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All progress in Cookie Clicker is preserved in a save. Save has form of a base64 encoded string, containing all information about the state of the current session.

The save is stored in the web browser's cache, allowing the player to close the tab, web browser or turn off the PC without losing the game progress. Game progress is saved automatically every 60 seconds. It can additionally be saved manually by pressing "Ctrl+S" (this doesn't reset the autosave timer). Whenever the game is saved, a brief notification pops up at the bottom-center of the screen.

Save handling[]

Exporting the save[]

Orteil allows you to export the save string, either to make a backup or to migrate your game progress to another computer/browser.
To export the save, go to Options menu and click "Export Save". A pop-up window appears, having a long unreadable string highlighted. Copy the string by "Ctrl+C" and paste it into a text file, which you can then store on your computer or USB device.

Saving to file[]

Works the same as Exporting the save, it's just more convenient way to do so. It creates a .txt file with the name YournameBakery.txt with the save string already present. This is faster and easier way to back-up your save file on your computer.

Importing the save[]

Similarly to exporting, the importing works right the opposite way. Copy a save string you have stored in a text file, paste it into a pop-up window that shows up after clicking "Import Save" button and confirm. The game loads the data from imported save and adjusts the game progress according to the save data.
This may overwrite your current progress.

Loading from file[]

Works the same as Importing the save, it's just more convenient way to do so. Browse your computer for a .txt file with save string and import the save to the web browser. This is faster and easier way to load your backed-up save file from your computer.

Wiping the save[]

This option removes all data about Cookie Clicker from your browser. All progress is completely discarded, and cannot be retrieved. Only do this if you are sure you have your save exported, or if you are really addicted to the game and this is the only way to break free. There is a pop-up window asking you if you really want to get rid of all your game progress data, to ensure you don't wipe your save by accident.
Wiping the save is an irreversible process, so be very careful.

Advanced Use[]

Disabling autosave[]

The Options menu doesn't give you the possibility to disable the autosave feature. However, it is possible to disable autosaving through the console. To disable autosave, type this into the console and press enter:

   Game.prefs.autosave = 0

To enable the autosave, change 0 to 1:

   Game.prefs.autosave = 1

Be careful though, if you don't have autosave enabled and your browser crashes, you can lose a great deal of your progress.

Extending save output[]

The save string can be shown in several different ways, either as string-only, uncompressed string or uncompressed-commented string. To change the save format, find the string Game.toSave=false; and change the "false" value to 1, 2 or 3 respectively, for each type of output. This option was probably added to test and debug the save behavior.

Note that this will not work in the console, as the game rewrites the value of Game.toSave back to "false". Instead, use Game.WriteSave(type).

Save format[]

The save uses base64 encoding format, appended with !END! string.[1]This is to ensure portability across all platforms. After removing the !END! appendix, the string can be base64 decoded to a more readable format. The data is structured into several section. Sections are separated by a "|" character (ASCII code 124). Inside each section, the particular data entries are delimited by a semicolon ";" character unless they are bitfields, which have no separation character between entries. These special characters are used for easier data parsing from the save string. These tables are accurate as of version 2.016.

Parameter name Value example Description
Game Version
Game version 2.052 Version of the game in which the save was created.
This section is empty, reserved for future use.
Run Details
Ascension start 1514764800 Time and date of the current ascension's start.[2]
Legacy start 1514764800 Time and date of the whole game's start.[2]
Last opened 1514764800 Time and date of the time we last opened the game.[2]
Bakery name YourName String with your bakery's name.[3]
Seed abcde 5 lowercase letters with the game seed, defining the behavior of Random Number Generator in your game.
You appearance 9,4,14,3,9,25,0 You building appearance settings
Particles 0 Show cookies falling down, etc.?
Numbers 1 Show numbers that pop up when clicking the cookie?
Auto-save 1 Should the game be saved automatically every 60 seconds? (This cannot be changed in the options menu.)
Auto-update 1 Should the game automatically check for updates? If on, and a new update is available, a message will pop up asking to reload for the new update. (This cannot be changed in the options menu.)
Milk 1 Show milk under big cookie?
Fancy graphics 0 Show fancy graphics?
Closing warning 0 Show the warning when closing the game tab?
Cursors 1 Show your cursors around the big cookie?
Defocus 0 Enable defocus to improve performance when window is out of focus?
Short numbers 1 Display short numbers? If on, numbers will be displayed according to the short scale.
Fast notes 0 Should notifications disappear much faster?
Wobbly cookie 0 Enable big cookie wobbling when clicked?
Alt font 0 Show your cookies using alternative (monospace) font?
CSS filters 1 Enable CSS filters?
Alt cookie sound 0 Enable alternative cookie sound when clicked?
Icon crates 0 Show crates around achievement and upgrade icons?
Backup warning 1 Show warning to back up your save when wiping?
Extra buttons 1 Show the mute button on buildings?
Lump confirmation 1 Show a confirmation popup when spending sugar lumps?
Custom grandmas 1 Show custom grandma names from the Patreon? If off, only the default names will be used.
Sleep Mode 0 When the game starts lagging it will put itself into sleep mode and offline production will kick in
Enable cloud saving 1 Enables Steam cloud saving
Music in background 0 If 1 the music will continue to play even when the window isn't focused
Scary stuff off 0 If 1 grandmapocalipse will use the unspooky sprites
Fullscreen 0 Toggles between fullscreen and windowed
Screan Reader 0 Optimalizations for screen readers
to do
Miscellaneous Game Data
Cookies in bank 3.655706856891023e+45 Cookies in bank[5]
Cookies baked 3.8566611693221904e+45 Cookies baked this ascension[5]
Cookie clicks 7529 Cookie clicks this ascension
Total golden cookie clicks 14621 Total number of golden cookies clicked in all ascensions
Hand-made cookies 2.4335031334747944e+45 Cookies made by clicking this ascension[5]
Total golden cookies missed 50176 Golden cookies allowed to disappear (not clicked) in all ascensions
Background type 3 The style of background
Milk type 0 The style of milk
Cookies forfeited by ascending 6.277171831745141e+46 Total number of cookies baked in past ascensions (does not include this ascension)[5]
Grandmapocalypse stage 3 The stage of the Grandmapocalypse
Elder pledges made 12 Times the elder pledge has been bought
Time left in elder pledge 0 Time left in current elder pledge (0 if not currently pledged)
Currently researching 65 ID of upgrade being researched of the bingo center (0 if research is finished)
Time left in research 5218 Time left before the next research is unlocked (-1 if research is finished)
Ascensions 1002 Number of ascensions made
Golden cookie clicks 111 Golden cookies clicked in this ascension
Cookies sucked by wrinklers 4.656877288152025e+43 Cookies sucked by wrinklers this ascension (including wrinklers that have been popped)[5]
Wrinklers popped 726 Number of wrinklers popped this ascension
Santa level 14 Level of Santa unlocked
Reindeer clicked 64 Reindeer clicked this ascension
Time left in season 2254888 Amount of time left in the current season in milliseconds (-1 if no season is active)
Season switcher uses 5 Times the season has been switched with the season switcher upgrade (does not include seasons switched naturally)
Current season christmas The name of the current season (blank if no season is active)
Cookies contained in wrinklers 0 Amount of cookies contained in normal wrinklers
Number of wrinklers 0 Number of normal wrinklers currently on the big cookie
Prestive level 397424532840 Current prestive level
Heavenly chips 58501002299 Amount of heavenly chips in bank (not including chips spent nor unclaimed chips still on the Legacy tab)
Heavenly chips spent 338923530541 Amount of heavenly chips spent on heavenly upgrades
Heavenly cookies 0 Amount of heavenly cookies (not currently used; left over from a feature in an early version)
Ascension mode 0 Challenge mode chosen for this ascension
Permanent upgrade I 189 ID of the upgrade in permanent upgrade slot I
Permanent upgrade II 532 ID of the upgrade in permanent upgrade slot II
Permanent upgrade III 425 ID of the upgrade in permanent upgrade slot III
Permanent upgrade IV 462 ID of the upgrade in permanent upgrade slot IV
Permanent upgrade V 494 ID of the upgrade in permanent upgrade slot V
Dragon level 23 Stage of dragon training unlocked
Dragon aura 15 ID of the dragon aura in slot 1
Dragon aura 2 17 ID of the dragon aura in slot 2
Golden cookie chime type 1 Sound of a golden cookie spawning according to the Golden cookie sound selector
Volume 50 The game volume
Number of shiny wrinklers 0 Number of shiny wrinklers currently on the big cookie
Cookies in shiny wrinklers 0 Amount of golden cookies contained in shiny wrinklers
Sugar lumps 101 Sugar lumps currently in bank
Total sugar lumps made 519 Total number of sugar lumps harvested (manually or automatically)
Time of start of sugar lump 1540483239887 Time and date when the current sugar lump started coalescing[2]
Time of last minigame refill 1539491651114 Time and date of the last time a sugar lump was used to refill a minigame[2]
Sugar lump type 0 The type of sugar lump currently coalescing
Upgrades in vault 227, 38, 137 IDs of the upgrades contained in the vault (multiple IDs are separated by a comma)
Heralds 100 Number of Heralds
to do
to do
to do
Music Volume 25 Volume of the music
Cookies sent 500 Cookies you gifted
Cookies received 1 Cookies you were gifted
Building Data
Cursors Explained in table below. Each building is separated by a semicolon.
Wizard Towers
Alchemy Labs
Time Machines
Antimatter Condensers
Fractal Engines
Javascript consoles
Cortex bakers
Upgrade 0 unlocked 1 Is upgrade ID 0 (Reinforced index finger) unlocked?
Upgrade 0 bought 1 Is upgrade ID 0 (Reinforced index finger) purchased?
Upgrade 1 unlocked 1 Is upgrade ID 1 (Carpal tunnel prevention cream) unlocked?
Upgrade 1 bought 0 Is upgrade ID 1 (Carpal tunnel prevention cream) purchased?
Upgrade 2 unlocked 1 Is upgrade ID 2 (Ambidextrous) unlocked?
. . .
Upgrade 564 bought 0 Is upgrade ID 564 (Shimmering veil [on]) purchased?
Upgrade 565 unlocked 1 Is upgrade ID 565 (unknown) unlocked?
Upgrade 565 bought 0 Is upgrade ID 565 (unknown) purchased?
Achievement 0 unlocked 1 Is achievement ID 0 (Wake and bake) unlocked?
Achievement 1 unlocked 1 Is achievement ID 1 (Making some dough) unlocked?
Achievement 2 unlocked 0 Is achievement ID 2 (So baked right now) unlocked?
. . .
Achievement 530 unlocked 0 Is achievement ID 530 (Renaissance baker) unlocked?
Achievement 531 unlocked 0 Is achievement ID 531 (Veteran) unlocked?
Game Buffs
Active game buffs Explained in table below. If no buffs are currently active, this entry is blank.

Building Data[]

Information on each building is included in large data entries, with the different building types separated by semicolons. The smaller individual data points are separated by commas, and minigame data points (if applicable) are separated by regular colons.

Parameter name Value example Description
Amount owned 600 Amount of this building currently owned
Amount bought 950 Amount of this building bought this ascension, including those that have been sold (ex. if you bought 10, sold 10, and bought 10 again, this value would be 20)
Cookies produced 4.593698631478832e+40 Cookies produced from this building this ascension
Level 1 Level of this building
Minigame data Explained in table below. Minigame data points are separated by colons.
Muted 0 Is this building muted? (0: no, 1: yes)
Highest amount 700 The highest number of that building you owned

Game Buffs[]

As with the building data, multiple effects are separated by semicolons, with the data entries separated by commas. Any combination of effects can happen at the same time, but if more than one of the same effect is stated, it will only be applied once.

Parameter name Value example Description
Effect ID 12 The ID of the game boost.
Maximum time 2310 The maximum duration of the effect in frames (normally 30 fps)
Time remaining 300 The time remaining in the effect in frames (normally 30 fps)
Optional: Argument 1 7

Effect multiplier (Frenzy is 7, Elder frenzy is 666, etc.) with a few exceptions:

  • Clot: CpS is divided by argument1

  • Cookie Storm: ignored

  • Building Boost: CpS multiplier is (buildings / 10) * (argument1 - 1)

  • Building Rust: CpS divided by (buildings / 10) * (argument1 - 1)

  • Sugar Blessing (golden sugar lump effect): ignored

  • Devastation (Godzamok effect): clicking power multiplied by (argument1 - 1)

Optional: Argument 2 6 Ignored by all effects except building boosts and rusts; denotes the targeted building (0 for cursors to 15 for fractal engines)
Optional: Argument 3 Ignored by all effects; most likely reserved for future use

Minigame Data[]

Unlike in the previous lists, sections in this list aren't separated by "|"., they are just for clarity. This segment is left blank if the building doesn't have a minigame.

Farm minigame data (Garden)[]

Parameter name Value example Description
Time of next tick 1707214041541[2] Time when next tick ticks
Soil type 1 Type of soil you are using
Time of next soil change 1707213523716[2] Time when you are next allowed to change the soil type
Frozen garden 0 Is the garden frozen?
Harvests this ascension 33 Amount of harvested plants this ascension
Total harvests 172 Amount of harvested plants this legacy
to do
to do
to do
Unlocked Seeds (data points aren't separated)
Plant 1 seed unlocked 1 Is plant ID 1 (Bakers wheat) unlocked?
Plant 2 seed unlocked 1 Is plant ID 2 (Thumbcorn) unlocked?
. . .
Plant 34 seed unlocked 0 Is plant ID 34 (Ichorpuff) unlocked?
Farm grid data (data points are separated by colons)

Items are ordered from the top left to the bottom right

Plant in place 1 ID 1 Plant ID planted in the top left corner
Plant in place 1 age 23 Plant Age of the plant in the top left corner
Plant in place 2 ID 0 Plant ID planted right of the top left corner
Plant in place 2 age 0 Plant Age of the plant right of the top left corner
. . .
Plant in place 36 age 12 Plant Age of the plant in the bottom right corner
  1. This string appears as %21END%21, due to URL encoding.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 This number is a Unix timestamp, which describes the number of milliseconds elapsed since January 1st, 1970 UTC, 00:00:00.
  3. If you have special characters in your name, such as spaces, they are saved normally, without any special encoding (space is saved as ASCII code 32, for example).
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 Values here are either 0 for OFF, or 1 for ON. These 1s and 0s are not delimited by semicolon.
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 The number uses the same format as in "short numbers OFF"