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Cookie Clicker Mobile is the official mobile version of Cookie Clicker, presently in Beta development. The app is currently only available on Android, with plans to put release on iOS later.[1] The app was launched on 5/23/2019 and last updated 3/4/2024.


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Layout Differences[]

Due to the different aspect ratio, the mobile version has been altered in many ways to create a better playing experience. Instead of most features being hosted on one main screen, everything is split up into five different tabs, along with a few subtabs.

  • Cookie Tab
    • The cookie tab serves the same purpose as the Big Cookie on desktop and Steam. The Big Cookie can be tapped to gain cookies. The screen also showcases the player's current cookie count, cookies per second, milk, and Cursor amount. Note that Cursors are the only building on the mobile version that have any visual indicator of how much is owned.
    • The cookie tab is also the only tab in which Golden Cookies can appear. When on a different tab and one appears, a yellow indicator will appear on the tab's icon to alert the player, shown on the right.
  • Store Tab
    • The store tab has the same function as the store section on desktop and steam, being the main hub for buying/selling buildings and upgrades, with each having their own respective subtabs.
  • Special
    • The special tab allows the player to access everything regarding Ascension as well as as training creatures, the Grandmatriarchs status/Research Facility status, current season and more.
  • Stats Tab
    • The stats tab shows much of the same information as the one on desktop and steam. However, instead of always being shown, buildings and upgrades are in their own separate subtabs that can be scrolled through upon clicking their buttons.
    • The stats tab also features a Log button which details certain actions that have happened since your last time opening the app, such as golden cookie clicks, achievements, etc.
  • Misc Tab
    • The misc tab has four buttons, being Settings, About, Version History, and Wipe Save.
      • Settings allows the player to change various settings, such as sound, fancy graphics, cursors, etc.
      • About gives the player some information about the game along with links to the game's DashNet, Discord, Reddit, and Wiki.
      • Version History details the mobile verion's changelogs for the previous/current versions. It also gives links to Orteil's tumblr, twitter, and Patreon.
      • Wipe save will completely wipe the player's save. This is different from ascension in that absolutely nothing will be retained for future playthroughs.
    • There is also a smaller button to switch to the alpha version, which, when active, can be used to test features before they make it to the live version.

Gameplay Differences[]

Different to the desktop version, the mobile version includes:

  • Perfect idling from the start of the game. Wrinklers also eat cookies when offline, although they will only spawn when online.
  • A "Special" tab, which shows the ascend button as well as the research upgrades. It is presumed that minigames will appear here when implemented.
  • The ability to "Buy all" upgrades without the Inspired Checklist heavenly upgrade. The mobile version does not include this upgrade.
  • The ability to see the prestige tree without ascending, as well as viewing the upgrades descriptions and prices.
  • The "Log" button, in the Stats menu, which shows all previous notifications, such as previous achievements, golden cookie information, and how many cookies were made when offline
  • "Tips of the day" in the Misc section, giving small tips on the game.
  • A "Buy Max" button.
  • Cookie clicks and Cookies per click statistics being changed to Cookie taps and Cookies per tap.
  • The numbers are also formatted differently (e.g. "2.3M” instead of “2.3 million”).
  • Cookie Clicker can also be played in a smaller window or as a pop-up on phones, everything is accessible like all of the Interface, shop's buildings and upgrades, and everything in the special tab, another advantage of this is that you can play it on Landscape/horizontally, though there is a drawback, if used as a smaller window the interface won't resize to fit.
  • Due to Perfect Idling, the Twin Gates Of Transcendence heavenly upgrade is replaced with Power Clicks. Buying the Power Clicks heavenly upgrade will make every 30 minutes offline give a Power Click. These will give 2x the cookies and increase cookie production for 10 seconds on the next tap. The amount you have is when the amount you can use when clicking and can't be refunded. The Demon and Angel tree now upgrade Power Clicks, Angel upgrades being for increasing capacity and lower time for Power Clicks while the Demon upgrades increase the amount of cookies from a Power Click and increases the time and effectiveness of its cookie production buff.

The app has two versions Live, and Alpha. The Alpha version is under development and has these features which are not yet in live:

However, the mobile version does not include:

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    • 697 upgrades as compared to 716 on the website version.
    • 566 achievements and 3 shadow achievements (a full list here) as compared to 622 and 17 shadow on the website version.
    • 98 heavenly upgrades (a full list here) as compared to 129 on the website version

Orteil has stated there are some things in the desktop version that will not be implemented in the mobile version, like the Dungeons and Gardens, due to them being too complex.[1]


Orteil has stated that at some point during the beta, there will be an option to pay a small amount of money to remove ads.[1]

If you plug in a USB OTG to your device and actually use a mouse, the remarks about tapping instead of clicking will still be displayed.