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Cookie Clicker has various options to change the performance and graphics of the game. Disabling these options may change aspects about the game, including increasing performance.

To access the options, click the "Options" tab at the top.

General Options[]

  • Change Language: Allows you to change the language to English, French, German, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Russian.
  • Save: Saves the game manually without having to wait 60 seconds for autosave
  • Export save: Brings up your save string so you can copy it somewhere and import it later to continue the game.
  • Import save: Paste your save string to continue your game.
  • Save to/Load from file: Allows you to save/load your game to/from a local file on your computer.
  • Wipe save: Resets absolutely everything, including prestige, as if starting a completely new game.

Options Menu


  • (Steam only) Cloud Saving: Turns on or off Steam Cloud saving.
  • (Steam only) Purge Cloud: Purges data on Steam Cloud.
  • Volume: Adjust in-game volume.
  • (Steam only) Volume (Music): Adjusts in-game background music volume.
  • (Steam only) Music in Background: Toggles whether the background music will play while the game window is not focused.
  • Fancy graphics: Toggles fancy graphics, which includes shadows, shading, lighting, and the way cursors move around the Big Cookie. Golden and Wrath cookies also appear at max size immediately instead of growing slowly.
  • CSS filters: Adds drop shadows to all GUI elements with the icon class (upgrades, buildings, achievements, etc.)
  • Particles: Toggles particles, which includes the falling cookies in the background and the rotating light around the Big Cookie.
  • Numbers: Toggles display of the numbers when the Big Cookie is clicked.
  • Milk: Toggles display of the waves of milk.
  • Cursors: Toggles displaying the circle of Cursors.
  • Wobbly cookie: Adds wobbling when the cookie shrinks/enlarges. (mouseover, mouseout, mousedown, mouseup)
  • Alt cookie sound: Switch sounds the cookie makes when clicked.
  • Icon crates: Displays boxes around upgrades and achievements when turned on.
  • Alt font: Alternate number font for cookies in bank.
  • Short numbers: Toggles the quantity of cookies to be shown using the names of large numbers instead of an exact figure. Currently uses the "short scale" common in the US, Canada, and modern British.
  • Fast notes: When enabled, the game notifications fade faster.
  • Closing warning: The game will ask you to confirm when you close the window.
  • Extra buttons: Add Mute buttons on buildings (Except cursors).
  • Lump confirmation: The game will ask you to confirm before spending sugar lumps.
  • Custom grandmas: Some grandmas will be named after Patreon supporters.
  • Scary stuff: (tweaks the Grandmapocalypse by removing the Grandmatriarchs in the background, changing the Grandma store sprite, and giving Wrinklers googly eyes.)
  • Sleep mode timeout: On slower computers, the game will put itself in sleep mode when it´s inactive and starts to lag out; offline CpS production kicks in during sleep mode.
  • Screen Reader Mode: By selecting a building and then holding enter, you can fast buy that building. Tab goes down on the building list by 1 and shift + tab goes up by 1.
  • Check mod data: Scans your save data for any third-party modifications and gives you the option to delete any.
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