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The mine is the fourth building in the game, initially costing 12,000 cookies. Each mine initially produces 47 CpS by mining out cookie dough and chocolate chips.


Icon Name Description ID
PickNew.png You know the drill Have 1 mine. 49
PinkPickNew.png Excavation site Have 50 mines. 50
CyanPickNew.png Hollow the planet Have 100 mines. 51
OrangePickNew.png Can you dig it Have 150 mines. 117
GoldPickNew.png Center of the Earth Have 200 mines. 152
RustedPickNew.png Tectonic ambassador Have 250 mines. 211
BlackPickNew.png Freak fracking Have 300 mines. 251
SilverPickNew.png Romancing the stone Have 350 mines. 282
Hazelrald pickaxe.png Mine? Have 400 mines. 342
Mooncandy pickaxe.png Cave story Have 450 mines. 355
Astrofudge mine.png Hey now, you're a rock Have 500 mines. 401
Alabascream mine.png Rock on Have 550 mines. 477
Iridyum mine.png Mountain out of a molehill, but like in a good way Have 600 mines. 495
Mine Monument1 v15.png Never dig down Make 1 quadrillion cookies just from mines. 137
Mine Monument2 v15.png Quarry on Make 10 sextillion cookies just from mines. 192
PinkMinecraft.png Sedimentalism Make 100 octillion cookies just from mines. 296
10Pick.png D-d-d-d-deeper Reach level 10 mines. 310


Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
PickNew.png Sugar gas Own 1 mine Money.png 120,000 Mines are twice as efficient.
"A pink, volatile gas, found in the depths of some chocolate caves."
PinkPickNew.png Megadrill Own 5 mines Money.png 600,000 Mines are twice as efficient.
"You're in deep."
CyanPickNew.png Ultradrill Own 25 mines Money.png 6 million Mines are twice as efficient.
"Finally caved in?"
OrangePickNew.png Ultimadrill Own 50 mines Money.png 600 million Mines are twice as efficient.
"Pierce the heavens, etc."
GoldPickNew.png H-bomb mining Own 100 mines Money.png 60 billion Mines are twice as efficient.
"Questionable efficiency, but spectacular nonetheless."
RustedPickNew.png Coreforge Own 150 mines Money.png 6 trillion Mines are twice as efficient.
"You've finally dug a tunnel down to the Earth's core. It's pretty warm down here."
BlackPickNew.png Planetsplitters Own 200 mines Money.png 6 quadrillion Mines are twice as efficient.
"These new state-of-the-art excavators have been tested on Merula, Globort and Flwanza VI, among other distant planets which have been curiously quiet lately."
SilverPickNew.png Canola oil wells Own 250 mines Money.png 6 quintillion Mines are twice as efficient.
"A previously untapped resource, canola oil permeates the underground olifers which grant it its particular taste and lucrative properties."
Hazelrald pickaxe.png Mole people Own 300 mines Money.png 6 sextillion Mines are twice as efficient.
"Engineered from real human beings within your very labs, these sturdy little folks have a knack for finding the tastiest underground minerals in conditions that more expensive machinery probably wouldn't survive."
Mooncandy pickaxe.png Mine canaries Own 350 mines Money.png 6 septillion Mines are twice as efficient.
"These aren't used for anything freaky! The miners just enjoy having a pet or two down there."
Astrofudge mine.png Bore again Own 400 mines Money.png 60 octillion Mines are twice as efficient.
"After extracting so much sediment for so long, you've formed some veritable mountains of your own from the accumulated piles of rock and dirt. Time to dig through those and see if you find anything fun!"
Alabascream mine.png Air mining Own 450 mines Money.png 600 nonillion Mines are twice as efficient.
"You've dug your drills through just about every solid surface you could find. But did you know recent advances have revealed untold riches hiding within non-solid surfaces too?"
Iridyum mine.png Caramel alloys Own 500 mines Money.png 6 undecillion Mines are twice as efficient.
"Your geologists have isolated a family of once-overlooked sugary ores that, when combined, may be turned into even more cookie ingredients. Your millions of miles of previously useless tunnels probably house insane amounts of the stuff!"

Other Upgrades

Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
GrandmaAchieveNew.png Miner grandmas 15 mines and 1 grandma owned Money.png 600,000 Grandmas are twice as efficient. Mines gain +1% CpS per 2 grandmas.
"A nice miner to dig more cookies."
SynergyPick.png Seismic magic 15 Mines, 15 Wizard towers and "Synergies Vol. I" purchased Money.png 66.024 trillion Mines gain +5% CpS per wizard tower.
Wizard towers gain +0.1% CpS per mine.
"Surprise earthquakes are an old favorite of wizardly frat houses."
SynergyPickII.png Asteroid mining 75 Mines, 75 Shipments and "Synergies Vol. II" purchased Money.png 1.02 sextillion Mines gain +5% CpS per shipment.
Shipments gain +0.1% CpS per mine.
"As per the 1974 United Cosmic Convention, comets, moons, and inhabited planetoids are no longer legally excavatable.
But hey, a space bribe goes a long way."
SynergySpaceship.png Fossil fuels 15 Mines, 15 Shipments and "Synergies Vol. I" purchased Money.png 1.02 quadrillion Mines gain +5% CpS per shipment.
Shipments gain +0.1% CpS per mine.
"Somehow better than plutonium for powering rockets.
Extracted from the fuels of ancient, fossilized civilizations."
SynergyFlask.png Primordial ores 15 Mines, 15 Alchemy labs and "Synergies Vol. I" purchased Money.png 15 quadrillion Mines gain +5% CpS per alchemy lab.
Alchemy labs gain +0.1% CpS per mine.
"Only when refining the purest metals will you extract the sweetest sap of the earth."
SynergyDice.png Gemmed talismans 15 Mines, 15 Chancemakers and "Synergies Vol. I" purchased Money.png 5.2 sextillion Mines gain +5% CpS per chancemaker.
Chancemakers gain +0.1% CpS per mine.
"Good-luck charms covered in ancient and excruciatingly rare crystals. A must have for job interviews!"
Fortune mine.png Fortune #004 Random fortune from news ticker Money.png 933,333 nonillion Mines are 7% more efficient and 7% cheaper.
"Riches from deep under elevate you all the same."

In Cookie Clicker Classic

Cookie mine store icon Cookie mine appearance
Two images from the Classic version, left: icon shown in the store, right: appearance in the middle field

The mine is the fourth item you can purchase. It will give you 50 cookies every 5 seconds.

It costs 2,000 cookies to start and will increase by 15% with each consecutive purchase.

Buying your first mine will increase Grandma output by +2 cookies per 5 seconds. It will also cause some grandmas to don brown miner uniforms.


  • In Cookie Clicker Classic, the mines were unlocked after the factories, but in cookie clicker update 1.0 this was changed the other way around.
  • The ultimadrill upgrade's flavour text, "Pierce the heavens, etc." is a reference to the anime Gurren Lagann, where lines such as "Your drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens!" are said several times.
  • It would cost a total of 91.93 quadrillion cookies to get the 200 mines necessary for the "Coreforge" upgrade, the last 20 mines representing 94% of that total cost.
  • Never Dig Down is a reference to Minecraft where digging straight down can lead to death by lava or other hazards.
  • Can You Dig It is a quote from the 1979 movie The Warriors, here is a link to a clip of the infamous phrase:
  • The upgrade "H-Bomb Mining" is a reference to "Operation Plowshare" - A series of experiments by the US military to find non-combative uses for nuclear weapons. Unsurprisingly, testing proved that nukes were good for many things, mining however not being one of them.
  • The achievement "Hey now, you're a rock" is a reference to the song "All Star" by Smash Mouth, where part of the chorus is "Hey now, you're a rock star".
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