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Make 1 million cookies with no cookie clicks.
"This kinda defeats the whole purpose, doesn't it?"

True Neverclick is a Shadow Achievement that requires getting 1 million cookies without clicking the Big Cookie a single time.


You may click Golden Cookies, just not the Big Cookie. Start by clicking enough Golden Cookies to earn "Lucky!" twice. This gives you 26 cookies for free, just enough to buy a single cursor and start baking at least 0.1 CpS, gradually building up from there.

If it's Christmas Season, you can click a Reindeer, instead of 2 Golden Cookies, and get 25 Cookies to begin. You may also set your system time to a date of the Christmas Season and reload the page to start the Christmas Season although this can be considered cheating.

Alternatively, you can just cheat them in, which also grants you the "Cheated cookies taste awful" achievement; a slightly less dishonest variant is to combine these methods and use cheats to spawn Golden Cookies.

You can also hack the game to get the achievement, by opening the console and typing: Game.cookiesPs = 2000000

Unlocking the "True Neverclick" achievement will also unlock the "Neverclick" achievement if you didn't unlock it before. Note that you do not need to build up a 1-million cookie "bank balance" to unlock this achievement, merely bake that many (even if you spend them immediately).


  • This achievement can only be done in challenge mode (e.g. Born Again) or on your very first run of the game (before ascending for the first time).
  • You cannot have clicked the Big Cookie at any point during the run to get this achievement.