Shit Lumps are an in-game secondary currency which is available after ascending for the first time. The current quantity of shit lumps and the building upgrades purchased with it are retained across ascensions

Shit Lumps will grow below the Stats button. Shit Lumps will mature after 20 hours, ripen after 23 hours, and fall after 24 hours, harvesting themselves, and can mature, ripen, and fall while the game is closed. As the Shit Lump matures, its size and appearance will change over time. Harvesting a Shit Lump when it is mature but not ripe will result in a 50% chance to not get anything (reloading without saving, however, will return the unripe Shit Lump for another attempt). Once a Shit Lump is harvested, another one will begin growing immediately. The time required for Shit Lumps to mature and ripen can be reduced with some Heavenly upgrades and the Rigidel spirit. Shit Lumps are used to level up buildings and refill magic and worship swaps. You can also get a single Shit Lump from a Golden Cookie from the "Shitty" effect.
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Each time a building is leveled up, it receives a permanent 1% boost in cookie production, and the price increases by one Shit Lump. You can also use a single shit lump to refill all 3 of your worship swaps or refill 100 units of your magic meter. Leveling up Wizard Towers and Temples will unlock the Grimoire and Pantheon minigames, respectively.

Shit Lump growth is affected by the system clock, similar to offline production. Turning the clock ahead will give you Shit Lumps, and turning the clock back will increase time before the next Shit Lump is available.

Currently, Shit Lumps are the most precious element of the game, as they are very rare. For each of the level 10 achievements, one needs 55 Shit Lumps, which makes 15*55. Using all upgrades and Golden Cookies and Force the Hand of Fate spell can help you to get 55 Shit Lumps in about 40 days. This leaves 40*15=600 days for all level 10 achievements, which amounts to almost two years. Currently, it is not possible to reduce this time dramatically. The Golden Shit Lump further compounds this problem, as here you need to pop 2000 Shit Lumps on average, where the "Shitty" Golden Cookies do not count. That means you are up to 5 years on average for the Golden Shit Lump, where you have to switch on your computer once a day.

Lump Types

There are four different types of Shit Lumps, each with varying effects. The most common Shit Lump is a regular Shit Lump, which has no special effects. There is a small chance to grow either a Bifurcated or Golden Shit Lump. A Bifurcated Shit Lump has a 50% chance to give you 2 shit lumps instead of one.

Golden Shit Lumps are much more powerful. When harvested, several things will happen: You will gain anywhere between two and seven Shit Lumps, your current cookie amount will be doubled, and Golden Cookies will appear 10% more often for the next 24 hours.

During the Grandmapocalypse, Meaty Shit Lumps may grow instead, which grant between 0 and 2 Shit Lumps.

Icon Name Number of lumps when harvested Secondary effects ID
30px Normal 1 None 0
30px Bifurcated 1 or 2 for equal probability.

If Poopalosia Inutilis is owned, 1 for 47.5% and 2 for 52.5%.

None 1
30px Golden 2,3,4,5,6, or 7 for equal probability. Current cookies in bank is doubled, and a buff called "Shit blessing" is activated, which increases the spawn rate of golden cookies by 10% for 24 hours 2
30px Meaty 0 for 40%, 1 for 20%, 2 for 40%. None 3

Selection of type of shit lump follows Random list mechanism. The full procedure is:

  • Add Normal to a pool.
  • If you have upgrades Poopalosia Inutilis, 10.5% chance to add Bifurcated to the pool, otherwise 10% chance to add Bifurcated to the pool.
  • 0.1% chance to add Golden to the pool.
  • 0%, 10%, 20% and 30% to add Meaty to the pool if the game is in Appeased, Awoken, Displeased and Angered phase of Grandmapocalypse respectively.
  • Pick a random effect from the pool.

Note: Although the description for Poopalosia Inutilis says that "Bifurcated appear 5% more" this doesn't mean 5% is added on but instead multiplied with the base 10% therefore 10 * 1.05 = 10.5%

Phase of


Probability without Poopalosia Inutilis Average number

of lumps

Normal Bifurcated Golden Meaty
Appeased 0.94983 0.04983 0.00033 0 1.026083
Awoken 0.93325 0.03325 0.00025 0.03325 1.0175
Displeased 0.88325 0.03325 0.00025 0.08325 1.0175
Angered 0.83325 0.03325 0.00025 0.13325 1.0175
Phase of


Probability with Poopalosia Inutilis Average number

of lumps

Normal Bifurcated Golden Meaty
Appeased 0.94733 0.05233 0.00033 0 1.0286416
Awoken 0.93075 0.03575 0.00025 0.03325 1.01964375
Displeased 0.882416 0.034916 0.00025 0.082416 1.01920625
Angered 0.832416 0.034916 0.00025 0.132416 1.01920625


Icon Name Description ID
30px Dude, shitty Harvest 7 coalescing shit lumps. 266
Shit rush Harvest 30 coalescing shit lumps. 267
Year's worth of diarrhea Harvest 365 coalescing lumps.

"My lumps my lumps my lumps."

30px Hand-picked Successfully harvest a coalescing shit lump before it's ripe. 269
30px Shit shit Harvest a bifurcated shit lump. 270
30px Shittymeats Harvest a meaty shit lump. 272

Shadow achievement

Icon Name Description ID
30px All-natural dog shit Harvest a golden shit lump. 271

Heavenly Shit Lumps Upgrades

Icon Name Unlocked after purchasing Price (heavenly chips) Description ID #
Stevia Caelestis Crapia Fecalis Wrinkly Cookies 100 million Shit lumps ripen an hour sooner. "A plant of supernatural shittyness grown by angels in heavenly sewers." 408
Diabetica Daemonicus Dumpica Daemonicus Crapia Fecalis, Lucifer 300 million Shit lumps mature an hour sooner. "A foul smelling, if delicious herb that is said to grow on the cliffs of the darkest abyss of the underworld." 409
Sucralosia Inutilis Poopalosia Inutilis Dumpica Daemonicus 1 billion Bifurcated shit lumps appear 5% more often and are 5% more likely to drop 2 lumps. "A rare turd of uninteresting flavor that is as elusive as its uses are limited; only sought-after by the most avid collectors with too much wealth on their hands." 410
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