverses
(heavenly upgrade)
"Unshackled javascript consoles" purchased MoneyHC 9.183 quadrillion Tiered upgrades for Idleverses provide an extra +30% production.
Only works with unshackled upgrade tiers.
"Wait even faster."



  • Idleverses , Grandmas and Cortex Bakers are the only buildings to have a randomized appearance in the building overview. However, unlike Grandmas, Idleverses and Cortex Bakers do not require upgrades in order to gain an altered appearance.
    • Alternate grandma is also the only type of grandma to face left instead of right.
  • Idleverses have the longest building description in the whole game.


  • The "Unreal" achievement may be a reference to the Unreal game development engine.
  • The "Hyperspace expressway" achievement is a reference to the Vogons from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, as building a hyperspace freeway was why they destroyed the Earth.
  • The "You are inevitable" achievement is a reference to Thanos from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and his quote "I am inevitable."
  • The “Reject reality, substitute your own” achievement is a reference to the quote from the 1984 film The Dungeonmaster, “I reject your reality and substitute my own.” The quote is often said by Adam Savage in Mythbusters.
  • The achievement "Away from this place" is a reference to the song All Star by Smash Mouth.
  • The 'Earth-616' achievement is a reference to Marvel Comics, where the prime universe that most of its stories take place in is known as Earth-616.
  • "Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere" and its flavor text "Come watch TV?" are part of a quote from the Adult Swim show Rick and Morty.
  • The "Break the fifth wall" flavor is the idea that there is a division between the fictional world depicted, and the actual actors, props, etc
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