Valentine's Day is a seasonal event in Cookie Clicker that was added on the 1.041 update. Since version 1.0466, Valentine's Day season starts automatically and lasts from 10th to 15th of February.

Valentine's Day is activated by purchasing the upgrade "Lovesick biscuit", which will launch it for 24 hours. It is available after purchasing the heavenly upgrade "Season Switcher" which lets you trigger seasonal events at will, for a price. Triggering seasons is repeatable, but will get more expensive every time. It will also cancel any other seasonal event that is on at the time you click it.

The Lovesick biscuit will unlock all the features of the Valentine's Day update, including Valentine's Day-related cookie upgrades, Valentine's Day-Golden cookies (Also known as "Heart Cookies"), and more.

This seasonal event has the particularity to give you upgrades without conditions but to have bought the previous upgrades. You don't have to poke wrinklers or wait for reindeer, and expect for spawn probability. If you have enough cookies in bank (more than 1 sextillion), you can buy every upgrade at once.

The golden cookies appearance during the Valentine's Day season:
Шоколадные сердца


List of flavored cookies upgrades that are available during Valentine's Day season.

Heart biscuits
Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
PureHeartBiscuitNew Pure heart biscuits 50,000 cookies baked during Valentine's Day season Money 1 million Cookie production multiplier +2%.
"Melty white chocolate
that says "I *like* like you"."
ArdentHeartBiscuitNew Ardent heart biscuits 50 million cookies baked and "Pure heart biscuits" purchased during Valentine's Day season Money 1 billion Cookie production multiplier +2%.
"A red hot cherry biscuit that will nudge the target of your affection in interesting directions."
SourHeartBiscuitNew Sour heart biscuits 50 billion cookies baked and "Ardent heart biscuits" purchased during Valentine's Day season Money 1 trillion Cookie production multiplier +2%.
"A bitter lime biscuit for the lonely and the heart-broken."
WeepingHeartBiscuitNew Weeping heart biscuits 50 trillion cookies baked and "Sour heart biscuits" purchased during Valentine's Day season Money 1 quadrillion Cookie production multiplier +2%.
"An ice-cold blueberry biscuit, symbol of a mending heart."
GoldenHeartBiscuitNew Golden heart biscuits 50 quadrillion cookies baked and "Weeping heart biscuits" purchased during Valentine's Day season Money 1 quintillion Cookie production multiplier +2%.
"A beautiful biscuit to symbolize kindness, true love, and sincerity."
EternalHeartBiscuitNew Eternal heart biscuits 50 quintillion cookies baked and "Golden heart biscuits" purchased during Valentine's Day season Money 1 sextillion Cookie production multiplier +2%.
"Silver icing for a very special someone you've liked for a long, long time."

These cookies can be upgraded with the Starlove heavenly upgrade, as well as with Selebrak in the Pantheon.

Selebrak: N/A Jade Ruby Diamond
Without Starlove 2% 2.2% 2.4% 2.6%
With Starlove 3% 3.3% 3.6% 3.9%


List of achievements that can be unlocked from the Valentine's Day season.

Icon Name Description ID
ArdentHeartBiscuitNew Lovely cookies [note 1] Unlock every Valentine-themed cookie. 130


  1. Despite the description, the achievement is awarded only when all the cookies are bought, rather than unlocked.


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