The Temple is the seventh building, costing 20 million cookies. Each temple initially produces 7,800 cookies per second.

Temples can be upgraded with sugar lumps, unlocking the Pantheon minigame.


Icon Name Description ID
IdolNew Your time to shrine Have 1 temple. 176
PinkIdolNew Shady sect Have 50 temples. 177
CyanIdolNew New-age cult Have 100 temples. 178
OrangeIdolNew Organized religion Have 150 temples. 179
GoldIdolNew Fanaticism Have 200 temples. 180
RustedIdolNew Zealotry Have 250 temples. 214
BlackIdolNew Wololo Have 300 temples. 254
SilverIdolNew Pray on the weak Have 350 temples. 285
Hazelrald Mask Holy cookies, grandma! Have 400 temples. 345
Mooncandy idol Vengeful and almighty Have 450 temples. 358
Astrofudge temple My world's on fire, how about yours Have 500 temples. 404
Temple Monument1 v15 New world order Make 1 quintillion cookies just from temples. 187
Temple Monument2 v15 Church of cookiology Make 10 septillion cookies just from temples. 195
Poland Thus spoke you Make 100 nonillion cookies just from temples. 299
It belongs in a bakery It belongs in a bakery Reach level 10 temples. 313


Temple upgrades
Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
IdolNew Golden idols Own 1 temple Money 200 million Temples are twice as efficient.
"Lure even greedier adventurers to retrieve your cookies. Now that's a real idol game!"
PinkIdolNew Sacrifices Own 5 temples Money 1 billion Temples are twice as efficient.
"What's a life to a gigaton of cookies?"
CyanIdolNew Delicious blessing Own 25 temples Money 10 billion Temples are twice as efficient.
"And lo, the Baker's almighty spoon came down and distributed holy gifts unto the believers - shimmering sugar, and chocolate dark as night, and all manner of wheats. And boy let me tell you, that party was mighty gnarly."
OrangeIdolNew Sun festival Own 50 temples Money 1 trillion Temples are twice as efficient.
"Free the primordial powers of your temples with these annual celebrations involving fire-breathers, traditional dancing, ritual beheadings and other merriments!"
GoldIdolNew Enlarged pantheon Own 100 temples Money 100 trillion Temples are twice as efficient.
"Enough spiritual inadequacy! More divinities than you'll ever need, or your money back! 100% guaranteed!"
RustedIdolNew Great Baker in the sky Own 150 temples Money 10 quadrillion Temples are twice as efficient.
"This is it. The ultimate deity has finally cast Their sublimely divine eye upon your operation; whether this is a good thing or possibly the end of days is something you should find out very soon."
BlackIdolNew Creation myth Own 200 temples Money 10 quintillion Temples are twice as efficient.
"Stories have been circulating about the origins of the very first cookie that was ever baked; tales of how it all began, in the Dough beyond time and the Ovens of destiny."
SilverIdolNew Theocracy Own 250 temples Money 10 sextillion Temples are twice as efficient.
"You've turned your cookie empire into a perfect theocracy, gathering the adoration of zillions of followers from every corner of the universe.
Don't let it go to your head."
Hazelrald Mask Sick rap prayers Own 300 temples Money 10 septillion Temples are twice as efficient.
"With their ill beat and radical rhymes, these way-hip religious tunes are sure to get all the youngins who thought they were 2 cool 4 church back on the pews and praying for more! Wicked!"
Mooncandy idol Psalm-reading Own 350 temples Money 10 octillion Temples are twice as efficient.
"A theologically dubious and possibly blasphemous blend of fortune-telling and scripture studies."
Astrofudge temple War of the gods Own 400 temples Money 100 nonillion Temples are twice as efficient.
"An interesting game; the only winning move is not to pray."

Grandma FormEdit

Purchasing 15 Temples allows for the purchasing of a Grandma upgrade and a new Grandma type.

Icon Name Quantity Needed Price (cookies) Description ID #
GrandmaAchieveNew Priestess Grandmas 15 temples and 1 grandma 1 billion Grandmas are twice as efficient. Temples gain +1% CpS per 5 grandmas.
"A nice priestess to praise the great Baker in the sky."


  • The achievement "Church of Cookiology" is a reference to the real world Church of Scientology.
  • The achievement "Wololo" is a reference to Age Of Empires, wherein priests would attack by converting enemy units whilst chanting the aforementioned phrase.
  • The upgrade "Golden Idols" is a reference to Indiana Jones and The Lost Ark, where the main protagonist attempts to retrieve a golden idol from a temple filled with traps
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