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Metagaming refers to the act of playing the game on a higher level, above the actual gameplay or story. The "Meta-Game" is the Community surrounding the game, the strategy the player takes, and any other player actions relating to the game, but outside the actual gameplay itself. The Metagame features a large cheating community and many utilities.


The community of Cookie Clicker began around mid-August in 2013. The community started with a post about the game on's /v/ board, where it quickly gained a small following. The game later spread to Tumblr and Reddit, where it gained popularity. Today, there is a fanbase with a wiki, A new and improved Discord , an online Forum , and its own Subreddit.


The strategy of Cookie Clicker revolves around efficiency and building your CpS. Currently there is no end goal, so victory is impossible. The closest you can come to winning is to simply have a lot of cookies (or at least more than your friends). The game can be broken apart into 3 main categories: Early Game, Mid Game and Late Game, with even more content after that with the addition of Prestige.

Early GameEdit

The early game is the start of the game, when you may only have a few Buildings, but most of your cookies come from clicking.

It is recommended to skip the cursors, as they are essentially useless without buying them in bulk. Instead, click the cookie until you have enough for 1 grandma, and work up from there until they become too expensive (15 Grandmas) to buy by clicking alone. Use your remaining cookies to spam buy 30 Cursors, and then work towards Farms and Mines. Consider only getting a couple (2) of farms to start, as they are the most useless building in the game, but will give you a much-needed boost early game to work towards (5 Mines). Buy any upgrades available during the early game as they will greatly improve your CpS. Another, slightly more recent strategy, is chaining for the Reinforced index finger upgrade. This will give you a slightly faster push for the early game. Once you have gotten 10 cursors and 5 grandmas, you should be able to afford the carpal tunnel prevention cream. Once bought, just follow the instructions above  and be on your way to the mid-game.


As you work your way up to Factories save up your cookies for Banks, Temple, Wizard Towers, Shipments, Alchemy Labs, and especially Portals. Portals will greatly increase your CpS and are considered the most important mid-game building. Continue to buy upgrades when you can afford them, and focus on growing your CpS, even though you may not have much control over it. You can also consider Achievements Hunting during this stage so Kitten Upgrades are more efficient when you buy them. It is recommended you start idling midgame so you can afford the larger buildings and upgrades.

Make sure to grab at least 15 of all buildings after grandmas to be able to buy their respective grandma upgrades.

Late GameEdit

The late game is mainly focused on buying the most expensive upgrades, and the most expensive buildings such as Antimatter Condensers, Prisms, Chancemakers, and Fractal Engines . Use upgrades to maximize your CpS, as the rest of the game will be spent idling. By buying upgrades, Cursors and Grandmas become much more valuable late game, and the player may even research upgrades to unleash a Grandmapocalypse; bolstering their cookie production even further. During late game, consider idling to work towards big purchases for achievements and upgrades. It is important to work on Achievements hunting late game, as it increases your CpS, and you should start considering Ascending.

Strive for at least 200 cursors and 200 grandmas, 128 farms and 128 factories, 100 mines through condensers, 50 prisms and chancemakers. This will give nearly all of the building-related achievements.


The Bingo Center/Research Facility allows the player to purchase several upgrades that boost CpS in general as well as Grandma output specifically. If the player buys One Mind, the Grandmapocalypse will begin, and Wrinklers will begin to appear. This is very beneficial because, despite the withered CpS that is displayed, the net effect of having all ten Wrinklers feeding boosts your CpS by a factor of 6 due to the output of every one Wrinkler being the input of all Wrinklers during the Wrinkler's life multiplied by a factor of 1.1. The most widely accepted strategy is to stop buying upgrades after One Mind and Exotic Nuts. This will allow the player to get all ten Wrinklers as well as 66% Golden Cookies, allowing for Frenzy + Lucky combos in addition to the increased benefit of having Frenzies with Wrinklers. On the other hand, if the player has the Golden Goose Egg upgrade, which causes Golden Cookies to spawn 5% more often, there is also merit to going into Stage 2 or even Stage 3 in the hopes of getting Elder Frenzy + Reindeer combos, since this upgrade makes it much easier to manage the timing of the Golden Cookies relative to the Reindeer. Most believe that Stage One is still the best strategy for total cookie production, but it is ultimately up to the player to decide which strategy to use. It is not recommended to buy the Elder Pledge or Elder Covenant (unless you are ending your first run, at which point you should buy Pledge five times and Covenant once for achievements) because ending the Grandmapocalypse also gets rid of the Wrinklers, and as discussed, Wrinklers provide a significant boost to CpS.

Endgame, Ascension, and Prestige.Edit

see also Heavenly Chips

Before you ascend, make sure you make a backup save, have as many achievements as possible, and have a decent number of heavenly chips to be acquired after ascending. 101 Heavenly Chips is the earliest you should ascend for the first time, as getting the permanent upgrade slot and slotting a powerful cursor upgrade makes the early and mid game very quick.

Later RunsEdit

During the First AscensionEdit

Always make a backup save before ascending, in case you make a mistake while doing so. If you have at least 101 heavenly chips, purchase the permanent upgrade slot and slot the most powerful cursor upgrade you have. Do not confuse cursor and mouse upgrades. Cursor upgrades will be the ones that say "x-tillion fingers" etc. and will show a picture of a cursor in the hand-like instance. If you have any heavenly chips after this, or do not have enough chips to purchase the Permanent Upgrade Slot, purchase items surrounding Legacy first, starting with How to bake your dragon.


After your first ascension, you will gain the ability to harvest and use sugar lumps. By upgrading Farms, Temples and Wizard Towers, you will unlock the Garden, Pantheon and Grimoire.

A Garden is a grid in which you can spend your Cookies to place Plants, Fungi and Weeds. You unlock new plants by cross-breeding them\placing them close to each-other. Each plant has upsides and downsides. If you want a financial status, place a ton of Baker's wheat and Thumbcorn and fill up your garden in freeze mode. Make sure to keep their durability long! Unfreeze your garden and you have a drastic increase in cookies per click and second. Expand your garden by upgrading your farms more. There are many combinations for a Garden that give you a boost. Well, all Garden combinations give you a boost. Make sure to get Turbo-charged soil or a Garden may take very long!

The best Pantheon build consists of Jeremy in the diamond slot, Mokalsium in the ruby slot, and Cyclius in the jade slot while in a beneficial state. While not in a beneficial state, Cyclius should be unslotted, and another Spirit may be slotted in instead. When popping Wrinklers, you should slot Skruuia, as the extra cookie benefit is applied when popping, and not during the Wrinklers' lives.

The Grimoire has a number of spells, but the most powerful of them are Force the Hand of Fate and Spontaneous Edifice. Using Force the Hand of Fate, you can force two or three buffs to overlap each other. This will increase CpS substantially. The golden cookies spawned from this spell are predetermined when casting, so it is possible to save, click the cookie, and predict its effect for later use (e.g. causing a Click Frenzy during a Frenzy. Spontaneous Edifice can be used at a minimum of 80 Wizard Towers as a way of obtaining a building without sacrificing cookies in the bank. Because the spell can give you buildings that are twice what you could afford, it can be used to obtain a building of extensive value early.

Also, since cookies given by Conjure Baked Goods depend on the current CPS, using it during an Elder Frenzy or a Frenzy/Building Special combo can give one several days' worth of production in a stroke.


After purchasing How to Bake Your Dragon with Heavenly Chips you will be able to access a dragon egg. Sacrificing cookies and buildings, you can train dragon auras. The best dragon aura until near end-game is Breath of Milk. If you are an active player, using the Dragonflight aura is advisable. The best dragon aura is Radiant Appetite.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Due to a large number of upgrades, the Grandmas can be one of the best late game buildings and can bring in plenty.
  • Don't worry about getting the 100 buildings achievements past condenser or the golden cookie achievements past Fortune during your first run.
  • Make sure to turn off your computer's power saving mode for AFK play, as it will limit the time you can spend away from the keyboard.

Cookie Clicker ClassicEdit


The current community surrounding Cookie Clicker Classic is small, as most people prefer the updated versions of the game. The original community for cookie clicker was started on the /v/ board of, and later, around Cheating in cookie clicker classic has been around since the beginning of the community, although not nearly as robust as it is today.


It is important to note that the strategy is different. Choose your own strategy and see how it works.

Early GameEdit

The early game actually requires users to click. Auto clicks are a waste of cash. Make a small pool of grandmas and factories. When the factory prices inflate to over half of the price of a mine, alternate between factories and mines. Don't buy more than 10 factories.

Mid GameEdit

When you can afford it, start building Shipments. Shipments are a great source of income until they cost over 1/5 of an Alchemy lab, at this point, save for an Alchemy lab. Continue building alchemy until you can afford the Portal.