Latest update - August 24, 2020

"money me, money now"
  • finalized stock market minigame beta and added it to live version
  • dark mode added to stock market minigame
  • can no longer select a milk before unlocking it; milk selector layout has been improved
  • stock market goods have higher value caps and a larger spread; can also shift-click the hide buttons to hide/show all other stocks
"checking account" (August 8 beta)
  • stock market layout has been revised
  • selling stocks no longer increases cookies baked all time
  • stock prices are now defined by your highest raw CpS this ascension (which is now displayed in the stats screen)
  • can no longer buy and sell a stock in the same tick
  • warehouse space now gains +10 per associated building level (up from +5)
  • bank level now improves average (and maximum) stock values
  • later stocks are worth more
  • Cookie Clicker turns 7!
"making bank" (June 18 beta)
  • added the stock market minigame, accessible with level 1 banks or above; buy low, sell high!
  • (minigame subject to heavy rebalancing over the coming patches)
  • added a couple heavenly upgrades, including one that lets you pet your dragon
  • added a new tier of building upgrades and achievements
  • reindeer clicks now properly count for shimmering veil
  • numbers scientific notation should display better with Short numbers off
  • replaced ツ in the javascript console building display with more accurate ッ
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