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he is gay
'''Julien Thiennot''', more commonly known as '''Orteil''', is a French web and JavaScript developer, and the creator of the massively popular JavaScript game [[Cookie Clicker Wiki|Cookie Clicker]]. He has an affinity for art, specializing in retro style pixel art. He is the developer of [ Nested] and various other web experiments, all available at his website, [ Dashnet].
==Social Media==
* [ Twitter]
* [ orteil42 Tumblr]
* [ Orteil deviantART]
* "Orteil" means "toe" in French.
* Orteil's favorite cookie flavour is "white chocolate macadamia nuts" according to the upgrade's flavor text.
* He has created [ several more things] than RandomGen, Nested, Idle Game Maker, and Cookie Clicker.
<gallery captionalign=center>
Orteil twitter avatar.png|Orteil's Twitter profile picture (As of 3/5/17)
Orteiltwitterpic.jpg|The Twitter Image
OrteilProfileDashnet.png|The [ DashNet forum] profile picture

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he is gay

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