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Santa in his Santa Claus form

Santa was first introduced during the Christmas (v1.04) update. Once A festive hat is purchased, an icon will appear under the Big Cookie reflecting Santa's current level. It can then be upgraded until Santa reaches his final form.

Santa's level has little impact on the game, but every time he is upgraded, a random upgrade is unlocked. One of them is Santa's legacy which will grant an additive boost of 3% to your cookie production for each level of Santa, up to 45%.

Santa stages

Icon Name Cost to upgrade Cost of unlocked upgrades on this level
Festivetesttube.png Festive test tube 25 (from purchasing "A festive hat" upgrade) 2,525
Festiveornament.png Festive ornament 1 (11) 7,575
Festivewreath.png Festive wreath 4 (22) 22,725
Festivetree.png Festive tree 27 (33) 68,175
Festivepresent.png Festive present 256 (44) 204,525
Elffetus.png Festive elf fetus 3,125 (55) 613,575
Elfotddler.png Elf toddler 46,656 (66) 1.841 million
Elfling.png Elfling 823,543 (77) 5.522 million
Youngelf.png Young elf 16.777 million (88) 15,567 million
Bulkyelf.png Bulky elf 387.42 million (99) 49.7 million
Nick.png Nick 10 billion (1010) 149.099 million
Santaclaus.png Santa Claus 285.312 billion (1111) 447.296 million
Eldersanta.png Elder Santa 8.916 trillion (1212) 1.342 billion
Truesanta.png True Santa 302.875 trillion (1313) 4.026 billion
Finalclau.png Final Claus 11.112 quadrillion (1414) 12.077 billion


Purchasing "A festive hat" or upgrading Santa's level will randomly unlock one of the fourteen upgrades below. Their price raises each time you upgrade Santa, starting with 2,525 cookies and tripling with every Santa level. Note that this also affects upgrades you unlocked previously but haven't purchased yet. Once Santa reaches his "Final Claus" form, "Santa's Dominion" will be unlocked.

Santa upgrades  
Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
Santa hat icon v15.png A festive hat 25 cookies earned during Christmas Season Money.png 25 Unlocks... something.
"Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse."
Wreath icon v15.png Increased merriness Purchasing
"A festive hat" or evolving Santa
Money.png 2,525 × 3S Cookie production multiplier +15%.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"It turns out that the key to increased merriness, strangely enough, happens to be a good campfire and some s'mores. You know what they say, after all; the s'more, the merrier."
Wreath icon v15.png Improved jolliness Cookie production multiplier +15%.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"A nice wobbly belly goes a long way.
You jolly?"
Coal icon v15.png A lump of coal Cookie production multiplier +1%.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"Some of the world's worst stocking stuffing.
I guess you could try starting your own little industrial revolution, or something?..."
Sweater icon v15.png An itchy sweater Cookie production multiplier +1%.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"You don't know what's worse : the embarrassingly quaint "elf on reindeer" motif, or the fact that wearing it makes you feel like you're wrapped in a dead sasquatch.
Reindeer icon v15.png Reindeer baking grounds Reindeer appear twice as frequently.
"Male reindeer are from Mars; female reindeer are from venison."
Reindeer icon v15.png Weighted sleighs Reindeer are twice as slow.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"Hope it was worth the weight.
(Something something forced into cervidude)"
Reindeer icon v15.png Ho ho ho-flavored frosting Reindeer give twice as much.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"It's time to up the antler."
Present icon v15.png Season savings All buildings are 1% cheaper.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"By Santa's beard, what savings.
But who will save us?"
Present icon v15.png Toy workshop All upgrades are 5% cheaper. [note 1]
Cost scales with Santa level.
"Watch yours-elf around elvesdroppers who might steal our production secrets.
Or elven worse!"
Scroll icon v15.png Naughty list Grandmas are twice as productive.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"This list contains every unholy deed perpetuated by grandmakind.
He won't be checking this one twice.
Once. Once is enough."
Santa hat icon v15.png Santa's bottomless bag Random drops are 10% more common.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"This is one bottom you can't check out."
Santa hat icon v15.png Santa's helpers Clicking is 10% more powerful.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"Some choose to help hamburger; some choose to help you.
To each their own, I guess."
Santa hat icon v15.png Santa's legacy Cookie production multiplier +3% per Santa's levels.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"In the north pole, you gotta get the elves first. Then when you get the elves, you start making the toys. Then when you get the toys... then you get the cookies."
Santa hat icon v15.png Santa's milk and cookies Milk is 5% more powerful.
Cost scales with Santa level.
"Part of Santa's dreadfully unbalanced diet."
Santas dominion v15.png Santa's dominion Reach the final stage of Santa Money.png 2.525 quadrillion Cookie production multiplier +20%.
All buildings are 1% cheaper.
All upgrades are 2% cheaper. [note 1]
"My name is Claus, king of kings;
Look on my toys, ye Mighty, and despair!"

If you unlock all the upgrades above, you will get:

  • Cookie production ×235%
  • Milk increased by 5%
  • 1.99% cheaper buildings
  • 6.9% cheaper upgrades
  • 10% more powerful clicking (in addition to cookie production multipliers)
  • Reindeer appear twice as frequently, give twice as many cookies and are twice as slow.
  • Random drops are more common
  • Grandmas are twice as productive


  1. 1.0 1.1 Upgrades which lower the cost of upgrades stack multiplicatively, not additively. That is, if you have 3 of them which reduce the cost of upgrades by 5%, 2% and 1% then the final cost of an upgrade is (original cost) * 0.95 * 0.98 * 0.99.


  • It costs approximately 14 quadrillion cookies to unlock and purchase everything for the season.
  • Nick is a reference to Saint Nicholas, a predecessor of Santa Claus.
  • 'Final Claus' is likely a play on the term 'Final Clause,' or a 'Clause of Purpose,' a dependent adverbial clause expressing purpose.
  • 'Final Claus' is vaguely similar to the final boss of Kirby's Dream Land 3, Zero, or Vaati Transfigured from The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap and The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords.
  • The description of Santa's dominion is a reference to the Percy Bysshe Shelley poem "Ozymandias".
  • The description of Santa's Legacy is a reference to the movie Scarface.
  • The description of Weighted Sleighs refers to Cervidae, the scientific name of the deer family.
  • The description of Weighted Sleighs may also refer to a popular Gabe Newell phrase: "Hopefully, it was worth the wait."
  • The sequence used for the Santa evolution prices has a name - the 'fz-n' sequence. Googology Wiki
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