Speed bake variety
Get to 1 million cookies baked in 15 minutes (no heavenly upgrades).

Speed baking III is a Shadow Achievement that requires getting 1 million cookies in 15 minutes.


On the first run, this achievement is possible, just not very probable; you get the achievement with Clicking Frenzy as the first Golden Cookie - or the second one, if you are lucky enough to have it appear before the deadline passes. This will give you enough cookies if you click fast enough.

If you are playing during the Christmas season, you can get Santa's legacy and reindeer. Since upgrading Santa starts out cheap, it's possible to get the achievement if you unlock Santa's Legacy, which gives you 10% multiplier per Santa level, then with the first Golden Cookie x7 multiplier (which appears often); if you have it and a reindeer during the frenzy, you can easily unlock at least one Alchemy Lab. Other Santa upgrades, like Toy Workshop and Improved Jolliness, will also help in obtaining the achievement. (This session is outdated since the legacy update, as Alchemy Labs now cost 75 Tr cookies.)

The Garden upgrades can be used in combination with a single regular Frenzy to obtain the achievement as they can be bought for 0 cookies upon starting.

There is an intermediate way to get this achievement. It involves cheating, but does NOT earn you the Cheated Cookies shadow achievement. If you change the time on your computer's clock it will also change the time on the game.

This can also be earned by using an auto-clicker at around 165 clicks/second or higher and an optimal purchase order, without any golden cookies or season buffs.

You can also get the achievement by introducing "Lucky" or "Click Frenzy" in the Open Sesame tab.

Another easy way to obtain this achievement, is to insert the following line of code into the browser console: Game.cookiesEarned = 1000000000. You can also use: Game.cookiesPs = 9999999999 Doing this will also grant you the Speed Baking I, Speed baking II, True Neverclick achievements. If you are starting a new game, and have not yet bought any upgrades, you will also be granted the Hardcore achievement.


  • This achievement can only be done in challenge mode (e.g. Born Again) or on your very first run of the game (before ascending for the first time).


By getting this achievement, the player will automatically acquire the Speed baking I and Speed baking II achievements if they do not have it already (Speed baking I requires max. 35 minutes, while the second one 25 minutes max).