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a temple to worship cocks at
|image =TempleIconLarge.png
|description =Full of precious, ancient chocolate.
|initial ={{Hover|20 million|20,000,000}}
|cps =7,800
|max =7,800 &times; 2<sup>9</sup> &times; (1 + Fr/1,000) &times; (1 + Po/20) &times; (1 + AC/20) &times; (1 + Pr/20) &times; (1 + G/500)
|var ={{Vars|Fr|Po|AC|Pr|G}}
|intro =[[Cookie Clicker Beta#v.1.0501 beta|1.0501 beta Update]]
The '''Temple''' is the seventh building, costing 20 million cookies. Each temple initially produces 7,800 cookies per second.
Temples can be upgraded with [[Sugar lump|sugar lumps]], unlocking the [[Pantheon]] minigame.
{{Template:Temple upgrades}}
==Grandma Form==
Purchasing 15 Temples allows for the purchasing of a Grandma upgrade and a new Grandma type.
{| class="wikitable sortable" style="clear:right"
! scope="col" width="5%" |Icon
! scope="col" width="24%" |Name
! scope="col" width="12%" |Quantity Needed
! scope="col" |Price (cookies)
! scope="col" |Description
! scope="col" width="5%" |ID #
|Priestess Grandmas
|15 temples and 1 grandma
|{{Hover|1 billion|1,000,000,000}}
|Grandmas are '''twice''' as efficient. Temples gain +1% CpS per 5 grandmas.<br />''"A nice priestess to praise the great Baker in the sky."''
<gallery type="gallery" position="center" spacing="small" widths="64" caption="Priestess Grandma" hideaddbutton="true" columns="1">
templeGrandma.png|Priestess Grandma
* The achievement "Church of Cookiology" is a reference to the real world Church of Scientology.
* The achievement "Wololo" is a reference to Age Of Empires, wherein priests would attack by converting enemy units whilst chanting the aforementioned phrase.
* The upgrade "Golden Idols" is a reference to Indiana Jones and The Lost Ark, where the main protagonist attempts to retrieve a golden idol from a temple filled with traps

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a temple to worship cocks at

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