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The Reindeer is a feature of the Christmas season. They were added with the introduction of the Christmas season in version 1.04. Reindeer will occasionally jump across the screen (from left to right) and give cookies when clicked. As of v.2.002, they are of occasionally variable size and now wobble while bouncing across the screen.

There are four achievements related to Reindeer as well as three upgrades obtainable from Santa which make Reindeer twice as common, move twice as slow, and give twice as many cookies.


You will get a minute worth of cookie production initially or 25 cookies, whichever is highest (if you have Wrinklers the unwithered production rate will be used for calculation). With the "Ho ho ho-flavored frosting" upgrade, you will receive twice as many cookies (two minutes worth of production). The amount dropped is furthermore affected by Golden Cookie effects like Frenzy, Clot, Dragon Harvest, Elder Frenzy, or Cursed Finger. Note that Reindeer rewards are, in contrast to Golden Cookie rewards, not limited by your current cookies in the bank.

A deer during a Frenzy giving cookies equal to 10 minutes and 30 seconds of regular production (two minutes * (7 * 0.75))

Popping a Reindeer during Frenzy + Elder Frenzy yields massive amount of cookies.

A deer during an Elder Frenzy, also known as "Eldeer" (itself an Achievement), is one of the highest rewarding effect combos in the game, giving cookies equal to 12 hours and 6 minutes of regular production (two minutes * (666*0.5)). Therefore, it's often advised to "synchronize" Golden Cookies and Reindeer during Christmas season, meaning to not click the Golden Cookie (or Wrath Cookie) until a Reindeer appears or might appear before a potential Elder Frenzy would end. Since the 2.002 update, it is now possible for Elder Frenzies to overlap with Frenzies or Dragon Harvests (or even Building Specials, if the Distilled Essence of Redoubled Luck heavenly upgrade lets a Golden/Wrath Cookie with each spawn at once), making it possible to get boosted Eldeers. Frenzy + Elder Frenzy Reindeer can produce almost 2.5 days of regular production.

Spawn rates

The Reindeer follows Spawning mechanism, and can be approximated by following functions:

Where p, P and P-1 are probability density function, cumulative density function and inverse cumulative density function respectively. All time units are in seconds.

For reindeer, Tmin=180 seconds and Tmax=360 seconds initially. But there are many factors can alternate Tmin and Tmax. The time can be halved with the "Reindeer baking grounds" upgrade. The heavenly upgrade "Starsnow" also reduces the time by 5%.

See the table below for some common probabilities, assuming 30 FPS:

Time between Reindeer Spawns
Chance Without upgrade With Starsnow With Reindeer baking grounds With both
0% 180 seconds 171 seconds 90 seconds 85.5 seconds
0.1% 198.3 seconds 188.5 seconds 100.3 seconds 95.3 seconds
1% 206.9 seconds 196.8 seconds 105.1 seconds 100.0 seconds
10% 219.8 seconds 209.1 seconds 112.3 seconds 106.9 seconds
25% 227.1 seconds 216.1 seconds 116.4 seconds 110.8 seconds
33.3% 229.8 seconds 218.7 seconds 117.9 seconds 112.3 seconds
Average 233.733 seconds 222.484 seconds 120.153 seconds 114.391 seconds
50% 234.5 seconds 223.2 seconds 120.6 seconds 114.8 seconds
66.6% 238.8 seconds 227.4 seconds 123.0 seconds 117.1 seconds
75% 241.2 seconds 229.6 seconds 124.3 seconds 118.4 seconds
90% 246.5 seconds 234.7 seconds 127.3 seconds 121.3 seconds
99% 254.7 seconds 242.5 seconds 131.9 seconds 125.6 seconds
99.9% 259.9 seconds 247.5 seconds 134.8 seconds 128.4 seconds
100% 360 seconds 342 seconds 180 seconds 171 seconds

Some have reported that reindeer and Golden Cookies do not appear unless the browser is refreshed, due to a bug.


When clicking a Reindeer there is also a chance that it will drop one of the seven Christmas-themed flavored cookies. Initially, there is a 20% chance of receiving one of the cookies. The "Santa's bottomless bag" upgrade, the heavenly upgrade "Starsnow" and the "Let it snow" achievement each will increase the chance.

Base rate for Christmas-Themed cookie drops
Without "Santa's bottomless bag" With "Santa's bottomless bag"
Without "Let it snow" 20% 28%
With "Let it snow" 40% 46%

Like the Halloween-themed cookies, if you already have the cookie chosen at random, it will not unlock a new cookie. So on each Reindeer click, the actual chance of unlocking a new cookie type is equal to:

Where N is the number of upgrades already unlocked and r is the rate above.

Probabilities for Christmas-Themed Cookies
Cookies Unlocked Probability of Appearance
r=20% r=28% r=40% r=46%
0 20% 28% 40% 46%
1 17.1% 24% 34.3% 39.4%
2 14.3% 20% 28.6% 32.9%
3 11.4% 16% 22.9% 26.3%
4 8.57% 12% 17.1% 19.7%
5 5.71% 8% 11.4% 13.1%
6 2.86% 4% 5.71%


These are the flavored cookies that can be dropped:

Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
ChristmasTreeBiscuitNew.png Christmas tree biscuits Minimum 20% drop chance from finding a reindeer during Christmas Season Money.png 252.525 billion Cookie production multiplier +2%.
"Whose pine is it anyway?"
SnowflakeBiscuitNew.png Snowflake biscuits Cookie production multiplier +2%.
"Mass-produced to be unique in every way."
SnowmanBiscuitNew.png Snowman biscuits Cookie production multiplier +2%.
"It's frosted. Doubly so."
HollyBiscuitNew.png Holly biscuits Cookie production multiplier +2%.
"You don't smooch under these ones. That would be the mistletoe (which, botanically, is a smellier variant of the mistlefinger)."
CandyCaneBiscuitNew.png Candy cane biscuits Cookie production multiplier +2%.
"It's two treats in one!
(Further inspection reveals the frosting does not actually taste like peppermint, but like mundane sugary frosting.)"
BellBiscuitNew.png Bell biscuits Cookie production multiplier +2%.
"What do these even have to do with christmas? Who cares, ring them in!"
PresentBiscuitNew.png Present biscuits Cookie production multiplier +2%.
"The prequel to future biscuits. Watch out!"


There are five Achievements related to Reindeer:

Icon Name Description ID
Santa hat icon v15.png Let it snow [note 1] Unlock every Christmas-themed cookie.
Owning this achievement makes Christmas-themed cookies drop more frequently in future playthroughs.
Reindeer icon v15.png Oh deer Pop 1 reindeer. 112
Reindeer icon v15.png Sleigh of hand [note 2] Pop 50 reindeer. 113
Reindeer icon v15.png Reindeer sleigher [note 2] Pop 200 reindeer. 114
Reindeer icon v15.png Eldeer Pop a reindeer during an elder frenzy. 265


You may use the debug upgrade "Reindeer season" to spawn reindeer faster (every 0.6 seconds). You can check the Cheating page on details on how to activate it.


  1. Despite the description, the achievement is awarded only when all the cookies are bought, rather than unlocked.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Unlike most "number of actions" achievements, the Wrinkler and Reindeer achievements are counted in a single game, not all time: Ascending will reset the counter.


  • Reindeer have random names which will show up when clicked. They are the traditional names of Santa's reindeer: Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen, and the most famous reindeer of all, Rudolph, which is a relatively modern one (first appeared in a 1939 booklet written by Robert L. May).
  • The flavor text for Christmas tree biscuits refers to the improv TV show Whose Line is it Anyway? hosted by Clive Anderson (original UK version) and Drew Carey or Aisha Tyler (US version).
  • The Holly biscuits were temporarily renamed Mistletoe biscuits in version 1.0403, before being changed back in the Valentine's Day update. The icon still had red berries during this time, even though mistletoe berries are white.
  • Reindeer are not affected by the Golden Switch, and will still spawn even when it's on.
    • Despite this, Distilled Essence of Redoubled Luck can make 2 reindeer appear at once just like it does with Golden/Wrath Cookies.
  • If you click a reindeer while Holobore is slotted, Holobore's negative effect does not trigger.
  • Shortly after loading the game, it is impossible for a reindeer to appear without any form of cheating. Using the command 'Game.seasonPopup.spawn ()' Would spawn a bouncing golden cookie instead of a reindeer. The golden cookie would do nothing whatsoever when clicked as it does not count as a reindeer nor a golden cookie. In order to spawn a reindeer in that amount of time, use the command:
    Game.seasonPopup.time = Game.seasonPopup.maxTime;
  • If the "Golden cookie sound selector" upgrade is purchased and activated, reindeers make a sleigh bells sound effect when they spawn.
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