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Hi, I am Xavier369, a contributor in Cookie Clicker Wiki

My goals

Cookie Clicker

Gain all the Achievements and Upgrades in Cookie Clicker.

Cookie Clicker Wiki

Finish all Flavored Cookie Pages.

Fanmade Update (Lucky Future)

New Building "Future Success Convertor"

Future Sucess Convertor.png

"Makes cookies from the success of your future cookie economy."

Base Price: 369 Sextilion

Base Cps: 63.69 Trillion

Writing all the achievements and upgrades will be tiring

New Minigame For Chancemakers "Slots"

Chancemaker's Slots.png

Roll the Slot Machine at the cost of 1 ticket per roll

Max Tickets and ticket regeneration depend on Chancemaker levels.

Slot results are determined with a fixed seed. This will prevent people from people manipulating the slots for good results like lumps or Free upgrade.

Level 1 - 8h, 1 Max tickets

Level 2 - 7h 50m, 1 Max tickets

Level 3 - 7h 40m, 1 Max tickets

Level 4 - 7h 30m, 2 Max tickets

Level 5 - 7h 20m, 2 Max tickets

Level 6 - 7h 10m, 2 Max tickets

Level 7 - 7h, 3 Max tickets

Level 8 - 6h 50m, 3 Max tickets

Level 9 - 6h 40m, 3 Max tickets

Level 10 - 6h 30m, 4 Max tickets

Level 12 - 6h 20m, 4 Max tickets

Level 14 - 6h 10m, 4 Max tickets

Level 15 - 6h, 5 Max tickets

Slot results
Icon Name Effect Chance Extra Info
None Nothing No effect 50%
Cookies! Gain 1-60 minutes of Cps 20% Golden Cookie effects does affect the result (e.g. if you get 60 min of cps you get 420 min if its a frenzy.)
Golden Cookie! Golden cookie appears 10% Effects are similar to the Grimore, wizard tower minigame
Wrinklers! 3 Wrinklers Spawns 10% If Grandmapocalypse not activated, This becomes Respin (Slots gets rerolled)
TBA Free Upgrade! Gain the cheapest purchaseable upgrade for free 5%
TBA Lumps! Gain 3 Sugar Lumps 4.9%
TBA !SUPER LUCKY! Gain a whole month of Cps, 5 Lumps, a 1-day Frenzy and a golden cookie 0.1%


Building Levels give +10% Building Cps instead of +1%, costs are now different(Level 1: 1 Lump, Level 2: 1 Lump, Level 3: 2 Lumps, Level 4: 2 Lumps, Level 5: 3 Lumps etc.)

New Upgrades

New Upgrade Tier: Rigeldough (I only added up to Farm cuz I'm lazy)

New Upgrades
Icon Name Unlock Condition Base Price Description
Rigeldough Cursor.png
Decillion Fingers Own 500 cursors 10 octillion Multiplies the gain from Thousand fingers by 20.

"Ya didn't bought da hand did ya"

Rigeldough Grandma.png
Grandpas Own 550 grandmas 50 undecillion Grandmas are twice as efficient.

"Can we realize that Grandpas are just Grandmas but boys?"

Rigeldough Farm.png
1000000% Organic Fertilizer Own 550 Farms 5.5 duodecillion Farms are twice as efficient.

"You know what is better than 100% Organic Fertilizer? 1 Million% Organic Fertilizer!"

Icon Cookie Name Unlock Condition Base Price Description
Square Cookie.png

Square Cookie 5 quattuordecillion cookies baked and "Box of maybe cookies" purchased 100 quattuordecillion Cookie production multiplier +6%. "Whats next, triangle cookies?"
Misfigured cookie.png
Misfigured Cookie 500 quattuordecillion cookies baked and "Box of maybe cookies" purchased 10 quindecillion Cookie production multiplier +6%.

"U need help?"

TBA French Fries 50 quattuordecillion cookies baked and "Box of not cookies" purchased 1 quindecillion Cookie production multiplier +6%.

"Interestingly French fries were not invented in France."

New Achievements

Slot Achivements

  • 7 result achievements (SUPER LUCKY is shadow)
  • When luck fails you (Roll nothing thrice in a row)
  • When luck really fails you (Roll nothing 10 times in a row, shadow)
  • 3 Slot no. achievements. (7,77,777)
  • When playing slots make grandma angry (Free upgrade upgrades One Mind)