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Shiny wrinklers are wrinklers that are whitish-gold in colour. Normal wrinklers give x1.1 the number of cookies they consume; shiny wrinklers give x3.3. They are affected multiplicatively by Sacrilegious Corruption and Wrinklerspawn, making them give x3.465 the number of cookies with one and x3.63825 with both. They also take 12 clicks to burst as opposed to the normal wrinklers' only 3 clicks. They have a 1/10000 chance (0.01%) of spawning instead of a normal wrinkler.


A Shiny Wrinkler feeding off the big cookie.

This spreadsheet provides calculations on what amount of CpS is being generated with varying amounts of normal and shiny wrinklers, with or without various upgrades. For instance, 10 normal wrinklers (with no relevant upgrades) generate x6 CpS; if one of these wrinklers is shiny production will increase to x7.1 CpS. The maximum possible value is, in theory, an x40.64 multiplier, with 14 shiny wrinklers along with Wrinklerspawn, Sacrilegious Corruption and Skruuia, the Spirit of Scorn.

Last chance to see tooltip
All Shiny Wrinklers!

Shiny Wrinklers feeding off the big cookie.

The shadow achievement Last Chance To See is given by popping a shiny wrinkler. While an active shiny wrinkler gives bonuses, the achievement is only cosmetic.


Since the condition of a shiny wrinkler appearing is based only on chance, the best strategy to obtain shiny wrinkler (and therefore getting the shadow achievement) is to pop as many wrinklers as possible.

The greatest chance for a wrinkler to appear is when there are no wrinklers present around the cookie, so popping wrinklers immediately as they appear minimizes the time required for another to appear.

There are two heavenly upgrades that help you spawn more wrinklers - Elder Spice lets you have 12 wrinklers instead of 10 and Unholy Bait increases the wrinkler spawn rate 5 times. The Dragon Guts aura also allows 2 more wrinklers to spawn, for a maximum of 14.

The speed of wrinklers spawning can be further enhanced by planting 18 Wrinklegills and 18 Nursetulips into Clay in your Garden, alternating the plants in each row. This will more than double (+128.05%) the rate of wrinklers spawning.

Pantheon can also provide a spawn boost - putting Skruuia, Spirit of Scorn into your Diamond slot will add further 150% boost to your wrinkler spawn rate.

Grimoire offers a spell that spawns a wrinkler - Resurrect Abominaton. With Garden, Pantheon and wrinkler upgrades though, this is of very little use, since it adds only 1 wrinkler every few minutes, and on top of that the spell has a chance of backfiring.

With this setup and active gameplay, a player is able to spawn and pop hundreds of wrinklers in relatively small amount of time. They still need a bit of luck and/or patience though, since the median number of wrinklers needed to be popped to get the achievement is 6,931, with most attempts at the achievement (over 95%) falling somewhere between 230 and 37,830 wrinklers popped before seeing a shiny wrinkler.


  • The term "shiny" is a reference to Pokémon. In Pokémon, there is an exceptionally small chance (A 1/8192 chance in the games before Generation 6, a 1/4096 chance as of Generation 6, both under normal conditions) that a Pokémon will have a different color and sparkle. Those Pokémon are called Shiny Pokémon. However, unlike shiny wrinklers, since Generation 3, they provide no gameplay benefit and are only visual (Shinies had worse stats in Generation 2[1]).
    • The chance of a shiny wrinkler spawning is roughly equivalent to the base rate of finding a shiny Pokémon in the first five generations of the mainline Pokémon series as well (0.01% vs Pokémon's ~0.0122%).
  • "Last Chance To See" is a reference to a book by Douglas Adams about species on the brink of extinction.
  • During Christmas Season, the shiny wrinkler does not wear a Santa hat nor have stripes.
  • During Halloween Season, the chance to get a Halloween cookie by popping a shiny wrinkler is slightly higher than popping a normal one.
  • In Debug Mode, it is possible to toggle a wrinkler between its normal and shiny states by Ctrl+clicking on it.
  • Before update 2.002, on 24th July, 2016, shiny wrinklers would not save, meaning that refreshing the page will remove the shiny wrinkler.
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  1. Individual values - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. (n.d.).