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An example of type 2 Toys floating on milk

Toys are interactive, physics-enabled objects that can appear in the left panel when Cookie Clicker loads. They have a 1/10,000 chance to appear upon opening the game. Toys can be picked up, dragged, and thrown with the cursor, and idly float on the Milk. Note that toys cannot appear if milk is hidden in the options menu, although if the milk level is at 0%, they float at the bottom of the left panel. Toys are not permanent and will disappear when the game is closed.

There are two types of toys: type 1, which resemble a smaller Big Cookie, and type 2, which take the appearance of various purchased flavored cookies. Only one type may be active at once. The type is chosen upon toys spawning and cannot be changed without console commands. The toy types have differing mechanics beyond appearance: type 1 toys are fewer in number and more average in size, while type 2 are more numerous and can grow or shrink in size after spawning. The size-changing effect of type 2 toys may be unhelpful as it can launch smaller toys in front of the Big Cookie, causing potential Big Cookie clicks to instead grab the toy.

Toys can be seen as the sister mechanic to Winklers, as both are temporary changes caused by a 1/10,000 chance upon starting the game and have minimal effect on gameplay. In the code, the checks to activate them are consecutive and have short, playful code comments: the code comment for the toys check says "teehee!", while the comment for winklers says "squeak".

Orteil revealed in an AMA on Reddit that three unused sprites of marshmallows were originally intended to be part of the toys mechanic, but were never implemented.[1]


To manually activate toys, type this in the console:

Game.TOYS = 1;

or use this bookmark command:

javascript:Game.TOYS = 1;

To switch between the type of toys, type this:

Game.toysType = <type number>;

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