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Duketater bud
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Condition Dialogue
Intro Oh joy! My name's Lucky. Guess what I'm good at?
Greeting I'm feeling lucky!
It's a bright day today!
Let's do great things together.
Win Ooh lucky shot!
Pow! One more.
Damn straight!
Entrance Glad to be of service!
Oooh this one'll be interesting.
This will be a good one, I can feel it!
Here I come!
Completion Over already?
Let's explore some more!
That was lucky!
That was no luck, I'm just that good.
Alright, let's move on!
I'm just getting warmed up!
Defeat I can't believe it!
...This is a joke, right?
Hey! No fair!
I'm gonna need a bandaid. And some hot chocolate.
I'll, uh, try again later.
Bad luck! Bad luck!
Win against Ascended Baking Pod Golly, that was peculiar.