The Javascript console is a building added in the going off-script update. It is the seventeenth and final building in the game, costs 71 quintillion cookies and produces 1.1 trillion CpS by creating cookies from Cookie Clicker's very code.


Javascript Console achievements
Icon Name Description ID
Plain javascript console F12 Have 1 javascript console. 433
Berrylium javascript console Variable success Have 50 javascript consoles. 434
Blueberrylium javascript console No comments Have 100 javascript consoles. 435
Chalcedhoney javascript console Up to code Have 150 javascript consoles. 436
Buttergold javascript console Works on my machine Have 200 javascript consoles. 437
Sugarmuck javascript console Technical debt Have 250 javascript consoles. 438
Jetmint javascript console Mind your language Have 300 javascript consoles. 439
Cherrysilver javascript console Inconsolable Have 350 javascript consoles. 440
Hazelrald javascript console Closure Have 400 javascript consoles. 441
Mooncandy javascript console Dude what if we're all living in a simulation like what if we're all just code on a computer somewhere Have 450 javascript consoles. 442
Astrofudge javascript console Taking the back streets Have 500 javascript consoles. 443
Alabascream javascript console Curly braces Have 550 javascript consoles.
"Or as the French call them, mustache boxes.
Go well with quotes."
Inherited prototype Inherited prototype Make 10 octillion cookies just from javascript consoles. 444
A model of document object A model of document object Make 100 decillion cookies just from javascript consoles. 445
First-class citizen First-class citizen Make 1 tredecillion cookies just from javascript consoles. 446
Alexandria Alexandria Reach level 10 javascript consoles. 447


Javascript Console upgrades
Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
Plain javascript console The JavaScript console for dummies Own 1 javascript console Money 710 quintillion Javascript consoles are twice as efficient.
"This should get you started. The first line reads: "To open the javascript console, press-"
...the rest of the book is soaked in chocolate milk. If only there was a way to look up this sort of information..."
Berrylium javascript console 64bit arrays Own 5 javascript consoles Money 3.55 sextillion Javascript consoles are twice as efficient.
"A long-form variable type to pack your cookies much more efficiently."
Blueberrylium javascript console Stack overflow Own 25 javascript consoles Money 35.5 sextillion Javascript consoles are twice as efficient.
"This is really bad! You probably forgot to close a loop somewhere and now your programs are going crazy! The rest of your engineers seem really excited about it somehow. How could a software mishap like a stack overflow possibly ever help anyone?"
Chalcedhoney javascript console Enterprise compiler Own 50 javascript consoles Money 3.55 septillion Javascript consoles are twice as efficient.
"This bespoke javascript compiler took your team years of development and billions in research, but it should let you execute (certain) functions (up to) 2% faster (in optimal circumstances)."
Buttergold javascript console Syntactic sugar Own 100 javascript consoles Money 355 septillion Javascript consoles are twice as efficient.
"Tastier code for tastier cookies."
Sugarmuck javascript console A nice cup of coffee Own 150 javascript consoles Money 35.5 octillion Javascript consoles are twice as efficient.
"All this nerd stuff has you exhausted. You make yourself a nice cup of coffee, brewed with roasted beans from some far-away island. You may have been working a bit too hard though - the cup of coffee starts talking to you, insisting that it is NOT javascript."
Jetmint javascript console Just-in-time baking Own 200 javascript consoles Money 35.5 nonillion Javascript consoles are twice as efficient.
"A new method of preparing cookies; they bake themselves right in front of the customers before eating, leaving your kitchens mess-free."
Cherrysilver javascript console cookies++ Own 250 javascript consoles Money 35.5 decillion Javascript consoles are twice as efficient.
"Your very own cookie-themed programming language, elegantly named after its most interesting ability - increasing the "cookies" variable by 1."
Hazelrald javascript console Software updates Own 300 javascript consoles Money 35.5 undecillion Javascript consoles are twice as efficient.
"This is grand news - someone's finally figured out the Wifi password, and your newfound internet connection seems to have triggered a whole lot of software updates! Your browsers, drivers and plugins all received a fresh coat of paint, and your javascript version has been updated to the latest ECMAScript specification. It's really too bad thousands had to die due to some deprecated function in your neurotoxin ventilation code, but I guess that's progress for you."
Mooncandy javascript console Game.Loop Own 350 javascript consoles Money 35.5 duodecillion Javascript consoles are twice as efficient.
"You're not quite sure what to make of this. What does it mean? What does it do? Who would leave something like that just laying around here? Try asking again in 1/30th of a second."
Astrofudge javascript console eval() Own 400 javascript consoles Money 355 tredecillion Javascript consoles are twice as efficient.
"It is said that this simple function holds the key to the universe, and that whosoever masters it may shape reality to their will.
Good thing you have no idea how it works. Makes for a neat plaque on your wall, though."
Alabascream javascript console Your biggest fans Own 450 javascript consoles Money 3.55 quindecillion Javascript consoles are twice as efficient.
"Let's face it, baking cookies isn't the most optimized thing there is. So you've purchased your biggest fans yet and stuck them next to your computers to keep things chill and in working order. Cool!"

Other UpgradesEdit

Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
GrandmaAchieveNew Binary grandmas 15 javascript consoles and 1 grandma owned Money 3.55 sextillion Grandmas are twice as efficient. Javascript consoles gain +1% CpS per 15 grandmas.
"A digital grandma to transfer more cookies.
(See also : boolean grandmas, string grandmas, and not-a-number grandmas, also known as "NaNs".)"
Script grannies Script grannies 15 Grandmas, 15 Javascript consoles and "Synergies Vol. I" purchased Money 14.2 septillion Grandmas gain +5% CpS per javascript console.
Javascript consoles gain +0.1% CpS per grandma.
"Armies of energy drink-fueled grandmas ready to hack into the cyberspace for renegade e-cookies."
Tombola computing Tombola computing 75 Chancemakers, 75 Javascript consoles and "Synergies Vol. II" purchased Money 14.252 nonillion Chancemakers gain +5% CpS per javascript console.
Javascript consoles gain +0.1% CpS per chancemaker.
"Like quantum computing, but more fun.
(Your ticket reads XX XX XX XX, entitling you to [randomized message].)"
Fortune javascript console Fortune #017 Random fortune from news ticker Money 5.522 quindecillion Javascript consoles are 7% more efficient and 7% cheaper.
"If things aren't working out for you, rewrite the rules."


  • The Javascript console model has the Japanese katakana characters "クッキークリッカー ジャバスクリプト" (Kukkii Kurikkaa Jabasukuriputo) which translate to "Cookie Clicker JavaScript".
    • Before version 2.028, the Javascript console model is miswritten as "クツキークリツカー ジャバスクリプト" (Kutsukii Kuritsukaa Jabasukuriputo).
    • The model is split into two for two different building models, one for Cookie Clicker, one for JavaScript, that appear separately.
  • This is the second building to have a completely different store icon compared to its appearance in the buildings overview, after the Time Machine.
  • Unlike all other buildings, the Javascript console's grandma appearance is dependent on the Script grannies synergy upgrade, rather than the Binary grandmas type upgrade.
  • The Achievement "F12" refers to the F12 key opening the browser console.
  • The Achievement "No Comments" is a reference to comments that are written in code to help explain what certain lines of code are doing.
  • The Upgrade "Stack overflow" is a reference to a stack overflow, or to the Q&A site for programmers.
  • The Upgrade "Cookies++" is a reference to the C++ programming language and the fact that the "++" operator increases a variable by one.
  • The Upgrade "Just-in-time Baking" is a reference to Just-in-time compilation.
  • The flavor text for the upgrade "A Nice Cup of Coffee" is a reference to the fact that java is a name for coffee and that Java is a programming language that many people confuse with JavaScript.
  • The flavor text for the upgrade "The JavaScript console for dummies" is a reference to the series of informative books of a similar name.
  • The "Alexandria" achievement may be a reference to the Library of Alexandria and coding libraries.
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